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Posted On: Friday - June 11th 2021 9:55PM MST
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Peak Stupidity is done writing about books for a little while, and they'll be only one more post on the Nationalized Healthcare topic. Tonight, we'd like to point out two very good posts by two good pundits.

From our favorite literary pundit, as seen on VDare, and I'm sure a thousand other places, there was this post yesterday: "Voting Rights": It’s "Racist" Not To Let Democrats Cheat.

I haven't been keeping up with too much of the Bai Dien administration's and Congress' moves, because I'm not sure I can do a damn thing about them but keep on prepping. Miss Coulter discusses, in her own special style, 3 new bills being introduced to impose on how the States are letting people vote and register to vote. I won't go into the details, as Miss Coulter does a good job. Let's just notice here that this usurpation of States' control of voters and voting is just a continuation of what 4 separate Constitutional Amendments started - they would be Amendment XV, Amendment XIX*, Amendment XXIV and Amendment XXVI. The deal now is that you don't need to pass and have ratified a whole Amendment to the Constitution to usurp power. That's too hard. It's the current era, you know.

Will States EVER fight back against the taking of whatever powers they have left? Probably not until the Feral Gov't is broke, as right now, due to the flow of the money, when the Feds say jump, State officials say "how high, Sir?!" (See # 1 on the list of evils of the income tax in the "Part 3" post on Amendment XIX linked-to below.)

Speaking of the Feral Government being broke, I refer the reader to a short post (his usually are) from blogger Audacious Epigone.

Here's the link to: It's Not Transitory, It's the New Normal, with the "transitory" referring the current higher inflation rate.

Mr. Epigone usually writes posts to discuss data from the General Social Survey and other polls, broken down by sex, race, age, and political leanings. I like his take on things, and I especially like his colors as used in his bar graphs. They don't have the usual intentionally arbitrary color schemes used for political correctness. (Have you read The Legend of Schooldigger?) However, lots of polling data is just plain worthless, as I found out myself from being a respondent this past December. I got tired of the discussions of data that may be meaningless.

When Mr. Epigone writes his occasional finance-themed posts, he is right on the money, IMO. He comes off as a Ron Paulite, and he tries his best to sound the alarm for what's coming. This latest one is only 5 short paragraphs that'll take one minute to read. I urge the Peak Stupidity reader to click on this one.

Enjoy them both. Perhaps "enjoy" is not the right word, as neither writes about anything happy but just the truth.

PS: I haven't commented much at all under Audacious Epigone's posts, because I just don't like a majority of the commenting clientele that much. There are the guys that write under Steve Sailer** too. The other A.E. commenters are OK people too, and not flat-out Commies or total anti-Americans, such as those under many of's other writers. They just seem naive without an understanding of the root of our problems. Perhaps it's a younger crowd in general.

* See also Part 2 and Part 3.

** That includes our commenter "The Alarmist" under this one. Alarmist, I only didn't mash agree on this one because I think (hope anyway) that Americans will not give up their gold to the US Feral Gov't, just as most didn't during Roosevelt's confiscation attempt.

Sunday - June 13th 2021 5:56AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I wouldn't be surprised by any of that. The situation is pretty far gone.

Alarmist, I agree with you on that one and noted that just the other day when you wrote about it. Mr. A.E. has his core group, clique, I'd say, of commenters. Those are the ones I got kind of sick of. They aren't bad, but they kick around some of the same ideas I don't agree with and don't seem to learn anything. Most are not real Conservatives.
Sunday - June 13th 2021 5:50AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, I'm just staying out of the whole market, but I suppose it can stay irrationally* exuberant longer than I can stay physically solvent. You're probably right on that sentence about prepping.

I'll give Miss Coulter credit in this column for mentioning both aspects, the fraud in voter qualification AND the fraud in vote counting (for the latter, she addresses the "motor voter" laws and such). She wouldn't go far enough to discuss a poll tax or literacy test. That's too non-mainstream for someone who wants to keep a syndicated column, I guess.

* It's not really irrational. If the Government props up a market, you go along - better to have the word and get in first though.
The Alarmist
Saturday - June 12th 2021 1:20PM MST

I’m annoyed with Epigone never quoting me as hedoes with many others, but feeling free to borrow specific phrases I have left in comments on other of his posts.
Saturday - June 12th 2021 12:19PM MST
PS It’s simply RACIST!!!! to prevent anyone who wants to vote in American elections from voting in American elections. Well, except perhaps white people. That’s simply the way that things are going to be. Throw open the borders and throw open the polling places. Don’t be surprised if they start exporting ballots so that those who aren’t able to get over the border on election day can exercise their right to vote in American elections. If we don’t want to undergo the consequences of this policy, we shall have to detach ourselves from America.
Adam Smith
Saturday - June 12th 2021 10:05AM MST
PS: Good afternoon again...

Even with literacy and IQ testing (and possibly a poll tax and other qualifications) we would still have to figure out how to eliminate vote count fraud from the “elections” if “elections” are to have any legitimacy.

For it does not matter who votes that counts, it only matters who counts the votes.

Or, to misquote Uncle Joe...

Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
Those who count the votes decide everything.

I see no meaningful way to remedy this unfortunate situation.

Adam Smith
Saturday - June 12th 2021 9:25AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

Voting? Lol. Seriously?
It's cute that Miss Coulter has faith in the franchise.
Without literacy and IQ testing (and possibly a poll tax and other qualifications) we might as well let 10 year olds vote.

“because I'm not sure I can do a damn thing about them but keep on prepping.”
“because I'm sure I can not do a damn thing about them but keep on prepping.”

AT&T's dividend yield is currently at 7.09%.
AT&T's dividend might be one of the few ways to try to keep up with “inflation”, as long as it's available.

Saturday - June 12th 2021 7:42AM MST
PS: Bill, I was wondering if he was being facetious on that. Or, did he mean by "better" that AT&T was only losing 1.33% a year in real money? Haha! The wording would still be wrong though. (I am not in any market and don't care enough to even look this up.)
Bill H
Saturday - June 12th 2021 7:13AM MST
PS Audacious Epigone got a little careless when he cited AT&T as yielding three times the federal bond rate, which he quoted at -4%. Three times a -4% would be a -12%, and I think AT&T does quite a bit better than that.
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