Chuck E. Cheese vs. the US Feral Government

Posted On: Thursday - February 16th 2017 9:04AM MST
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No, it's not a lawsuit, although that sounds like fun. This post is totally non-political; it's just a comment on how much trouble it is to get something done is this modernized computer-run efficient f__d-up country (note the Topic Key, Curmudgeonry).

I called up Chuck E. Cheese. Of course, in this day and age, one would not expect to be put in touch with Mr. Cheese himself, nor his secretary (secretary, what's that?). I just expected to get ahold of the local establishment to arrange for a birthday party. Apparently, it doesn't work that way. There was a phone voice-system that took about 3 hang-ups and many, many experimental touch-tone-mashing sequences that took most of 1/2 an hour to reach a human. At that point, would they (someone in Texas, so there's that) really expect the caller to not be really cheesed-off? It took about 10 minutes before I calmed down and we could arrange the party. I WILL NOT go through the automated stuff, unless I have already found out all details, as a question WILL come up, necessitating a 1 minute talk with a human being!

I really don't like how mad I got, because the lady in Texas didn't know how much damn trouble it was to talk to her, until I told her. But, I guess the CEO, the big cheese himself, coincidentally named Mr. Cheese, reckons that wasting 1/2 hour of customer time is not important compared to taking 2-5 minutes total of the call-center lady's time at < $15/hr - I'm counting for overhead.

(Yeah, keep smiling, you globalist bureaucratic rodent!)

Hey, Chuck, did you ever hear of customer goodwill? No doubt, your beancounters have a harder time trying to get numbers for goodwill than for sales and expenses. However, it is a non-negligible factor in running a retail business like yours. You need people mice working for you that can see this.

At the end of my phone call, I told the nice lady in Texas that "you people are harder to reach than the US Government!" That is a big insult to you, Chuck - get your shit cheese together!

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