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Posted On: Wednesday - June 23rd 2021 7:34AM MST
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We on here, I and the regular commenters anyway, have had our BIG differences fairly recently with blogger-pundit Steve Sailer on Kung Fu PanicFest. I've written him some things that likely pissed him off a good bit, and some have bailed out on that blog (Mr. Hail, for example). Well, I don't insult people just for the hell of it, but that year-ago fixation and semi-hysteria on Mr. Sailer's blog was too much. I have a problem with "crises" being used as excuses for more implementation of the US Feral Gov't's Police State, and, IMO, Mr. Sailer fell right for that shit. Being the media-savvy and media-cynical guy he is, I'd have thought he could see through all that.

That's about over though, not for the country, Police State-wise, but at least for that blog. I have been reading regularly and commenting. When Steve Sailer gets fixated on a subject, he goes all out. Lately one of these fixations are on the black crime numbers (in addition to, more recently, the black traffic fatality numbers), their having increased significantly since the BLM insurrections. (Can I call them that?) The numbers are being noticed by the Lyin' Press. However, the obvious cause, the BLM stuff, defunding of police departments, and the increase in police donut-shop time (I can't blame them) due to fear of going viral is never mentioned or lied about.

The press is putting the increase in violence on the pandemic. I see possible cause and effect here, as black guys are much more affected by the Idle Hands are the Devil's Workshop thing. Then there was the huge extra amount of unemployment money given out. (See, they don't steal a loaf of bread because they are out of money - they steal a smartphone when they've been given money and have idle time.) OK, fine, but a) the Lyin' Press won't explain it like this and b) as Mr. Sailer has shown, the violence increase doesn't fit that timeline, and c) his explanation explains this violent crime surge better and it would add to the pandemic explanation. The Lyin' Press will always put the blame on White people. In the case pointed to below, it's that the White people haven't doled them enough State and Federal funds and "it's the guns!"

Wheww, I was really just writing this to to praise Steve Sailer for his recent post Mayors Respond to the Murder Surge: We've Tried Nothing and We're All Out of Ideas!. Not only did Mr. Sailer show us the crime wave and timeline in graphs and explain things very well in numerous posts, but, in this one, he calls out with appropriate snark the stupidity of Washington Post writers Griff Witte and Mark Berman on their long-winded bullshit explanation. As a bonus, Steve Sailer has a great title and a Simpsons clip to go along with it.

I'll still be reading the iSteve blog, with the excellent posts like that one.

PS: Ah rats, after all that, I just noticed the very last line (above the video clip):
Sorry, but the alternative to the state having a monopoly on violence is not after-school activities for youngsters, but nobody having a monopoly on violence and thus lots more violence.
I can't be sure if that's snark or not, but if you look just above it, you'd think it's not. However, then it doesn't make so much sense. Does he want the police to have a monopoly on violence? How far does that go? It's almost if, with the anarcho-tyranny in place and lack of an enforced Constitution, a White Man can't legally defend his family or have freedom of association, so, I guess, yeah, we're gonna need a police monopoly.

Well, this guy has never been a principled Constitutionalist, so you've got to get through remarks like that.

The Alarmist
Thursday - June 24th 2021 3:19PM MST

House-brand spaghetti sauce and chili sauce.

I don’t know where I will be at the end of summer. I decided to come over here for a month, but I’ve spent the past several days waking up at 4am and doing “home office” video calls with my colleagues on the other side of the pond until noon, which cuts into prime beach and swimming time, which I like to do in the mornings.

Pretty much proof that if it can be done from home, it can be done anywhere in the world, but it means your average Jane or Joe can easily be replaced by Dot Indians witn reasonably comparable skill-sets at a far lower price.

At some point I will have to go back to Europe, but if “Delta” starts being hyped here in the US, I might find myself stuck here. My UK colleagues asked today if I might start coming to meetings in person soon, and I had to point out that as one of the unwashed un-vaxxed, I would likely never again be allowed in the Democratic Peoples’ United Kingdom.
Thursday - June 24th 2021 2:08PM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, but IVERMECTIN is for sheep and cattle!
Dieter Kief
Thursday - June 24th 2021 12:36PM MST

OT but anyhow - thsi one is interesting - might even safe a few lifes (and a lot of nerves, with regard to the CO-19-panic:

Brett Weinstein Dr. Pierre Kory and Joe Rogan =
three men board the Covid rescue boat IVERMECTIN and row towards better times under a clearing sky:
Wednesday - June 23rd 2021 5:41PM MST
PS: Mr. Alarmist --- So midnight basket ball isn’t working?

