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Posted On: Tuesday - April 13th 2021 7:18PM MST
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Note: The busy time is over for a while here, so we'll try to get the posting rate back up to normal, about 8 - 10 per week. Today I spent too much time on the unz blogs, but then that's what this post is about anyway. Most of our commenters, and likely most readers, read Steve Sailer, so this one will be old news. However, I want this video to be seen by as many people as possible, so Peak Stupidity will do its small part.

Peak Stupidity hasn't posted a clip of Tucker Carlson in a long while. He's our favorite TV pundit, but the one below is no ordinary good stuff from him. This episode goes back a couple of days. I won't show the first salvo by Mr. Carlson on the immigration replacement, as, since then, the other (stupid) side of this argument fired away, and the video below is a response to that.

Regarding the newest push for massive immigration, both legal and illegal, after the Trump slight pause (that's all it was), Tucker Carlson laid it out there that the ctrl-left wants traditional Americans replaced. He stated right out there on TV that the D-party wants to dilute the vote. Well, yes, that's been the basic Blue-squad idea for a long time regarding immigration. The Red-squad has its donors that want the immigration for the cheap labor, illegal for the manual labor, and legal via all types of visas, for the "TECH" work. Note it's just the donors on the Red-squad side, not the voters, but, then, who you gonna listen to when you're running a campaign? It's expensive, man!

Behind all this is the elite Globalist class that pushes those two idea for the two squads but really has its own goal. They want to eliminate any kind of big middle class, especially a White one. A White middle class tends to be competitive in business and has the time and extra cash to interfere in policy, which is apparently supposed to be determined by Globalist elites only.

Tucker Carlson didn't get to the Red-squad push for cheap labor, but I'm almost positive he had before. Recently he was focusing on the vote dilution idea by the Blue-squad and ctrl-left. However, it isn't your Daddy's (even if he had you at 15 y/o) ctrl-left that we're dealing with now, - they are just plain out-in-the-open anti-White people at this point. The question is, does Mr. Carlson not know this, or is he just being very careful to stay on TV by never mentioning race, or going in baby steps on this?

That's been part of the debate under the latest iSteve thread on this. To back up just a few days, Mr. Carlson used the word "replacement" to describe what the ctrl-left has been trying to do, again as if it's about the voting only. That's part of it indeed, and again, Tucker didn't want to go too far. However, even using that word "replacement" and the phrase "by people of color" regarding the American population, has got the Jewish gatekeepers at the ADL with their panties in knots. It's not like people on the left have not already admitted that's what their up to, using this word. The ADL just doesn't like ANY truth to be uttered about these matters. OK, that's possibly only until the situation has been stabilized, and it's only historians writing about any kind of country full of lots of White people.

It's not just that the ADL and the like don't want the truth told, but they are extremely hypocritical about population replacement. As VDare writers have written about for years, including Steve Sailer, the Jewish left are completely against any such policy when it comes to Israel. Over there, it's all about Nationalism, but that's a dirty word over here. Well, Mr. Sailer brought up this hypocrisy a couple of days ago, after Mr. Carlson's rant in question (the earlier one), as the ADL pushed for Fox News to fire him. Amazingly Fox network's Lachlan Murdoch did not back down.

Mr. Sailer brought up in the post linked-to just above some ideas of what Tucker Carlson ought to say next, including bringing up the afore-mentioned hypocrisy of these evil ADL people. Mr. Carlson came right back at the ADL with some examples of their hypocrisy, as if he got this straight off of Mr. Sailer's post. I'm not saying he did get it there, but either way, this is a great thing, his fighting back like this. Mr. Sailer discussed all this in Tucker's Overton Window-Smashing Broadside. (That's what I spent a portion of my day on, instead of blogging.) VDare is all over this too, with this Washington Watcher II post: Defiant Tucker Defends His Discussion Of Demographic Change, Exposes ADL Hypocrisy and then James Fulford's post about the excellent Mark Steyn on this, in CNN After Mark Steyn For LISTENING To Tucker Talk About Demographics, Steyn Treats Them With Contempt..

I urge you to watch the whole 20 minutes. Note the smirk on Julian Castro's face in the segment, about 3/4 of the way through, when they discuss this replacement. Hmmm, did the ADL have anything to tweet to Julian Castro about this term? Nope, we know which side they are on. The ADL is not even really on the side of the Jews in all this. They are simply on the side of quicker cultural destruction of the US of A, as in, a part of the ctrl-left.

