Cancel the riot! It was just a White guy.

Posted On: Monday - June 28th 2021 1:15PM MST
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This story out of Portland, Oregon* is a great example for us of the Anarcho-Tyranny that White Americans (especially male) are living under the bad side of. Some of us understand, and some of us are so used to it they may not even realize what it is. A young White man, say under 25 y/o, may not know there can be any other way but to be seen as the worst scum of the nation, based on his skin color , actually, based on the apparently flawed content of his character, built-in for life.

This story is about a police shooting and killing of a White man. The White man is alleged to have come at the cops with a screwdriver, sure enough a weapon, but I read that he was shot while running away though. Is it worse than George Floyd's treatment? I'd say yes, but then as with that highly-policized, but not so highly-actually-reported case, I don't know enough to say.

It's really something to see this Anarcho-tyranny blatantly displayed by the "authorities", the media, and the ctrl-left alike. The tweet above shows that the cops are down with this anarcho-tyranny, or at least simply don't care to make any fuss about it. It is engrained in the Lyin' Press, of course, and the ctrl-left is the source of it. The Commie antifa young assholes in Portland are obviously not that concerned with police killing attempted arrestees. They are only ready to riot when this happens to a Black man, though Oriental and Hispanic will do on a rainy day (most of them there).

The courageous "Paul Kersey" has a very good take on this story in White Lives Don't Matter—To Avert Riot, Portland PD Tells BLM/Antifa Terrorists They Shot A White Man. Often his posts on The Unz Review are repetitive with nothing very much new to say**, but his is one of his good ones - here is the same article, but with comments***, on the unz site.

Stories like this ought to wake a few more people up. The ctrl-left is using black violence and dysfunction to help in their goal of destroying traditional America. They know they won't get any help from their useful thugs, if no poor, poor, pitiful 6 ft 4. black guys have been "abused". They not only won't get help in their destruction, but they call the whole thing off if it is a White guy. These "anti-fascists" are not the Constitutionalists that one may see bravely standing up to police abuse of authority. They want anarchy and destruction. This sounds eerily familiar. Weren't there people like this crawling out of the woodwork about a century ago?

Finally, I'm sure one may hear the argument that "well, this is only payback for what would have happened with the races reversed in the old South." Nah, that is wrong for a number of reasons:

1) In the old South, when blacks killed each other, true, as long as nobody was unluckily hurt in the usually excessive cross-fire, nobody cared. Sure, but that's the same as right now in inner city ghettos all over America. The people involved aren't worth caring about.

2) In the old South, it would have been black people rioting on behalf of black people killed by White police. Here, we have White people rioting ONLY on behalf of black people killed by White police. You need both a dead black person AND a White cop. They are necessary conditions.

3) Do we really want more "pay back" for the alleged sins of the fathers? I thought Affirmative Action was for that. None of this makes for harmonious race relations.

Anyway, Portland antifa, you can go back to the coffee shops, collect your upgraded extended unemployment and take a breather today. There's nothing to see here - it was just a White guy.

* It's not the first one either of this very same thing happening, but I hadn't read enough on that other story to make a post.

** I don't blame him for this though. What he is trying to do is to drill in that this black violence and inability to assimilate to White norms is a regular thing. People get hurt every day, lives have been upended, and more generally, we can't live like we'd like to.

*** I have not had good luck with his moderation policy as of late, so I'll not comment there anytime soon. None of it was off-the-wall or too out of bounds - I think the guy just doesn't feel he wants certain specific comments that he's not interested in on there. That's just too "whimmy" for me.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - June 29th 2021 9:17AM MST
PS: Good morning...

Funny, I too thought affirmative action was reparations.
(Should Blacks Pay Reparations For The Race Riots Of 2020?)

Will Hunter Britain get a golden casket?
Will Sergeant Michael Davis get show trial?
Will Hunter's family get $27 million from the local tax cattle?
Hunter's life mattered too...

This is what happens when you pump a bunch of dumb fu*ks full of fear and give them a gun and a badge to hide behind. All cops are cowards and bastards. Give them a whistle and they think they're god.

The Alarmist
Monday - June 28th 2021 5:43PM MST

I guess if White folk rioted and looted over a Whit guy being snuffed by the cops that use of deadly force would be authorized.... just as well they stand down.
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