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Posted On: Friday - June 4th 2021 6:57PM MST
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Whitney Rife - Hair color: Blonde, Hair style: Best o' the '70s, Occupation: Influencer

The young lady above, along with other Americans these days, is self-employed as an Influencer. What the ...? I know, that was my reaction when I read for the first time about an influencer a few months back. Nope, not a just a youtuber, but an influencer. I suppose you may have to be a youtuber first though.

The world has forever been full of people trying to influence other people. One Dale Carnegie even wrote a book about how to "win friends and influence people". However, people still had JOBS! It sounds as though being an influencer of other people is a full-time job now. I can imagine myself being in HR (no, I can't really) and pulling up a resume with the following:
Joe Q. Public

Work History:

1996 - 1999: McDonalds cooking Associate
1998 - 2001: McDonalds Manager
2002 - Replaced as manager by AA hire
2002 - 2005: Stoner travelled the world to find myself.
2006 - 2008: Starbucks Barista
2014 - 2018: After time off for Political Science degree - Starbucks Barista.
2019 - Present: Influencer
I guess I need to get hip. There are not so many jobs in buggy whip production anymore. I do like that this influencer position is one that doesn't require a 4-year degree and one that someone can't easily be Affirmative-Actioned out of it. If they edge out the job of media personality, that'd be a positive too.

I am only picking on the influencer up above due to having read this article - Influencers Offered “Thousands of Dollars” to Post Selfies While Getting Vaccine, so there's a Kung Flu tie-in here.
Whitney Rife told her more than 400k followers on Tuesday that she received an invitation from two campaigns that offered to pay her to promote the vaccine to her audience.
I gotta give this young lady a lot of credit for this part:
“If you want to get the vaccine, get the vaccine,” Rife said in an Instagram story. “To each their own. But I did just want to make a little note that I received two vaccine campaigns paying thousands of dollars to go and get the vaccine and record it and take a selfie while getting the vaccine. I’m just going to throw that out there.”

Rife went on to say, “I would never accept a campaign like this, but be careful with what you’re being influenced on.”
Uhh, "to each his own" and wouldn't it be "influenced about"?

That article also has tweets from a bunch of celebrities showing us how easily it was to get jabbed for the Kung Flu. If we don't hear from a few of them for a while can we assume these influencers are down under the influence of influenza?

Dieter Kief
Tuesday - June 8th 2021 9:55PM MST
PS Alarmist - No, I actually don't listen to the No Agenda podcast. Gitmo Central Europe meetup? - In Zürich? Zürich in the sunshine is nice and all.. - they're expecting hail though for today, temps way below 20 (not unusual in June) - so in case it would be Zürch: No need to hurry!
The Alarmist
Tuesday - June 8th 2021 4:46AM MST

@Diter Kief ... do you listen to the No Agenda podcast? I’m thinking about a Gitmo Central Europe meetup once us slaves are allowed back into the Sunshine.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - June 8th 2021 4:13AM MST
PS Alarmist - Sahra Wagenknecht is out of the race the left could have (should have) won especially with regard to immigration.--They wwould have to take a right-turn into the Danish direction here and do like fiercely immigration crititical and explicitly Muslim-critical Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen does, right now: Push back on immigration hard! M. Frederiksen is Thilo Saarzin's politically most successful - 1:1 copist / follower/admirer. They both are Social Democrats, mind you. Sarrazin was for years the only - prominent European intellectual who stood up to praise (!) The Bell Curve.

Sahra is right is about PC talk - and she is not only looking good but also tasteful and well dressed and - well read (she knows large portions of Faust by heart - she says she once knew all of it (Faust I, that is) by heart, so - kudos for her in this regard too.)
She is the daughter of a single mom in the GDR and was brought up in rather dark circumstances. But - education was free and books were cheap, and she made intensive use of that...
The Alarmist
Tuesday - June 8th 2021 3:11AM MST

While not attacking Sankt Annalena’s character directly, Wagenknecht does a good job of skewering her and her party’s platform here ...

Baerbock is a WEF Young Global Leader (read that as globalist tool) who offers disaffected Germans a feel-good party to vote for, but it will deliver disproportionate beneft to the top 30% while leaving the average German on the land to pay for it with a colder, less convenient life. I particularly like the part about Baerbock’s potential foreign policy of going against nuclear-armed Russia with CO2-sparing Panzers, or teaming up with Macron to terrorize the third world.