The discussion of the racial population displacement, even if not said specifically as anti-White, is no longer confined to the pages of Amren, VDare, and Unz.com anymore. Instead of 1% or so of Americans reading about it, maybe more like 1/4 or more Americans heard Tucker Carlson talk about it, right there on their idiot plates, normally reserved for just that, idiocy.

The ctrl-left, via the ADL or whomever, may keep trying to cancel Tucker Carlson. I can't say I know for sure how that will go. Still, this light of truth has already been shed on these hypocrites and liars. You shine the light of truth on these people, and they are fucked, like a cockroach caught out in the middle of the kitchen table when I already have a beer bottle in my hand.

Go VDare! Go iSteve! Go Tucker!

Rex Little
Friday - April 16th 2021 10:45AM MST
PS Not arguing the right or wrong of anything you say, Achmed; we agree on pretty much every point. My only quibble is with the term "hypocrisy".

I will say that I'm glad of America's immigration policy from 1880 to 1921; it was during that time that all of my great-grandparents came here from various parts of what was then Russia.
Thursday - April 15th 2021 6:56PM MST
PS: Rex, here's a very brief history of America's tradition on this issue:

For the first half century or so, there was so much land out West, one could always move to the frontier. Some people (Ben Franklin, for example) already did care what KIND of people were coming in.

There were 4 decades of very high immigration, from the 1880s through 1921. These were more Germans, the Irish, the Central Europeans (lots of Jews), and the southern Italians. These people (excepting the Germans) were very foreign to Americans, if you can imagine that, and most of them lived in teeming cities rather than out on the plains or what-have-you.

Though it had been curtailed by quite a bit by 1921, the 1924 immigration law, signed by "Silent Cal"vin Coolidge cut back immigration drastically, for 41 years, until the 1965 Act.

Then there was the deluge that is on-going today - 56 years and counting, and the people are 90% MUCH MORE FOREIGN than that earlier 40-odd year wave.

So, I wouldn't say the inviting of unlimited numbers of immigrants has been a steady, on-going, long-term policy, Rex.

Here's the hypocrisy: It's one thing if the ADL and all these people just wrote their opinions, as is yours, that America is different from Israel. No, the left, with a lot of Jewish involvement, has been pushing this issue on Americans, going back to a drumbeat for repeal of the 1924 law from that year right up through when it was repealed, in 1965. They are telling Americans "this is what you're supposed to want, if you're good people." Yet, Americans don't go telling the Israelis what they should want for their country. Considering we've been accumulating bad will all over a big region for their sake, we probably ought to be able to.

Finally, let me ask you a question. What's the deal with Western Europe on this? Has Western Europe been this inviting place for the whole of its history, since Rome or whenever? I ask this, because I note that this same immigration craziness is being pushed for Europe too, not always by Jewish people, but they are involved there too. (I think of that Barbara Specter and Sweden.)
Rex Little
Thursday - April 15th 2021 2:31PM MST
PS It's not really hypocrisy. Israel was explicitly formed as a haven for Jews, while the US was never restricted to any one ethnicity and has a long tradition of welcoming (or at least accepting) immigrants from all over.

I don't claim that the formation of Israel was a good thing; my parents--Ashkenazi Jews both--thought it should never have happened. And certainly America's current immigration policy is a disaster. But it's not hypocritical to apply different standards to Israel and the US.
Adam Smith
Thursday - April 15th 2021 9:18AM MST
PS: Good morning...

Looks like Tucker really struck a nerve with that one magic word.
Greenblatt is really angry at Mr. Carlson for exposing his hypocrisy.

Wednesday - April 14th 2021 7:04PM MST
PS: Bananas, he's on youtube - that's all I can say for sure, but people say he's on TV still. That's the amazing part about all this.

If you can still find that meme, put in a link for me. Thanks in advance.
Bananas Of The World Unite
Wednesday - April 14th 2021 7:32AM MST
PS Is he still on teeveee?
No watchey FAUX here after they parked the Biden hearse err I mean limousine out in front of HQ after the Big Steal.
My favorite was the NYT article side by side photo meme blasting the term "replacement" with a previous article stating they (YT) can be replaced from a faculty lounge choom bong true believer.
Stick a fork in Chiquitastan for it is done.
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