You will own nothing, and you will be happy

Posted On: Wednesday - June 16th 2021 8:58PM MST
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As The Alarmist, one of our frequent Peak Stupidity commenters has explained here, that seems to be the future that the Globalists have planned for us... not them, but just us. Alarmist says, "In 2030, you will own nothing, you will rent what you need, and you will be happy."

Along these lines, comes the deal with the Big Biz financial company BlackRock buying up large numbers of houses in this country. Are they the reason prices are going up rather than just increasing inflation and people's search for assets that won't be destroyed by the FED, as we speculated* in our recent post The current real estate boom as prepping for inflation?

Via an commenter, I came across the great video below, from an outfit called "Trader University". I have no idea if that organization is just a scam, but this Matthew Kratter sure seems to have his head screwed on straight with his explanation of what BlackRock is up to. The big point DOES have to do with the FED, in fact, as BlackRock has access to the cheap money, while the rest of us only have access to the fairly cheap money. They can come out ahead over the small-time, hard working landlords.

Besides this unfair finance shenanigans, a big problem with Big-Biz being Big Landlord is the dealing with and uncaring bureaucracy by renters. Oh, and BlackRock doesn't have to live anywhere near these neighborhoods, so Section 8 folks, you are very welcome! That's some bad news for anyone in one of these neighborhoods. The Globalists could give a rat's ass about that. Section 8 is just another Feral Government program that Big Biz such as BlackRock can work in harmony with.

I thought it was worth my time to go through the 10 minutes here. One last thing, and it's the last part of the video: This Mr. Kratter touts Bitcoin at the end to offer a solution out of this Global Financial Stupidity. However, he had nary a word to say about gold and silver. I understand the, well, I don't want to write "value" of bitcoin, but it's usefulness. I just don't see it as a store of value as gold and silver are. Perhaps that's just the new generation gap for ya'.

For one of these young people, I didn't find his voice too soi-boy-like to listen to either.

* Get it, "speculated" as in Real Estate?

Dieter Kief
Friday - June 18th 2021 1:00AM MST
PS to Cloudbuster about the K-man

"It's very hard to see catastrophe coming, and feel as if nobody will listen to you and there's nothing you can do, but still feel as if you have to do *something*.

It's not insanity, it's desperation."

Desperation as a consequence of hubris. - Self aggrandisement instead of reasonable argumentation /deliberation/ discourse. Monologue instead of (at least) dialogue. In other words: A form of - the utmostly elaborated - - - Peak Stupidity.
Thursday - June 17th 2021 8:42PM MST
PS "His [Kazinski's] intelligence was too much for him, I guess."

It's very hard to see catastrophe coming, and feel as if nobody will listen to you and there's nothing you can do, but still feel as if you have to do *something*.

It's not insanity, it's desperation.

Me. I'm the patient sort. FBI guys reading this, you don't have to worry about any letter bombs or anything like that from me! I don't like people enough to want to save them from themselves.
Thursday - June 17th 2021 8:37PM MST
PS Sometimes it's hard to not feel like a conspiracy theorist. The CEO of Blackrock, Larry Fink, is Jewish.

I happened to notice this photo on his Wikipedia page of him getting an award:

The photo is captioned "Larry Fink and Santiago Calatrava at Wilson Awards."*

So, I thought to myself, who's this guy "Santiago Calatrava."

Certainly not a very Jewish name.

But wouldn't you effing know it?:

"Calatrava was born in 1951 in Spain's Mediterranean coastal city of Valencia, and grew up in nearby Benimamet. His mother's family were of Jewish heritage, but had nominally converted during the Spanish Inquisition of the fifteenth century."

Every. Single. Time.

"What are the odds?" I tell myself. And, normally, for such a tiny portion of the world's population, it would be infinitesimal. But, somehow....

