Flee From the Floor Sticker Sector!

Posted On: Saturday - May 1st 2021 5:31PM MST
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Dump it! Drop everything! Don't even continue reading this ... WAIT! NOT YET! ... blog post, until after you call your broker! Peak Stupidity has given financial advice before, almost always retroactively, which we find easier, so heed us now, before the whole sector crashes to the ground, like a COVID-infested infested airliner flown by a 90 year-old Chinese diabetic named Wie Tu Luo! OK, now!

I'm talking about the Floor Sticker Sector, people. Back in January of '20 we told you (before our •Indian tech support associate accidentally deleted the post 20 ms after its publication) to go long floor stickers. We favored the anti-slip market in general, but anything with warnings on it, most especially about germs, that could be stuck to the floor or pavement was labeled an SB* or even a HIGOYAABTSN** by our anal-ists.

Well, this market has been saturated ... with grime, COVID-one-niner materiel, and occasionally dog poo The stickers are all getting dirty. Nobody is replacing them, because nobody is even paying attention to them anymore.

Though Peak Stupidity does not endorse technical trading, as, from that very post, the reader can see we think it's a complete load of crap, we did see some early signs of a peak in the floor sticker sector back in November. We would have called this out to our readers, but, again •Indian IT, or at least, uhh, we really couldn't see the death cross of the 30-day moving average and the 120 day moving average until about 4 months later, which is now. Plus our spreadsheet is locked up due to Zerohedge having crashed our computer. Still, in December we noticed a head-and-shoulders shampoo pattern in the 2nd-derivative curve of the YoY numbers, and we saw a complete discontinuity during the weekends, causing Calculus to quit working, at which point our leading analysts reverted to a double-diceal prediction methodology using our kids' Trouble™ set. The technicals all say "don't stick with the sticker sector". Step off now, Bitchez!

Short story long, we hope this financial advice will help our readers return to solvency as we come out of this totally unexpected national economic malaise from the LOCKDOWNS, hopefully by the end of the weekend.

[Disclaimer from PS Legal Department: There is absolutely no point in suing the Peak Stupidity corporation on the grounds of bad financial advice, as WE OWN NOTHING! All assets are in our wives' and girlfriend's names. The only thing you will see upon service of any subpoenas is semi-automatic weapons, which we also don't own, as they are on loan from the pawn shop.]

* Strong Buy

** Hey Idiot, Get Off Your Ass And Buy This Shit Now!

Adam Smith
Wednesday - May 5th 2021 11:27PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

Yes. You and I have previously enjoyed some conversation about the masks, the squirrels, the attic and the crawl space, and the squirrel poop and etc...
Masks really do have their place...

My grandpa always pronounced Dahlonega like Talladega...
(Dahl•on•ega instead of Dah•lon•ega.)

He always asked me about my proximity to Sky Valley Ga...
Grandpa had an old navy buddy who settled there, who said it was the most beautiful place on earth...
I didn't travel to/through Sky Valley until after my grandpa passed... It really is beautiful there. Much like here.

Lol... Suwannee, (GA) is just about an hour south of here...
Sewanee, TN (Univ. of the South) to Walhalla, SC sounds like a really nice trip...
The roads around here are built for riding...

I really love it here, and this place has treated me very well.
I'm very fortunate to have found this place and settled here.
I'm very lucky that the locals took me in and now consider me one of their own.
I'm ever so lucky to have found my way from that formerly prosperous and very poisonous rust belt city by a lake to the much, much greener pastures of Appalachia...

I've found my place in the sun.

Tuesday - May 4th 2021 8:14PM MST
PS: I appreciate the commentary, Adam. Those do sound like the same general types of investment I'm into.

I think I've written this before in the comments, but my attic is the one place where I will make an effort to mask up (those Home Depot ones good for sawdust, etc were find). When squirrels could still get in, their poo and whatever else up there long term made for some really noxious air up there. Unless I'm there for 5 minutes or less, I'll protect my lungs.

