Female Instincts: Nurturing v Socializing venue: the sidewalk

Posted On: Monday - May 17th 2021 6:24PM MST
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(You wouldn't believe what search term came up very quickly with this image. Actually, maybe you would. I'm still chuckling!)

This is more anecdotal commentary, as per this morning's post. "This is easy!" [mashes big red Staples button] Sometimes post ideas just come one after another.

In this nice leafy* neighborhood, I saw a young Mom with a toddler and a stroller as I left the house. There was only one kid - often, they like to walk or even push the stroller instead of riding. Right then, I also saw a, let's say "n'd-up", old Crown Vic, not as nice as the one in the photo here. Just it being a Crown Vic makes the chances 90% it was a black guy driving, but with tinted windows, the odds go up to sun-coming-up-tomorrow" levels.

It's not like we don't have plenty of various folks driving by that don't live here. It's not that I think they all need to drive elsewhere either. (Heck, I'll go through the non-leafy neighborhoods myself ... in the daytime ... very carefully.) I just had some thoughts about the lady seeing this vehicle, with her little vulnerable toddler outside on the sidewalk.

What was she thinking? The basic un-suppressible thoughts (would that be the woman's lizard brain?) were bound to be "I don't want this guy near my kid." However, if she's one of the many ridiculous virtue-signalling lefties around with the BLM and "Hate has no home here." signs in the yard, I'm sure her high-level thoughts would lean toward "Oh, I feel NOTHINK! NOTHINK! [/Sargent Schultzie]. Everything is fine. Tinted windows are great. I would LUV for black people to move into my neighborhood!" {See our post from last year - It's a Beautiful Day in the Leafy Neighborhood.)

There were competing female instincts out there on the sidewalk this morning. The nurturing instinct, so strong in the female brain, would tell her that whatever it takes to keep that helpless boy safe, she must do. Females have a big socializing instinct too though, as in not making waves and doing what it takes to get along, even if it's NOT the right thing. In the world of today, in which the black race is exalted, the ladies with their yard signs and Facebook pages will give up all rights and dignity in order that we "all get along". We may be getting genocided into oblivion, but we'll all be getting along while we are. That's important, see?

Luckily, as with most instances of Nurturing v Socializing, this match quickly turned into a nice friendly social hour with no conflict, as, well, the guy drove on down the road. There was no reason for conflict. Everyone got along. It's only those occasional bouts in which the venue is a dark alley, the middle of a BLM protest, or the Town Hall meeting about the new Section 8 development, when the contest really gets going. Lately, Socializing has been beating all hell out of Nurturing.

* For all practical purposes, "Leafy" means "mostly White".

Tuesday - May 18th 2021 1:30PM MST
PS: Alarmist, how about: "Mind if I fart?" "Gimme 6 feet, gimme 6 feet, Missus, and you'll never see me no more ... for sure!"

We had fun at the beach last winter when there was supposedly a mask ordinance in effect - I don't normally smoke, but my friend bought cigars for each of us, so I smoked one for a few minutes THROUGH a face mask. Doctor's (Fauci's) orders.
Tuesday - May 18th 2021 1:27PM MST
PS: meant "low-profile", not "lower-profile".
Tuesday - May 18th 2021 1:26PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, I don't mind at all arguing on the small stuff. I beg to differ on this one, but it's likely because we are in different parts of the country. See, about 12-15 years back, the cops started auctioning off all of those LTDs/Crown Victorias, as they changed to newer models. You know, the black folks just aren't quite as financially adepts, let's put it, as the rest of us. They were the ones who could afford those ex-cop, "cop motor", "cop brakes" [/Blues Brothers] vehicles with probably well over 100,000 miles on them.

I was really interested at one point, as I liked the look, with the spotlight still mounted and all. It's been a long time now though. From what I just looked up, the last ones were made in '12, so 9 years old, which isn't bad really.

All I can say is, like those Chrysler 300's and a number of other Chrysler models that aren't appealing to me, these LTDs have been 90% black people's cars where I live (those particular Chryslers more like 95%). When you see ultra-lower-profile tires, it goes up to 98%, and when there are tinted windows in addition, well, let's just say if I knew it were a fair bet, I might bet the house on this.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - May 18th 2021 9:06AM MST

Speaking of female sociology on sidewalks, I had a mask-wearing female side-step off the sidewalk to keep her distance from me today. She was smoking. She lowered her mask for each puff, then brought it back up.

We are nowhere near Peak Stupidity.
Tuesday - May 18th 2021 5:16AM MST

Not that I enjoy disagreeing with iur esteemed moderator, but Negroes generally do not drive Fords. A Caddy, a Deuce and a Quarter, you bet, but not a Town Car or a Crown Vic.. Many have ridden in the back seat of a Crown Victoria however.
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