We need to talk about Kevin - book v movie

Posted On: Friday - June 25th 2021 8:47PM MST
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This is not a movie review. After all, Peak Stupidity already reviewed the Lionel Shriver novel We need to talk about Kevin. I had to get that movie after reading this riveting novel.

Of course, this movie could not be just like the book. The book consisted of letters from the narrator/Mom to her ex-husband. In making a couple of hours length movie, you've got to leave out a lot of happenings from the book. There are lots of events from the book that could have made the story in the movie more clear.

Since I read the book first, I already knew the story, to it's hard for me to tell whether the movie really tells the story well. I think so.

Even in regular movie reviews, Peak Stupidity doesn't go for all that criticism or praise of the lighting, the effects, the casting, etc. I'm no movie buff in that sense. If it's good, it's good, if not, it's not, no matter what prima donna stars and starlets are in it. However, the producers of We need to talk about Kevin really made a good pick with the lady who plays the Mom. She is just what I would have expected from my visualizations while reading! I wouldn't say the same about the Dad, but maybe the "excitable boy" too.

It worked out pretty well for me to read the novel first, then watch the movie. Just for entertainment's sake, I recommend either one.

Saturday - June 26th 2021 3:16AM MST
PS: Thanks for the suggestion, Alarmist. I'll bring up that "production values" thing if I want to gain that veneer of being in the biz.

You must be stuck on Euro time.
The Alarmist
Friday - June 25th 2021 9:40PM MST

You can cover things like lighting, editing, effects, shot blocking, sound, props, etc. with the generic term “production values,” as in “This video had great production values” or “The production values of this film were unfortunately weak.” It gives one the veneer of being in the biz.

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