Hey, Flight Attendants, leave them kids alone!

Posted On: Monday - May 10th 2021 7:57PM MST
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What, I guess it's May Mask Madness now.

Photo from March Mask Madness - Part 5, but just imagine a family with 3 kids sitting there too:

I was doing a little traveling on the airlines again. They are just going through the motions at this point, as the by-now new normal announcement about maintaining 6 ft distance while disembarking (WTF?) and proper face-diaper procedures are being ignored as much as the rest of the lecture. (It's a shame, because some of the safety stuff ought to be listened to just a bit once in a while...)

As I mentioned in that "March Mask Madness" post linked-to above, I believe the airline companies themselves are happy to have big Feral Gov't* behind them on this stupidity. I don't think it does the cabin crew members any good, as it just makes another thing that they can get dinged on, were a Fed of some sort on board or, nowadays, just anyone taking a picture or snippet of video to show "hey, she let that old guy breath right out of the air and shit, right in front of me! I'm telling!"

That's the problem. You may think that the stewardess is being a bitch or a Commie, but often, I'm pretty sure she's worried about her job rather than: a) having any real worry about getting sick and b) just plain WANTING to be a bitch/Commie.

I was so tired that I was about asleep, but I was awake after hearing one of the flight attendants over and over again, trying to get this little girl to put on her mask. No, she didn't yell (or the Dad or Mom might just have had it out with her), but she talked nicely in the way that you would to a little one. It was loud and repetitive and annoying though. The little girl was crying even later, after she was being left alone, with her face mask now on.

This is just horseshit. When the kids who are too young to explain anything cry on the flight, it is often that their ears can't clear from the pressure change and hurt badly. I've seen a grown man about to cry because of this - that was on a long flight, and it often takes a long time to get better. I've hurt like this myself, and no, that guy wasn't me. I've told the parents what might be wrong before, and that they need to give the little one something to drink. This was a short flight, I was not next to them, and there were no drinks around.

Then there was the mask. First, her ears were probably hurting, and then she is made to put the mask over, making crying that much harder and life just miserable for the little girl.

When we got into the terminal I asked the parents of 3 how old this little one was, who was now feeling a lot better and smiling. "2 years old.". I'd thought that was the lower limit on the mandatory donning of face diapers, but what do I know? I do know that the whole thing is stupid and sick.

I will end on a brighter note. At the smaller airport terminal, about 1/3 of the people waiting around for the flight were just not doing the mask thing. This is after all that talk about FEDERAL! and $10,000 fines! I wasn't wearing mine until I got on the plane. I noted one younger guy not even pretending to be drinking something, and I shook his hand out of the blue. "Hey, good on you doing without the stupid mask. Listen, if they try to fine you, we'll crowd-fund you!"

We don't need no inoculation.
We don't need no CDC control.
No stark stupidity in the airplane.
Stewardess, leave them kids alone.

Hey, stewardess, leave them kids alone!

"Awww, awww, your chicken! How can you have any pudding if you don't have your Diamond status?!!" (Not to be confused with "How can you watch people pooing if you don't eat your meat?!" from this old post.)

(Yes, "your" instead of "you're" on purpose.)

* BTW, from what I've read, this authority over this is the TSA, one more reason to hate Motherland Security. I'd have thought the CDC would go from "the CDC recommends" all over the airport speakers to "the CDC requires!" and make a new name for themselves as an organization of Authoritah!

JR Ewing
Thursday - May 13th 2021 8:11AM MST
PS -

I flew about 80k miles per year up through 2019. Took two trips in 2020 and then that was that when everything was shut down. Then I sold my company last summer and my need for business travel went away.

Now there is no way no how I think I'll ever get on a plane again in a very long time, short of winning the lottery and buying into a private jet. I've refused to put on a face diaper since January 1 of this year and I'm not going to make an exception just to go on vacation. I'll just drive instead. I recognize that not everyone can make that choice, but I can so I do.

Frankly, the whole experience sounds miserable at this point with the mask requirement, the barking flight attendants, and the reduction of service in first class. What's the point? How could saving a few hours (or days) be worth that? I'd probably be at risk of getting arrested and banned for life anyway.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - May 11th 2021 8:38AM MST
PS: If you don't have diamond status, you can't have any pudding! ☮
Tuesday - May 11th 2021 6:01AM MST
PS: I agree, Peter. Keep us up on the news from NYC. Someone has to, as I ain't going there anytime soon ... well, possibly for a baseball game sometime ... My boy just up and started following major league baseball, so ...
Tuesday - May 11th 2021 5:59AM MST
PS: I LUV LUV LUV those old concept albums, Adam. I guess we won't ever see them again, as most people don't even know the concept of an album.

I'll have to add something, now that your brought it to mind. How can you have any pudding if you don't have diamond status?!!
Tuesday - May 11th 2021 5:49AM MST
Bad enough the little kids have to wear masks on the plane. Even worse is when you see the stupid parents making that choice for them. Here in NYC -- Commie Compliance Central -- even now MOST of the kids are made to wear masks by their ignorant parents. When outside! It's child abuse, straight up.
Adam Smith
Monday - May 10th 2021 9:01PM MST
PS: All in all it's just a,
Come on, you know the thing...

Adam Smith
Monday - May 10th 2021 8:26PM MST
PS: Daddy's flown across the ocean. Leaving just a, memory.

If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding!
How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?

No dark sarcasm, on the airplane...
Hey, stewardess, leave them kids alone!

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