Something to celebrate on this Floyd Memorial Day

Posted On: Monday - May 31st 2021 8:17PM MST
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Was it actually Sunday, and we just make it Monday to give government officials another day off in which they can't screw with us?

(I don't know the tweeter. I don't receive 'em - I just screenshot 'em.)

I've heard this same joke regarding someone else, but who it was eludes me.

I'll do some reflecting about what the real Memorial Day is about too. I was on a Civil War book reading kick about 20 years back and have a WWI movie in the DVD player to finish watching.

Adam Smith
Friday - June 4th 2021 9:58PM MST
PS: I think I prefer #3. ☮
Adam Smith
Friday - June 4th 2021 7:55AM MST
PS: Hello again...

My wife likes the 2nd one best. The ghetto version with the halo.

Adam Smith
Friday - June 4th 2021 7:53AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

Not sure which one I like best...

Adam Smith
Thursday - June 3rd 2021 11:10AM MST
PS: Thanks Mr. Moderator...

Yeah, I think I found a more ghetto looking set of disciples. It'll have to wait until after work though. We'll see how it turns out later.

Thursday - June 3rd 2021 10:25AM MST
PS: Excellent job, Adam! Yeah, it will have to go up here. If you CAN find ghetto thugs at some point and get them in there, I can wait for that.
Adam Smith
Thursday - June 3rd 2021 8:17AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

“Somebody really needs to do a Last Supper painting with George as Jesus...”

I couldn't find one on the interwebs, Peter, so I photoshopped one. It's probably not quite what you're looking for as all the disciples are still alive (I couldn't find one with dead martyred disciples)(I think I'd prefer one where the disciples look a bit more ghetto) but it's what I got this early in the morning...

I might try to find an appropriate Trump head to paste in.(?)

Tuesday - June 1st 2021 2:45PM MST
Somebody really needs to do a Last Supper painting with George as Jesus, and 12 "dead black martyrs" as the disciples. You'd make a mint selling it!

Somebody probably already has.

Oh, and for Judas they'd paint in Trump.
Tuesday - June 1st 2021 10:53AM MST
PS It’s coming. They’ll might well throw in Trayvon Martin, MIchael Brown, and Ahmed Arberry (however it’s spelled) as well.
Tuesday - June 1st 2021 7:57AM MST
PS: Cheers! 🍺 ☮
Tuesday - June 1st 2021 5:08AM MST
PS: That was probably the one I was thinking of. Thank you, Mr. Ganderson.
Tuesday - June 1st 2021 3:29AM MST
PS. On August. 25 Ted Kennedy will have gone 12 years without a drink. Hat tip to the great Howie Carr.
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