Until recently when I talked to someone who lives near there, I though Dahlonega was pronounced with the accent same as Talledega or Alpharetta. The accent's on the 2nd syllable instead. It sounds like a great area of the country. I've been through near there on a motorcycle some years back, through Suwannee (Univ. of the South) and on toward Walhalla,SC.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - May 4th 2021 12:08PM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

I'm not much for gambling in the “market” either, especially after what happened to oxy's dividend last year. I prefer tangibles like agricultural farmland with minerals, silver, automobiles, tools, guns & ammo, guitars, etc. We are heavily “invested” in artwork. Our house is a little like a museum. You could spend a week here and not notice all the interesting, artsy things hiding in plain sight. Things like our tiny limoges violin or my wife's Quandelacy fetishes.

Glad to hear your wife has chilled out. My wife started masking after they started vaxxing people because of viral shedding in the recently vaxxed. Probably a good idea and I understand why she is concerned about such things. She tried to get me to start wearing the diaper for a little while, but I am done with it. (I'll wear it when I go in the crawl space under the house next week to set off a bug bomb and again when I go down there to take the insulation out of the vents for the summer. It's kinda damp and dusty down there. Lots of spider webs.)

Diapering to go to the store doesn't make sense to me. It wouldn't make any sense unless I'm going to be in close contact with many recently vaxxed people or something, in which case I'll just stay home. Diapering is like some weird religious/compliance ritual, and I am not a believer. Frankly, I think it's demonic.

Asheville, on the other hand, is chock full of true believers, the kinds of people who double mask alone in their car, wear the face diaper alone on a trail out in the woods or cross the street to stay away from unmasked people, even though they themselves are diapered. North Carolina had/has much stricter executive orders than Georgia, which is not surprising to me as it is truly a “northern” state politically and socially. NC even had “thou shall wear the diaper outside” orders and “thou shall not leave thy house after dark” style curfews. For awhile you couldn't buy beer after 9 pm.

Our friends who live there were so happy to visit us here in Dahlonega last December as it gave them just a little taste of relative normalcy. Even at the height of the masking madness, Dahlonega Walmart enjoyed about 20-25% noncompliance. The auto stores, feed store and hardware stores, etc. enjoyed no diapering all along.

I saw more diaper zealotry in Asheville this past weekend than I have ever seen before, and I really didn't go anywhere except to visit with friends and back to the hotel. I went to Ingles (supermarket) once for a quick minute and diaper compliance was almost universal. Fortunately no one bothered me about my naked face. Maybe they would have if I was there longer.(?) Maybe they just thought I was vaxxed and therefore ok.(?) I did, for the first time, see people walking outside double diapered. It was bizarre. So glad to be home.

The Alarmist
Sunday - May 2nd 2021 10:01AM MST

Sorry, skipped over the disclaimer.

Seriously, dying is a growing business. Lord Gates et al no doubt wants to get humanity back to the “sustainable” 500 million that some green types have bandied about. Look at the chart for ticker HI and you’ll see that the fiscal adrenaline is really working.

You might be thinking of the old toast, “To our wives and girlfriends ... may they never meet.”
Sunday - May 2nd 2021 9:05AM MST
PS I’ve informed Mme B, who is the CFO here at Blanc International, PLC, to go short on floor stickers.
Sunday - May 2nd 2021 8:57AM MST
PS: Mr. Alarmist, was my disclaimer not good enough? (I did have the Humor topic key too.) Honestly, I would neither know what comprises the floor sticker sector, nor even know where/how to set up an account at this point. I am OUT of the financial stupidity, as I wrote to Mr. Smith.

That's funny (OK, not for you) about that "death sector" stock tanking. The thing is, not only will people keep dying, but as I though about whether people have possibly been down-scaling regarding funerals, I remembered an unz commenter linking me to "$9,000 for help with funeral costs for the COVID funds" I need to post that next week.

