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Posted On: Saturday - April 17th 2021 7:56PM MST
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I had a browser tab open on one of my devices, as we call them now, with a VDare post from this past January 10th, that I hadn't read yet. (That's why I have lots of tabs open. I mean 50 of 'em sometimes.)

A guy named J. R. Kipling had written a great essay on the events of January 6th. It is not very much about the breaking into the Capitol*, but about the Americans that made up the big crowd outside and about Donald Trump. Mr. Kipling is not at all enamored by the Donald, and this blogger agrees his Presidency was one final lost opportunity to turn this country around peacefully.

Mr. Kipling has only written once on VDare before, and that was almost 5 years ago. His January 10th article that I urge you to read is What I Saw At The Rally—Profound Patriotism, Trump Fecklessness, And, Yes, Antifa. I'm gonna paste in the first portion to get you interested:
Unlike Ann Coulter, I believe Trump won the election and I believe that this matters. And the millions that voted for him did so knowing all his personality flaws and failings. Donald Trump didn’t build the wall (well, just 400 miles of it), he didn’t deport all the illegals, he didn’t stop H1B, he didn’t even end the notorious Carried Interest loophole. Yet people kept faith in him. Why?

Standing in the bitter cold of the Mall on Jan 6 with perhaps 400,000 others waiting for hours to hear Trump speak the answer seemed simple and as old as the basic human need to organize in self-defense. The people were there to hear their leader. Shivering and waiting, they wanted someone to give them some hope for the future—a sense of resolution and confidence and superior strength.

But strength against what? What were these people afraid of that made them stick with Trump through all his personality flaws, shrugging off the relentless attacks from the Left that have gone on for years?

A common view is that they were fooled by Trump. But they were not fooled. They saw everything and looked beyond. They ignored Trump the quasi-literate vulgarian who really thought having a "top running reality show" was boast-worthy instead of an embarrassment. They stuck with Trump because Trump was one of them, only with the power to stop the Globalist nightmare.

What the Left is setting about doing now tells us more about the Trump movement than Trump ever did: the complete dissolution of a people and a nation, the relentless lying and propaganda, the Big Tech censorship and surveillance. Trump’s voters instinctively sensed this threat. So did Trump, but he did nothing about it.
Mr. Kipling has more faith in regular Americans than Donald Trump. I concur. We need to look to each other for support and leadership, not a politician, even the best one we could think of. "TECH Tyrants and Biden's coming. We're finally on our own ..."

* though he strongly suspects that there were antifa, doing the breaking of windows and such.

The Alarmist
Monday - April 19th 2021 10:39AM MST

As an expat living in the EU, AKA Titanic II, I kept my US citizenship as a sort of lifeboat for when TSHTF ... it seems all I’ve done by doing that is to make my life far more complicated than necessary for more than two decades.

I doubt the EU will outlast what remains of the US, but I also doubt the US has many years left as a single country (it is clearly no longer a single nation). In the meantime, the food and wine are better and cheaper here.
Adam Smith
Sunday - April 18th 2021 11:55AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

We've always been on our own.
The solution to this,
It ain't going to be pretty.
Should have been done long ago.


Bill H
Sunday - April 18th 2021 7:39AM MST
PS I agree with both of you, and I'll raise you one. Not only are the American people not stopping it, not only are the American people running from it, the American people are waiting for the government to stop it. The American people wait for the government to do everything for them, just as their parents did everything for them when they were children.
Sunday - April 18th 2021 7:14AM MST
PS: Yeah, more faith in the people than in Donald Trump, Mr. Blanc, but I'm not at all sure the American people will stop this all either. As you wrote, they've mostly just been running from the problem
Sunday - April 18th 2021 6:49AM MST
PS I wish I had faith in the American people. This has been going on for more than fifty years (or longer, depending on where you place the starting point), and, yet, it keeps right on happening. A few times they’ve attempted to stop it through elections (Nixon, Reagan, Trump), but it keeps happening or gets worse. Cities are literally burning, yet the American people do essentially nothing. Except maybe move to a suburb further out. It’s hard to imagine that they’ll get another chance to do something if they don’t do something pretty damned quick.
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