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Posted On: Saturday - June 12th 2021 9:04PM MST
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I woke up the other day with a song playing in my head that had the hypnotic keyboards, as with The Doors' Ray Manzarek's stuff, but it was Creedence, with a lead guitar playing. I can't figure out for sure what that was. CCR didn't use keyboards much until their 6th album, Pendulum, from late 1970. I bought his album, much later of course, expecting the usual CCR guitar dominated sound, but this was different, requiring some time to get used to.

It's Just a Thought may or may not be the song I'd had in my head, but either way, this is a nice one. It's not nearly long enough, as you want in those hypnotic keyboard parts, such as the long fade ending in Supertramp's Child of Vision or The Doors' Riders on the Storm, at only 3 1/2 minutes (maybe long for a CCR song).

I don't know if the lyrics are profound or not, but they sure sound like they are.

Creedence Clearwater Revival was:

John Fogerty – lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards, harmonica, saxophone
Tom Fogerty – rhythm guitar, backing and lead vocals
Doug Clifford – drums, percussion, backing and occasional lead vocals
Stu Cook – bass guitar, backing and occasional lead vocals, keyboards

The Alarmist
Wednesday - June 16th 2021 9:38AM MST

The Guess Who are also too often overlooked and underrated.
Tuesday - June 15th 2021 8:12PM MST
PS: Yes, Rex, that Hollies vocalist does have a voice kind of like John Fogerty John Fogerty's voice was the best ever in Rock and Roll, IMO.

Peter, that band made something like 8 studio albums in just those 4 years they were together - 1968-1972. That's amazing compared to even 1980s artists. 3 years ago, PS had this post: "Our patience for last 3 decadal Golden Earring songs is wearing thin."

in which I mentioned that intense album recording by CCR. I compared the to Golden Earring, but it wasn't really fair to bemoan 3 decades without a hit from that band. It wasn't their fault.

No Billboard #1 hit for CCR, eh? Too bad. I could think of 25 great songs by them on a moment's notice.
Tuesday - June 15th 2021 10:30AM MST
Amazingly, CCR put out three great albums in a single year, 1969. Then followed with two more the next year. One of the great streaks of all time. However...

"CCR holds the record for the most singles (five) to reach number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 without ever scoring a number 1 single; as well as the most singles to reach the top 10 (nine) without ever reaching number 1."

Surprising for a band that had so many memorable hits.
Sunday - June 13th 2021 8:10AM MST
PS Creedence was definitely one of my favorite bands of the 1960s. Everything that they did was good.
Rex Little
Sunday - June 13th 2021 5:46AM MST
PS Speaking of Creedence, and songs which sound like they're by a different artist. . . you know "Long Cool Woman in a Red Dress"? When I first heard that song, and for years afterward, I assumed it was by CCR, because it sounds just like them. Wasn't til it popped up on my Pandora feed, maybe ten years ago, that I learned it was by the Hollies.
Sunday - June 13th 2021 5:32AM MST
PS: Sometimes the lyrics don't mean much compared to the sound, Alarmist, so I never thought of that Three Dog Night song as dark. Now that I think about the lyrics ...

Yep, I don't get off the web enough either. This summer we're headed out to some desert national parks and that kind of thing. I used to love being on the open road in the West.

Have a good time!
The Alarmist
Sunday - June 13th 2021 4:44AM MST

I’m in a darker mood, so I’ve got Three Dog Night’s “Out in the Country” in my head.

Too much time surfing the web, not enough surfing the waves... It’s time for me to find a beach. Team Platinum Card ... some stoke.
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