* He was getting a Woodrow Wilson Award, and if that isn't too on the nose for an America-Wrecking globalist, I don't know what is.
Thursday - June 17th 2021 3:47PM MST
PS For Those Who Rule Us, the middle classes are nothing but an inconvenience. For the actual working sort of middle class, they have Chinese and other Asians, and a few Mexicans. For the paper-pushing sort of middle class, they have .Indians. Computers and AI do most of the rest of the things that the middle classes used to do. And yet we’re still here. Expecting a middle-class income and a middle-class way of life. A damned nuisance, we are. Not nearly enough of us killing ourselves with alcohol or opiates. Or firearms. So they’re simply going to squeeze us and squeeze us until they come up with an acceptable way to exterminate us. One big question: Who will buy all the cr* ppy products that they’re flogging? The new Chinese and .Indian middle classes, I suppose. Until they, too, become uppity.
The Alarmist
Thursday - June 17th 2021 2:30PM MST

How about, “Got milked?”

Schwab isn’t the problem; the problem is all the oligarchs who can see how the vision Schwab articulates can be twisted to their advantage.

Blackrock can buy up all the housing stock on cheap Fed credit, and if they ever do “go bust,” they’ll just trade titles to the properties for a handsome bailout, and wham, bam, thank you mam, much of the housing stock is now government or quasi-government owned and available for allocation to citizens with model social scores and the requisite heath records showing they are in good standing.

As for the rest, firms like BR buying up at huge premiums are driving up property taxes to untenable values.I’m condering parting with property I have in the US as property taxes have doubled in a decade and are likely to be up sharply by next year’s round. But I don’t need the tax headache I will have if I sell. Maybe I’ll just wait until Komrade Kamala expropriates property of emigreés in The New American Revolution. Bring on the guillotines, boys and girls and whatevers.

I have friends in St. Gallen. Lovely little town, but I saw more than a few migrants walking around the last time I was there. Die Schweiz. But the ferry ride to Friedrichshafen, where you can take a Zeppelin ride, is pleasant.

Dieter Kief
Thursday - June 17th 2021 1:45PM MST
PS The "own-nothing-be-happy" trope is just that: A hipster trope, far from being real. - It is something the Anywheres tend to embrace though, and it is thus part of a global trend insofar as David Goodhart's Anywheres are a growing tribe.

Klaus Schwab, who did create the WEF, is no mastermind, and no dark force either. He was just a regular marketing professor in Sankt Gallen who stems from Ravensburg/ Oberschwaben. One of the (ages old) Honoratioren in Ravensurg - burghers, who are getting things done and are thus well respected in their town...a very old story.

He does have a knack for - such are marketing guys above-average - for self marketing as well though. And for subjects, that - go with the flow... Btw. : Klaus Schwab himself is rather a Somewhere. You can spot Sankt Gallen, where Schwab lives now, from Ravensburg, where he stems from. Sankt Gallen is situated above the lake of Konstanz and Sankt Gallen is very beautiful - as is Ravensburg...both with deep medieval (=catholic) roots). Both towns are economically very prosperous. Ravensburg in the hinterlands of Upper-Suebia with an unemployment rate of ca. 2,2 %. Sankt Gallen around one percent. The difference her is mostly due to bigger CO-19 effects in Germany than in Switzerland.
Thursday - June 17th 2021 2:56AM MST
PS: Robert, about 10 years after that Unabomber manifesto, I started to see what he was worried about. His intelligence was too much for him, I guess. That was no way to try to take care of the problems anyway.

Adam, I'll check out that link shortly.
Wednesday - June 16th 2021 11:41PM MST
PS: There was a time, many years ago, that I wanted to be rich enough that I could free myself from all material possessions, and just rent whatever I needed, when I needed it. But that Ida Auken link is not what I had in mind.

I am thinking more and more that the Unabomber was right.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - June 16th 2021 9:50PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone...

I'd imagine most of you have seen this before, but...
By Ida Auken a World Economic Forum Contributor...

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