Dr. Barton Cockey on the Kung Flu and the ctrl-left

Posted On: Saturday - May 1st 2021 4:35PM MST
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I had a more humorous post in mind for the final post for our blogweek. That may or may not appear later, but this thing I just read was too cool for school! VDare usually has the calm and collected writers, and that works for them. However, they just posted an article by one Dr. Barton Cockey*, and this guy is on fire, man. He asks So We Need Masks AND Illegal Immigrants? Time To End This Virtue-Signaling Scam!

After noting the stupidity (OK, evil to some extent) of the Democrats pushing back against the travel restrictions and even strongly encouraging** big crowds just before the PanicFest, Barton Cockney notes the political divide:
Among individuals, the response was mixed; but my own observation was that many (but not all) on the Dissident Right suspected instinctively that the infection posed a far smaller threat than whatever Bill Gates and the globalists had in mind for us.
Welllll... not ALL of the Dissident Right - I can think of one particular guy, who I still know, like, read, and support ... I will note that Mr. E.H. Hail of the HailToYou blog, with lots of coverage and numerical analysis of the Kung Flu, would not agree. At least last I've read from him, he thinks the PanicFest divide wasn't along clear normal political lines. Anyway, here's the good stuff from the good Doctor:
For Lefties, though, the alleged pandemic was a bonanza.

Dictatorial powers for governors! Recruitment of private businesses as enforcers of arbitrary mask mandates! Contact tracers and informers! Destruction of small, independent stores and restaurants! A beta version of the Universal Basic Income! Closure of meat packing plants! Restriction of travel! Maybe even a vaccine passport!

But best of all, the phantom plague offered a whole new opportunity for Virtue Signaling. The summer of 2020 brought out a blooming crop of conspicuous good-thinkers, standing in public squares with Black-Lives-Matter signs and hand-made face masks of colorful cloth.

And the beauty of the masks was that even if you weren’t waving a sign, you could show the world how really, really good and smart you were, just by flaunting your face diaper.
He even uses the face diaper terminology! There's much more goodness in the article that I'll beg the PS reader to read himself. Regarding the face diapers in particular, as a doctor, Barton Cockey links to 5 medical articles on their efficacy (as in, "do they work?")

At first, I couldn't remember this writer being on VDare before, but it's because he has only written 8 articles before on the site. I could remember reading at least half of them after perusing the titles. I hope to read a lot more by Doctor Cockey.

PS: In the title of his column, Dr. Cockey relates the immigration stupidity to the Kung Flu stupidity, which is something I already had in mind for another post, coming soon.

* retired Diagnostic Radiologist, with a disclaimer at the bottom that he is no expert on virology or epidemiology, just a better spotter of hoaxes than the average guy. Well, you can call me "Doc" too then.

** That post's title is one of my favorites: "Be Strong, Wuhan!" Yeah, and there's even a KIZZ song in the post. Guess first.

Dieter Kief
Monday - May 3rd 2021 2:43PM MST
PS Peak Stupidity link works just fine again, thanks Mod!
Mr. Hail seems busy with something else.
Not all women are weak debaters. Look at Mary Mayhew:
Her best point in my opinion: It's no good to make decisions when being under severe stress - try to calm down, then decide! - very (very!) good idea!
In an interview with the German podcast, indubio on Achgut.com Knut Witkowski made the point, that yes there are new Covid-forms and yes they were the root cause for third waves but they were a direct consequence of the lockdown.
Now I'm looking for others to confirm this statement of Wittkowski.
Could well be above my head when it comes to detailed causations for Wittkowski's idea. - Seen from a little bit farther away it makes sense. But.
Hans Schmidt had some very good points on iSteeve at the vaccine post.
Monday - May 3rd 2021 7:17AM MST
PS: I didn't address your 1st comment, Dieter. I went to that link. I appreciate the lady's speaking out, but I'd add this too:

Women don't often stand on principles. I'll just bet if there were a few deaths of some children somewhere, and a (REAL!) Libertarian spoke out against any masking mandates, the same lady would be with the rest "BUT! THE! CHILDREN!"

Now that she knows this is all a stupid show, sure, I like the way she put that. Even Michelle Malkin, one of my favorites, is like this. In this old PS post "Michelle Malkin - in the right / no sense of the big picture", I noted that the problem was not "hey, this Secretary of Education is an evil bastard and is screwing with the kid's minds." (to paraphrase). No, the problem is "there should BE NO Federal Department of Education". If you don't stand on principles, you've got to deal with the BS on a piecewise basis later.

Here's the link, Dieter:

Monday - May 3rd 2021 7:11AM MST
PS: "Peak Stpidity" won't work, Dieter. (OK, OK, just giving you a hard time - I figure that's a typo here only).

I was on 3 different devices this morning and got to the site via google (to keep my stats up with them) with no problem. If you see this again, can you take a screenshot. Ha, I guess the only way to show me would be on unz.com, not really the proper venue for that.

Anyone else seeing anything weird?

For Mr. Kief again, that security stuff I paid for is, in fact, MORE than I wanted. Things were fine before, but that "Secure Sockets Layer" stuff had to be done. I somehow got more security than I wanted, because, until I get around to dealing with the hosting company, I have to use the database interface in order to put youtube videos in or even edit any posts with said videos (of course, because it's writing all of it to the dBase again).

I'm not much of a sue-happy guy. That hospital thing (great memory, BTW!) was about 2 years back - yes, if the place had really tried to continue with the BS they were, which I'm sure affected lots of others, I could see making a BIG BIG thing about it. The "L" word on the phone shut them up right quick, but if it hadn't, I would have had a time learning where to start with a suit...

I assume those hard-core Jews don't do anything resembling our NORMAL "social distancing", as we tend to live farther apart and not have dinners for every little good day in the Old Testament, as they do. It's on them, but, yeah, over 65 - I wonder how healthy too...
Dieter Kief
Monday - May 3rd 2021 4:13AM MST
PS Just got a google warning. Peak Stpidity -No safe website! - do something about it Mr. mod, since security is better than insecurity, sin't it? - why not sue Google (ok, I'll stop here. but I know you did once consider to sue an American hospital - so, nobody knows how strong you really are, Mr. mod, right?

Except for that, here are some hints that it might make a little difference, whether people are a bit thoughtful when encoutering Covid - or not:


Hint: Being careless (ignorant) might well have killed a few older people in Israel.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - May 2nd 2021 11:37PM MST
PS New York Post columnist about Dr. Fauci's advice, that kids should wear masks outside: "This is blood boiling nonsense".

Sunday - May 2nd 2021 8:38AM MST
PS: Alarmist, I think there is a huge middle ground made up of the forces of stupid. They come out of the government schools and the universities and from years spent in front of the idiot plate. We need enough force for good to enlighten these people. Can we do that as fast as the Establishment can dis-enlighten them?

The Alarmist
Sunday - May 2nd 2021 5:56AM MST

The only way out of this is if the forces of good outnumber the forces of evil by 2 to 1. Unfortunately, after 50 years of public school and MSM indoctrination, the forces of good might not have the numbers.
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