Keep those face diapers on, Free Birds

Posted On: Tuesday - May 4th 2021 7:40PM MST
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This post is about a slight coincidence that drove an important point home to me. On the "mainline" bigger sized airliner, they have the entertainment systems now. I normally don't partake, except to play video games on pleasure trips with my boy sitting next to me. I usually turn the monitor off first chance I get.

This was a fairly long flight, so I checked out the music. Skynyrd's greatest hits (not the Gold & Platinum, actually light blue, 2-record set that I have), was in there. Of course, Free Bird has to be on there, and I was listening to it. Now, as you may have seen, due to safety reasons, etc, the pilot and flight attendant P/A announcements override the entertainment system audio*.

This happened. The music stopped. "We want to remind all passengers to keep your face mask over your nose and mouth." / "I'm as free as a bird, now...." No kidding, it was right then.

Nope, this is not the mid-1970s South, or most any other part of the old Country. We are not as free as a bird now.

Note the demographics of the crowd there in Oakland, California in 1977:

(It may seem surprising that Peak Stupidity has not embedded the classic Southern Rock anthem Free Bird already, but I really like to include the good stuff that hasn't been played so much.)

* However, the movies and music will start back where they left off, a good idea especially for the movie viewers.

Adam Smith
Thursday - May 6th 2021 10:09AM MST
PS: I can't find a bad review. Seems like everyone loves their dolls...

• “Love my AOC, RBG and Kamala Harris figurines! I’m a final year law student and they help me study.”

• “My daughter is a huge AOC Fan! She loved waking up and finding the action Figure in her Easter basket!!”

• “Would love a Michelle Obama to add to our growing collection! And maybe a Gov. Cuomo, too!”

• “AOC is the bomb.
Not like a right wing pipe bomb left outside DNC headquarters. That’s lame.
She’s blowing up the senate with her sass and intelligence. Boom!”

• “Everybody Wants My Fauci!
The Dr Fauci ready-for-action figure is a triumph! Amazing details that inspire awe and confidence, much like its superhuman namesake.”

• “Amazing Every fact-believer would love this. Purchased one for everyone in my family!”

Kamala has been my personal and professional hero ever since she was our DA and I was in my first year of law school in SF. Over the past 15 years, I've watched her go from the District Attorney's office to the Attorney General's office to the United States Senate to the White House -- and now, my shelf! I get to have my own Vice-President Kamala with me at all times haha :D
I also got the RBG action figure because it's RBG -- nuff said.”

• “Too bad the Elizabeth Warren action figure doesn't come with a head dress and peace pipe.”

Thursday - May 6th 2021 8:54AM MST
PS: Thanks, Mr. Ganderson.

Adam, about 2 or 3 years ago I was going to write a quick post about these action figures - I have a picture of the Hildabeast action figure. The thing with these is that the reviews can be very entertaining

That is, on Amazon, at least. I kind of wonder if this guy has only ringers on his site. Is this for real?

"Dr Fauci & Nancy Pelosi (in the fabulous blue outfit) are the latest to join the team:
Barack, Joe, Kamala, Bernie, & RBG.
Love the removable masks. They are a welcome addition to my liberal lineup!!
They are all truly inspirational & our heroes!!!
Love, love, these action figures!!!
Thank you!!"
Adam Smith
Thursday - May 6th 2021 7:52AM MST
PS: Check this out...

Wednesday - May 5th 2021 9:51PM MST

It’s from “Zoolander”. I’ve never actually seen the entire movie. My boys have though, and so it’s just a shorthand we use around the house, mostly directed at me. I think Hansel is the Owen Wilson character, or is it the other Wilson? Anyway the one with the goofy nose.
Wednesday - May 5th 2021 9:28AM MST
PS: Ha, Peter, we have one of the same pet peeves. (I owe you a Coke, or something ...) Way, way back when they had movies on about 6 or 8 screens in the cabin, they would ask me politely to close my window shade so people could see the movie better. I would politely tell them that I paid for that window seat*, and those people could go see a movie anytime they want ON THE GROUND. That usually settled it, and I would lower the shade 1/3 of the way down to help, at least.

How about Dodge Blocks? My kid and I didn't know there was a remote, and you've got to have good timing on this, so we were punching the screen to get through those high levels. It's intense, man. I didn't realize it was quite annoying to the guy in front of us, till he said. We had to quit, and later found out about the remote control.

* Flying was a once or twice a year thing, max, and I enjoyed the hell out of it, especially the view. One time I tracked our progress from Utah to New York State (when we got above a cloud layer) on my road atlas. This was before GPS was readily available, of course.
Wednesday - May 5th 2021 8:16AM MST
As a pre-Covid frequent flyer and a Delta million-miler, I'm often negatively impressed at how many people watch the screens on a flight. Does no one read anymore? I miss the days of no wi-fi on the plane and no power outlets, so you could convincingly have an excuse not to work as you went coast-to-coast.

Also, I like actual freaking DAYLIGHT when I'm on a plane, but I noticed about two years ago it became standard for everyone to put down their window shades DURING A DAYTIME FLIGHT! All so they could see the screen better. I can't even explain how angry this makes me. It's anti-human. But I guess we're all Eloi now, watching our screens in the dark.

Sometimes I play the Texas Hold' Em game just to pass the time. I more or less figured out the system, at least on Delta, and I nearly always win the game against the computer. I'm sure actual on-line poker for money is a lot more difficult, and I'm not a gambler.

Back when I had higher status I would get upgraded a lot. And for me, a business class (the fancy ones, not just the slightly better than coach ones) coast to coast flight is one of life's great pleasures. I might never get to do that again, though. Sad.
Wednesday - May 5th 2021 6:18AM MST
PS: I don't know what you mean by the "Hansel", Mr. G. As for Skyynrd, besides those 2 ("Gimme 3 Steps" is on that particular greatest hits one), I put "Tuesday's Gone", "Honky-tonk Nighttime Man", "Truck Drivin' Man", "Don't Ask me no Questions", well, just say 75% of the Gold & Platinum album too up on top.

Nah, this was no joke, Alarmist. Thing is, the lead F/A had already given the whole mask talk on the ground along with the usual safety stuff. (Honestly, I heard pretty much nothing, though I always scope out emergency exits.) This was about 2/3 the way, and on not nearly a full flight. I guess someone was not complying so well... it wasn't me this time, though I did take a long, long time, to eat the snack...
Wednesday - May 5th 2021 5:40AM MST
Cool story, Hansel.

I liked Freebird the first 10,000 or so times I heard it. If I’m picking Skynyrd, I’m going with “They Call Me the Breeze” or “Gimme Three Steps” .

But that’s just me
The Alarmist
Wednesday - May 5th 2021 3:16AM MST

One used to see comedy bits where they dropped spoken word replacements into songs at various points, but I take it this was not intended as a joke.
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