America's Kung Flu recession, women hardest hit! - Part 9

Posted On: Monday - April 19th 2021 8:48AM MST
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(Continued from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, and Part 8.)

Wheewwww! We're here, folks. It's been over 7 months since we started the complete fisking* of a piece of feminist stupidity called America's Kung Flu Recession by a piece of work named Chabeli Carrazana. Her writing has pretty much the whole field of feminist stupidity wrapped up in one article that can be read in one convenient shitting. Peak Stupidity has been bound and determined to finish this fisking effort, and this we be the last part of it, as we reach the very last word in stupid. Tomorrow, we'll have a conclusion, with a nice excerpt included from one of the best commenters on the iSteve blog.

Let's go!:
More than a decade ago, Mara Geronemus left a job at a big law firm in New York, moved to Miami Beach and started seeking out more flexible law opportunities. After her third child was born, she opened her own business doing remote work for clients across the country, a position that let her stay deeply involved in the lives of her elementary school-age children. She recently launched a working mom’s networking group called All Before Dinner and she’s finishing off a stint as the chair of the board of her children’s private Jewish faith school. [My bolding.]
Miami Beach? But, I thought Miami Beach was for old Jewish people, getting out of that New York cold into their air-conditioned land yachts for carpooling to the Early-Bird special to go gum down that creamed corn. From the article's picture, you don't look near old enough, Mara Gernonemus... wait, what the fuck?! What kind of name is Geronemus? Usually it's Geronimo, which you may yell when you let go of that lift strut on the Cessna, and well, she does look like maybe she jumped out of a "perfectly good" airplane before but unfortunately pulled too low. (Remember to pull that pilot chute out when the people look like ants, not when the ants look like people, people!)

Where was I? Oh, yeah, New York law firm - I'm sure that was very productive work, good for American society. Now it's "networking" and sitting on a chair of the board. Oh, it's the Jewish faith school - no networking with the cholos and homies in the Miami Beach government schools, Mrs. Geronimo? If you care so much about all the poor working women, than you really ought to hang with them more, these schools being "manned" by almost nothing but women these days.
It was all part of the plan. Her husband stayed in his inflexible, but well-paid, position as an interventional radiologist.
Right, because you can't do interventional radiology in your family room. (Though I guess one could just do the looking at x-rays, but I've heard that will get automated soon enough and is already partly outsourced to India.) Maybe because the husband works hard at a REAL JOB, it is not quite as flexible, "flexible" meaning allowing one to easily get away with just writing emails within short-enough intervals to show one's "at-work" status.
When coronavirus sent her kids home, Geronemus said it was like watching her house of cards collapse.

She worked throughout the day to keep her kids on track with school responsibilities but found herself sitting down at the computer at 10 p.m. to start her own work. Often, her day wasn’t over until at least 2 or 3 a.m.
“I haven’t pulled all nighters since law school,” Geronemus said.
Allright, so she's getting the work done in 4 to 5 hours, and there's probably a sleep period in there she hasn't mentioned. Was it ever a real job?** It doesn't sound like she's really pulling her weight in this economy, compared to her husband.
No matter how hard she tried, though, it wasn’t enough. When the school year was over, her 6-year-old daughter had more than 200 unfinished assignments.

“We can’t spend another school year or even another month doing things the way that we did it between March and June,” she said.
Whoa, wait a minute. The 6 y/o has assignments? You were supposed to do these arts & crafts with her, right? Maybe if you homeschooled, you wouldn't have to stress out a 6 year-old with 200 assignments in a school year. Just a thought... Oh, and in that same March through June, I got my 8 y/o doing geometry (with ruler, compass, and protractor), geography (finding cities based on lat/long on the globe, with the inclusion of the concepts of estimation and interpolation) and adding/subtracting/multiplying fractions.
But when she starts to think about what would have to get cut, the calculation materializes quickly: “My husband is not quitting his job, he’s not leaving the hospital. My kids are not dropping out of school,” Geronemus said. “So, what gives? Probably my work.”
By George Geronemus, I think she's got it!
She worked hard to get here, to leave New York and plant roots in a community that she is deeply invested in, to be the mom her kids rely on.

When she shuttered her Miami Beach office this summer, it felt like it was starting to slip away. She was already halfway out.
That's a win/win for all of us, Mrs. Geronemus. Not only will your kids be better off, but the whole country could use a whole lot fewer New York/Miami Beach lawyers.
“I want it all and I had found a way — and other women have found a way — for a short period of time to have it all or most of it, or have it all on some days or most days,” Geronemus said. “Now 2020 is forcing us to reconsider, I guess, saying, ‘Can you have it all?'”
You, and women like you, have been TOLD you want it all by feminists for the last half century. Do your really want your 3 children to be raised by some Brazilian, Jamaican, or Squatmalen working mom nanny, while you're gone all day and stressed out the rest of the time? Hell, your husband isn't even there most of the time and probably has to spend significant money to go back and forth on the weekends. You all should have stayed in New York, if that's your thing, and raised those kids right, either by homeschooling or starting in one of those Steve Sailer-mentioned fancy kindergartens for which you have to submit pre-SAT's for admission. You could have let your breadwinner husband do what he's supposed to do, be proud of him, and have him at home more, so the kids can be proud of him and learn from him.

"Can you have it all?" Reconsider what that means, and you'll get your answer, Mrs. Gernonemus, reconsider what that means. More ranting will come in the conclusion.

* Peak Stupidity explained this ancient blogology back in the post A Visual Fisking of Cortez the Killer, in this paragraph:
OK, let me explain that ancient-to-the-blog-world term. Way back in 2001, some idiot NY Times reporter (but I repeat myself), named Robert Fisk was taken to task on an article in which he defended his being stoned (via rocks, not on-the-rocks) and beaten by Afghanis. He'd be called a hard-core "cuck" nowadays, but the subsequent evisceration of Fisk's stupidity by Australian blogger Tim Blair (I remember that guy, wow!), and the use of the term "fisking" subsequently by Godfather-of-bloggers Glenn Reynolds, aka, "Instapundit" pushed the term into common blog-use. We've not heard it a lot over the last 5 years, at least, so it may be time to bring it back.
I wonder what Tim Blair is up to now. As for Robert Fisk, I couldn't care less.

** I'd be the first to tell you that lots of white collar days may only involve 1/2 a day of actual work (or let the guy in Office Space tell you).

Tuesday - April 20th 2021 10:57AM MST
PS It’s a challenge, but I believe that I can, with a little effort, hate such people more than you hate me.
Monday - April 19th 2021 7:55PM MST
PS: I'd thought it was Cubans in the city and metro area of Miami, but old folks on Miami Beach, but definitely with that gay contingent, such as the Versace's and such.

I did see loads of Cuban food down there, and way too big a black contingent - this was well before the Spring Break violence.

Anyway, thanks for the update - we used to avoid the whole area when traveling to the Florida Keys, a whole different world from that other S. Florida scene.
The Alarmist
Monday - April 19th 2021 10:32AM MST

Miami’s for the gays and Cubans ... the old jews go to Boca if they have the money ;) otherwise they sort up and down the coast around Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach.
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