You gotta love this guy!

Posted On: Saturday - May 8th 2021 4:51PM MST
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While looking for pictures for the previous post, I came across the one below. I didn't check where the picture was taken and when.

"What the fuck now?" is the obvious caption here:

You just gotta appreciate that, rather than kissing the rest of the world's ass to signal one's virtue and worldliness over giving a damn about Americans, we actually had a guy who loved regular Americans and didn't kiss ass all around for 4 years. Sure, President Trump said his usual "great people, just marvelous, marvelous ..." bit, but we all knew that was just, well bullshit.

In the picture above, can't you just imagine Trump's thoughts, kind of like any regular American, as he watches some foreign ceremony, going "awww, man, what the fuck are they doin' now?" in that NY City accent of his? I love this picture. It's wonderful, marvelous... you've never seen such a wonderful picture! "Miss me, yet?" Yeah, yeah, we do.

Amidst the time spent making Unz Review comments today, Peak Stupidity has been working on a non-polemic post about the US Feral budgets of the last decade. This one has a bunch of numbers I'm getting off of old moldy IRS 1040 instruction .pdf's, but my problem is I just don't know of a good spreadsheet program for the iPad, so I can work on it today. Believe me (Adam), I checked around. I don't want one that stores the stuff on the web, and I want to be able to save as an html table. I'm probably going to have to just punch numbers into an html table. There's nothing like a real computer, even if it IS still running Windows 7! All these freakin' apps, and I can't do with this device what long-haired geeks could do on an IBM clone in 1981!

Anyway, have a good Sunday, Peakers. We'll have more financial stupidity, Kung Flu stupidity, and all the rest, including at least one book review, next week. Thank you for reading!

Adam Smith
Monday - May 10th 2021 8:36AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Tablets are pretty nice for some things, (like reading ebooks, taking notes, watching a movie or listening to music on the go, basic calculator, simple games, light web surfing) but they just don't compare to a real computer. As far as a spreadsheet program for an ipad, I'd probably try Collabora Office. (If I thought I needed such a thing.)

Off topic, except for the stupidity...

“What also infuriates the parents of the suspended students was video of the UMass Amherst Hockey Team celebrating their national championship on campus. Some students, including some of the players, could be seen not wearing masks.”

“That negates this whole semester $16,000 of money and they have to reapply for next semester. But they missed housing registration,” Scott said.

“One little thing happens and you’re out? Like not even like a don’t do it again, here’s some probation,” Teresa said.

“$16,000 of money...”, “Like not even like...”? Who talks like that?

I can't believe this nonsense is still going on.

Dieter Kief
Monday - May 10th 2021 8:04AM MST
PS Is this Donald Trumps role model - speech-wise (pronunciation, rhythm, tone, the (guttural) drawl)?
The Alarmist
Sunday - May 9th 2021 4:14PM MST

[Sigh] I remember the days when computer spreadsheet meant VisiCalc, but can still calculate an orbit using a slide rule, because I am that old.
Sunday - May 9th 2021 9:05AM MST
PS I use Excel. It’s clunkier than on an actual computer, but it does work (as well as Excel ever works).
Sunday - May 9th 2021 6:25AM MST
PS: i couldn't tell that, Jimbobia.
Sunday - May 9th 2021 3:03AM MST
Did the guys singing God Bless America have Ukrainian accents by any chance?
Sunday - May 9th 2021 3:03AM MST
Did the guys singing God Bless America have Ukrainian accents by any chance?
Saturday - May 8th 2021 5:13PM MST
PS: Right when I was reading your comment, a bunch of guys, some drunk and some not, were loudly singing "God Bless America" at the food court here at the hub airport. Weird!
The Alarmist
Saturday - May 8th 2021 5:03PM MST

Clearly the band struck up the song “New York, New York.”

Trump was thinking, “Do the Ching Chongs expect me to do the step-kick to this?”

(I went to a few open-air events in Central Park in my day, and when they cued Old Blue Eyes, a few thousand people would be kick-stepping like the Rockettes at the end)
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