Forty years or so ago, I lived on the other end of the block from a Midnight B-Ball tournament. It ran every year for four of five years, until the liberals got scared of the Nation of Islam types running security. But the cops loved it. The week before was somewhat quieter in the city; and the week of, very quiet. Within a couple of blocks of the tournament, almost no crime (other then domestic) while it was going on. Ex-murderers, who spent a decade or so body-building in prison can be very effective security when they want to be.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - June 23rd 2021 1:02PM MST
PS - He did say that he believes that voter fraud did not happen while speaking to Edward Dutton at Dez 3rd, if I remember right, PeterIke.
And he leaves everything aside, that is going on in this hindsight (cf. Steve Bannon and The Gateway Pundit).
He has written repeatedly about writing this book at least since the Trump-election, Mr. Mod.-I'd love it if he did write it. It sounded rather concrete the last time around he wrote about it about a month or so ago.
Debt i s a multifaceted beast. - Look at Japan. Works well for them.
Wednesday - June 23rd 2021 12:34PM MST
Sailer writes about what interests him, period. Finance doesn't, so he avoids it. I assume the election fraud didn't interest him either, though you'd think it might (the probabilities parts especially).

He's just an idiosyncratic guy who does what he feels like and tries to monetize it. You'll never get him to look at something he has no interest in. That's also why he obsesses and will run off a dozen blogs on the same thing in a weeks' time. He's also quite fearless, even heroic by today's standards.

I really think that Covid terrified him since he's a cancer survivor and potential "high risk" individual. Medical fear can make people do crazy things and it definitely obsessed Sailer and in a bad, misguided way. He didn't want to hear different and for one of the few times in his career swallowed the conventional wisdom 100%. Maybe the only time.

The blogger Lion of the Blogosphere also went off the deep end on Covid, though in his case it's partly Jewish hypochondria. A lot of Jews became Covid zealots because they're hypochondriacs. That used to be a standard topic for Jewish comedy back in the 60s-70s when they were more willing to make fun of Jewish traits. That's mostly over except for Larry David. "Seinfeld" did it but didn't call it out, and even made the hyper-Jewish George into an Italian. But I digress!

I believe David has another season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" coming. I assume he'll have some kind of take on Covid. Will be interesting to see how he plays it.
Wednesday - June 23rd 2021 12:12PM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, maybe he IS writing that book, hence the slower posting. I dunno - that's idle speculation.

Except for the great "family formation" angle and his new "money printer go brrrr" remarks that he's made lately (the latter lately, that is), one thing Mr. Sailer doesn't write much about is the financial stupidity. I guess he has enough to write about, first of all, but I also don't think he understands how serious the US situation is. "What can't go on, won't go on." I'm sure he's read that, but he doesn't seem to believe it. Hell, most of the country doesn't, but Steve Sailer ought to know better ... such as with, well the reall story of the PanicFest.
Wednesday - June 23rd 2021 12:07PM MST
PS: Alarmist, by "the sauce" I first thought you meant liquor, but what do you mean? I don't want to ask for too much info, but I take it you won't be on this side of the pond through later in the summer?

Yep, incentives tend to incentivize. OK, in the modern parlance, incentives gonna incentive.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - June 23rd 2021 11:54AM MST
As PS has mentioned before, he seems to narrow his angle of view a bit. Less subjects. Less posts.
The Black Hole post was great too.
His focus is now a lot on crime, genes/race, IQ, and real estate.
And - I would love to read his book of quotes and/ or highlights etc. he's been publicly musing about lately.

I don't care much if people make mistakes. People have always made mistakes. Most important thing is to - check it if mistakes happen and then go look elsewhere, especially when it turns out that the mistake is - solid, so to speak. - This is a well known phenomenon: Some mistakes just fit some people better than others, let me put it this way. Btw. - this is a very old story. That's one reason we have developed - intersubjectivity (arguing, debating, communicating, deliberating...).
And that's what we need culture (and especially free speech) for: To help us minimize individual mistakes. - To allow mistakes to happen, even. And to reasonably carry on even though ( - with the help of mistakes at times...).
Two themes here especially, as all around PS I have the impression might agree: 1) Voter fraud/ 2020 election and: 2) CO-19.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - June 23rd 2021 8:14AM MST

Not entirely O/T, I tried to buy cans of the sauce my fave local restaurant sells, and the owner told me they didn’t have any because the processor that cans the stuff was suffering a labor shortage and had to cut back on canning private label stuff for restaurants like his and even some of the larger chains.

This is what happens when you pay people too much to not work.

America is so screwed.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - June 23rd 2021 8:11AM MST

So midnight basket ball isn’t working?

I’m wondering when it is coming to my corner of Europe, BTW.
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