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Posted On: Monday - April 19th 2021 7:37PM MST
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I just really wanted to write this quick post because of the song here and how it fits our earlier story about one Bich Nguyen, writer for The New Yorker, discussed in the posts Life ain't easy for a girl named Bich and GTTFC, Bich!.

The lady is now Beth Nguyen, but she's still sore about the fact that Americans made fun of her first name throughout her childhood years. They were supposed to withhold their senses of humor just for this one Bich, apparently.

I was just wondering if you would hear from HR later, over at the New Yorker offices, if you just happened to be playing a certain track off of Elton John’s Caribou album when she showed up for work in the morning. We did this to a girl back in college when she came into the dorm room, but she was pretty cool and took it in fun. The HR Ladies do not usually have the sense of humor you see in normal people, so, before following our advice we ask that you consider a pre-paid legal plan.

Normally, hit songs like this are ones I've heard so much over the years that I never like them as much as some more obscure songs. That's not the case, for some reason, with The Bitch is Back. What's the song about? Per Wiki, Bernie Taupin's wife at the time, Maxine Feibelman, would say, "The bitch is back," when Elton was in a bad mood. It's got the good tune and the great sound, so the lyrics don't matter, Elton John was a great artist, but the fans should appreciate that excellent band of his too:

Dave Johnstone - Guitar
Dee Murray - Bass guitar
Nigel Olsson - Drums

Lenny Pickett played the tenor saxophone solo.

(It's the same with the American version of the Piano Man. Billy Joel did a lot of hard rock numbers with a good band behind him.)

Speaking of that Caribou and obscure songs, Peak Stupidity featured Dixie Lily long ago.

* See also Part 2, Exhibit A - Toby Flenderson, and Part 3.

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