Steve Bannon hasn't gone far enough yet

Posted On: Thursday - February 16th 2017 8:58AM MST
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Per this short Eugene Gant blogpost on VDare, President Trump's advisor Steve Bannon called the press people "the opposition party" right in front of them. They seemed perturbed about hearing people just say this out loud. From Eugene Gant:
She ended her post with a bit of fake news: “Those outlets aren’t usually grouped together in any way, least of all as a unified party sharing any one ideology, oppositional or not, but this is a new era for the press and the people they serve.”

Right. The legacy media doesn’t have an ideology.

Yep, this presidential administration should get their new press policy (previously written about here) going ASAP. In addition to ignoring the press enemies, they should also actively bring in some of the (ahem, cough, me, me) good bloggers, say Instapundit, aka Professor Glenn Reynolds, Ann Coulter, Alex Jones, and Peter Brimelow (or John Derbyshire), just as a start ASAP.

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