This reminds me of the old propsal of an EU Army, which would primarily be Germany and France: I always held that their mission would be to invade Russia and then promptly surrender.
Dieter Kief
Monday - June 7th 2021 4:17PM MST
PS - Alarmist - Annalena Baerbock sets world records in faking her acedemic and political merits in her resumé.
This is wild. And her mega-fakes get detected - and still a part of the press says: Well, it's all about being ugly to - a WOMAN!
If you've even had the chance to look into the wildly entertaining novel The Confessions of the Con-Man Felix Krull about thid rather charming character - then you get the idea...I'm still not over with this stuff. I've maybe written a few dozen commnents now and an essay and - I'm still not through with what she has put up here. - As I said: A number of deceptions that has not been seen before. Not in Germany, and not in my life tieme. This women's lib thing is sure going over the top here. Sahra wagenknecht making not the tiniest bit of critical remark, by the way: women's S0LIDARITY (they have no word for women's corruption, so they call everything that appears in this realm of trust/deception: Acts of SOLIDARITY.
Anna Gallina, Senator in HH for - you know: Women and diversity and equity wrote on twitter: The criticism that was unleashed against Annalena Baerbock is the "deconstruction" of women's rights and women's aspirations AND NOTHING LESS! - - -
Annalena Baerbock claims to be a hgihly skilled academic and now it turns out that she might not have written a single decent paper in her complete academic careeer over at least seven long years.
This is world record setting stuff - a true MOTHER OF INVENTION! - Hehe.
JWv Goethe saw that (as everything else as well, hehe) coming: Man, he rote, make the rules, and the womenfolk makes the exceptions...
The Alarmist
Monday - June 7th 2021 12:46PM MST

@Dieter Kief, I’ll make fun of climate change: If Earth’s temps are warming because of human activity, does that mean Mar’s temps are also rising due to human activity? Must be all the e-rovers and that e-copter we have up there. I guess that means e-vehicles on Earth will be a huge mistake (they will certainly prove to be a stupedous ecological disaster with all the toxic waste they will present at the end of service)..

In any case, the nice thing about AGW is that that plus economic disaster airising from Green de-industrialization means that the quality of the women on the streets trying to earn their bread combined with their increased state of undress will give us plenty of eye candy ... they weren’t marriage material anyway.

God help Germany if it makes Baerbock its next Kanzlerin. They’d be better off with self-avowed Socialist Sahra Wagenknecht, who BTW has fabulous legs and isn’t shy about showing them.
Monday - June 7th 2021 7:46AM MST
PS AE, have you had a look at Gab? Would you object to having your posts linked to Gab?
Dieter Kief
Monday - June 7th 2021 3:40AM MST
PS Mr. Moderator, please let me explain: My words below about climate change went one step further than a first glance at them might suggest. I was musing about those theoreticians and scsientists liek the leading German voice in this debate: Professor Christian Drosten, first advisor of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who - quite seriously on their part - argue, that CO-19 is the result of the devastating consequences of Climate change - see? I was not making fun of the idea of climate change bit off an idea that is based on this premise.
Sunday - June 6th 2021 9:06PM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, one could say we have had anthropogenic political climate change, I guess.

Alarmist and Mr. Blanc, this site here would be the remedial college algebra 99 of influencing as I have eschewed Twitter, Tic-Tok and all that.

Rex, I hope these young ladies don't want to influence people that bad. That would "win friends" though.
Sunday - June 6th 2021 8:57AM MST
PS AE, you are an influencer. A minor one at the moment, but, Who Knows?
Rex Little
Saturday - June 5th 2021 8:26PM MST
PS Here's an idea for a vaccine incentive: nude pictures of Ms. Rife (or other young lovely) behind a paywall--but the price isn't money, it's a scan of your vaccination card. I might just give in to that one.
The Alarmist
Saturday - June 5th 2021 4:27AM MST

As with so many other things (I wasn’t just an Engineer ... I was an Aerospace Engineer, I studied Corporate Finance, not just finance, and Commercial Law, not just law, etc., etc.) your modern day influencer will most likely specialize, e.g. Fashion, cosmetics, lifestyle, travel, gardening. Those who try to do too many of those things tend to be mediocre at best.

It’s been hard work, but I’ve given the subject some serious research ... for investment puposes, of course.

Even within these broad categories, there are further sub-specialities, e.g. under fashion you get girls (almost always girls) who try on dresses and shoes while only occasionally emphasizing the different pairs of tights, and there even a few Italian lovelies who model with emphasis mostly on the tights, with the dresses being nice but essentially just decoration.

Instagram Influencer or TikTok influencer are the Ivy League or Hollywood of Influencers, where YouTube is the state college or local TV of influencers, and mere bloggers, like yourself, should one choose to influence, are kind of like the community college or public access of influencers.

Having said that, one can dream of being big on Instagram or TikTok, or one can show a little more leg, etc. on Patreon or OnlyFans and make some serious coin even with average talent.

As for that resumé, she might dress it up a bit, to wit, McDonalds Cooking Associate becomes Production Flow Specialist at McDonalds Corporation.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - June 5th 2021 4:26AM MST
PS - Hi Mod - Where was influenza's influence before the word inlfuenza actually? - Influenza's influence sure has been - öh - inflated by the influence of influencers not least on influenza. The influx of influence has risen over time. -
- Now we can safely move over to the rising number of tides and floods caused by climate change. Has climate change changed the climate in which we talk about influenza? - Of course. And seriously so! - See: That's why everything has become so frighteningly divisive lately: You don't know where to begin and where to stop. And you see nothing but bad things anymore.
That's why I love influencers like Whitney Rife: She is rife with prettiness - what could be more rewarding - not least for her, hehe?! - Let all men brothers Eat a Peach now! - Peace, Brothers & Sisters. Peace! - This is the time of Aquarius and thus of: The Peach-Peaces - that's fr out, but come time, everybody'll dig this stuff man! ...
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