If you read Pat Buchanan's column I discussed, you may have seen some dollar numbers that I have avoided even hearing about before. Just break some of those trillions down. If everyone dying this year got 10 grand for his funeral from the taxpayers, errr, Feral Government, that'd be ~ 3 million x $10,000 = $30 billion. That's a drop in the bucket of one of those trillions, so yeah, why not? Throw in another $50,000 for a Destination Wake, while you're at it.

(Yes, I did just come up with that - Destination Wake. I'm LOLing a bit in my mouth, as I type...)

Good chatting, gentlemen. We'll be back tomorrow. I will take a break from unz, but let me just say that Mr. Sailer is on another TG for the Vaccine! kick again, with the usual comments. I'm OUT for today!
Sunday - May 2nd 2021 8:49AM MST
PS: Adam, I can see you keep an eye out for trends from what you see around you. I truly don't invest in Jack Squat. I say that even knowing that I would have been way ahead monetarily by getting in some stocks, nothing special, just standard stuff, 10 years ago. I have had this prepper mindset though, for longer than that. Better 10 years too early than a day late. (Now, if I had KNOWN I was way early, but of course, I didn't.)

Oh, so they are hard-core masked-up in Ashville? True believers. I wrote in a post on Unz Review (sigh!) that my experience at a different grocery store was pretty decent. I didn't wear a mask, the sign be damned, and I noticed about 10% at least of the customers weren't either.

My wife has given up urging me to comply. In fact, I got her madder than I am at one lady who will not let her boy play with ours because we don't wear these facemasks - OUTSIDE on the Middle School playground in the evenings. "I'm not even gonna talk to her anymore" is the last I heard. Oh, I'll talk to her, and she can stand back as far as she wants. Not! My! Problem!
Sunday - May 2nd 2021 8:41AM MST
PS: Nah, Robert, it's unfortunately not like that way around here. I was thinking of a joke someone wrote in the unz comments about "keeping our wive and girlfriends apart", but also "we" use the royal "we" here sometimes to sound like we are a big operation, with not just 5 semi-automatic weapons, borrowed, of course....
The Alarmist
Sunday - May 2nd 2021 6:12AM MST

Sorry to shite on your cornflakes, but a regulated and authorised/licensed person in several countries, I can tell you you don’t want to say you are offering financial advice unless you are credentialed, especially if you then turn around and give plausible investment advice.

So, short floorstickers, eh?

I’m not offering advice here, but with my own money it is probably time to add to long face masks positions... probably smart masks that report on your breathing status to Lord Gates ... since they’re never going away. I already hold Hillenbrand (HI... think funeral homes and death paraphernalia) which inexplicably suffered the stock equivalent of a heart attack in March 2020 despite death being clearly in the cards, which is why I bought, but am even more bullish on given the vaxx adverse effect stats we’re seeing. 5G is probably overdone, but the DARPA injectable nano-gel tracking technology is a nice play on putting 5G to serious use.

I’m pretty much bullish on anything that erodes personal liberty and privacy. I started the paperwork for an Oligarch Fund, but then I realised the FAANG funds already have that covered. Maybe I’ll put together a GULAG fund.
Adam Smith
Sunday - May 2nd 2021 6:09AM MST
PS: Good morning from sunny Asheville...
The face diaper capital of the south east...

Thank you for the timely financial advice Mr. Moderator. Might be a good time to take your windfall floor sticker profits and buy some stock in the Tennant Company.

Walmart recently purchased 1400 robotic floor polishers from Tennant to help remove all that floor sticker glue residue. Sam's Club is planning to purchase one for each of their stores. Though their dividend yield is an anemic 1.17%, 2021 looks like it will be a good year for Tennant. Demand for their autonomous floor scrubber is growing as retailers across the land remove their old, worn out durable floor stickers.

At $60,000, the autonomous scrubbers cost four times as much as a human-powered one, but the savings in labor costs are huge. Wall Street analysts expect 19% earnings growth in 2021.

Saturday - May 1st 2021 7:14PM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, I always knew you were a studly dude, so I am not surprised to hear you have both a wife and a girlfriend; but now you say you have wives and (a?) girlfriend? No wonder you don't get more posts out for us poor mortals entertainment.
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