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Posted On: Monday - June 14th 2021 7:50PM MST
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Site note first:

As you may have noticed over the last month or so, Peak Stupidity has slowed down a bit. We have gone from a feverish 10-12 posts weekly to more like 7 to 10. There are also weekdays in which we have not posted a thing. I apologize to the readers who look forward to a post each evening, (if any ... posts ... or readers that like us so much).

I don't think the'll be any running out of material. Sometimes I've got 5 ideas from suggestions in previous posts backed up and at least as many new ones. It's the summer, and family obligations will be higher. Hopefully, there'll be 5 to 7 posts or so weekly for the next 2 months. There may be more of the shorter ones and more "hey, read this!" types. We're not going dark slowly, though, or anything like that.

Speaking of anything like that, it may be time this summer to do the revamping of the software. That's more of a warning than a promise, just as the changes may be more bugs than features. ;-} That'll take a week or two, if I get started on it.

Great VDare commentary on the new Charles Murray book:

This is Steve Sailer material, all the material in the Charles Murray book Facing Reality: Two Truths about Race in America. However, F. Roger Devlin's* commentary today in VDare is not about Charles Murray's data analysis on black/hispanic/white/"asian" crime rates and intelligence in this new book. He has no problem with that, but he does with Mr. Murray's worry about White people getting tribal.

You'll likely appreciate Charles Murray's FACING REALITY: Ruling Class Must Accept Race Differences—Or Provoke The "Disaster" Of White Identity Politics. Note that Mr. Devlin put "disaster" in quotes, as he thinks it is, or would be, no kind of disaster at all. I agree with Mr. Devlin vs. Mr. Murray.
One powerful reason to suspect our individualism and tendency to de-emphasize race and kinship has deeper roots is the slowness of American whites to adopt racial identity politics for themselves. Murray approves of such reluctance. He may not like minority racial politics, yet his principal fear appears to be that Whites may begin to develop something similar.

In other words, he believes the current double standard forbidding Whites (and only Whites) from pursuing their group interests—while permitting or encouraging such behavior in other groups—is a lesser evil than Whites starting to behave like everybody else and fight fire with fire. In his own words: “If Whites adopt identity politics, disaster follows.”
It gets better from there. I don't use the word often, but I'd say this Mr. Devlin is based.

* I didn't recognize this writer's name, and I see this is his first article on VDare this year. He writes infrequently, or is published on VDare infrequently, as I see just 3 or 4 per year.

Tuesday - June 15th 2021 5:56PM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, although a wise man once said that quantity has a quality of its own, I prefer the regular type of quality. Less is more, and all that.

P.S. Totally off-topic:
Negative Campaigning, Medieval Style; and the Penis Tree of Massa Marittima:
The Alarmist
Tuesday - June 15th 2021 2:34PM MST

I just read a blurb that Orkin rates ChiTown as #1 city for bed-bug infestations in the US, so you might want to think twice. I’m jumping across the pond to the Sunshine State next week, PCR gods willing. Maybe I could join y’all there ;)
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - June 15th 2021 11:24AM MST
PS - Yup, PeterIke, yup, yup. - I'm yupping throughout. Two posts a week? Three a week: Four or five even a week? As long as they're interesting, why not? Our problem is not that there'd not be enough things to read and think over etc. - Not at all.
So - reduce to the max. Honor Big Willi of Ockham. - Let pigs fly (That's where the ham in Ockham 's coming from - the pigs, see?)
Think of Wu Wei, anyway. - Doing by not doing. - Yup: Lau Dse (Lao Tse, Lau Tzi...).
(Very interesting podcast of Joe Rogan with philosopher Edward Slingerland about alcohol, psychedelics, Lau Dse, meditation, the Kung Flu, kids and Kung Flu and all that stuff (why it is good to move to Texas).
Tuesday - June 15th 2021 10:25AM MST
5-7 posts a week is more than enough! There's too much stuff out there to keep up with as it is.

Funny, but a bunch of no-name or little known internet bloggers produce more worthwhile content than then entire multi-billion-dollar MSM complex combined.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - June 15th 2021 10:25AM MST
PS: I found this video amusing...

Dieter Kief
Tuesday - June 15th 2021 8:52AM MST
PS Claire Lehmann too was complaining about the danger of white people playing their cards too roughly, and thus ignite the looming catastrophe even sooner. I do think that there is something to this thought when I think about Charlie Hebdo. For lots of reasons, really. Cution: Tjsi is not sayong, they deserved what they got. This is NOT sayng... I do remember Steve Sailer too writing that you should always be Careful With That Axe, Eugene! - I think I never felt creepy around here on PS. I did though with regard to some of the Charlie Hebdo stuff.
Tuesday - June 15th 2021 7:53AM MST
PS I do hope that Mr Murray’s fears come to pass. I dream of mobs of irate citizens, torches, pitchforks, and lengths of stout rope. However, I see little to suggest that this will happen. Only small bands of hooligans who frequent fringe internet sites.
Tuesday - June 15th 2021 1:56AM MST
PS: Thank you very much, Mr. Smith. I always appreciate your informative and helpful posts. (In fact, I just watched that funny "This is the End" video on that .ru site you linked to. It was entertaining enough, in a mindless fashion.)

I hope Steve Sailer is doing alright. He has slowed down posting there (kind of good for me, though, as I get too hung up commenting there). Maybe he's working on some other project.

I'm thinking of a way to arrange a PS meet-up. I can travel pretty easily. Chicago for MBlanc46?
🌞 Adam Smith
Monday - June 14th 2021 8:57PM MST
PS: I hope you have a great summer Mr. Moderator. ☮
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