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Posted On: Friday - April 2nd 2021 7:40AM MST
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... but crossing your fingers would be a nice gesture anyway.

With help from commenter Adam Smith and more time on the phone (mostly hold time this morning - it was much quicker yesterday) with Cory @ Godaddy, I think things should be good now. I don't seen the comments getting cached, nor do I see my even weirder problems when I am doing my own writing. For me, it wasn't just post not appearing right away, as that's the same problem, but I had menu items acting strangely.

Forget the site name I put in the last post and subsequently stripped out. That won't work right in a few days, I think, but it's not the secure one anyway.

It turned out that the new SSL certificates are not in the same virtual "place" as the free ones I've been putting up. Things were just getting complicated enough that I laid down the money to be good for 2 years without tri-monthly hassles for all of us. Sure, that's better than every 28 days, but still...

Well, this new way had changed the caching (storing of files for quicker loading by users) to where it was doing what you saw. I still do not know the "why" on that still, but I just wanted it to STOP. Clearing the server-side cache was recommended by Cody, and, of course, it solved the problems while we were still on the phone. Once I had hung up ... that was another story. It's baaaaacck!

Being a bright guy, Cody there gave me subsequent troubleshooting steps. Next thing was to disable the cache. He didn't really describe that option as anything so bad as to have required the "caution" wording on Godaddy's control page, but this is no high-trafficked site (where you can pick up underaged girls and take 'em to Epstein's Island in the Caribbean, well, or whoever inherited the place) either. This seems to have worked! We didn't have to escalate any further. Yeah!

Anyway, first:

Thanks, Cody, Aaron, and Jason!

Peak Stupidity offers our profusist apologies for these problems. We know you have a choice in stupidity-discussion websites when you surf.. Please accept our token gift of free reading and commenting for life! (OK, I know, you'd rather have the tote bag.)

I've got one hell of a piece of stupidity off the New Yorker from an iSteve commenter that I really want to get on and about 5 other ones ready to write. I've had enough of this "TECH" stuff for, hopefully 2 years now.

PS: Well, we're still not out of the woods yet. This won't affect the reading or commenting, but I can't edit a post* with youtube videos embedded. To be precise, I can't submit it to the database without getting to a warning about the firewall. This is not time critical, but we've gotta have our music here!

* I only found that out because I see typos weeks later that I want to fix.

dieter kief
Friday - April 2nd 2021 10:02AM MST
PS - So: This is Easter-time: Resurrection is underway - congrats Mod. for taking part in this universal process!
Friday - April 2nd 2021 7:59AM MST
PS: No, he, Jason, and Aaron are actual Cody's, Jason's and Aaron's, Peter. That makes it SO MUCH BETTER to converse with them. No matter how good the English annunciation and that are for some of the fake Josh's in Bombay, the understanding is always severely lacking. I don't mean they are dumb, but being from the same culture matters, A LOT!

Yeah, I meant to write that. I could have picked anything. I'm really looking forward to blogging on this one - the jokes I envision are like the stars in the sky.
Friday - April 2nd 2021 7:55AM MST
Was Cody an actual Cody? Or was he some guy really named Krishna Ramalamadingdong but claimed he was named Cody?

"I've got one hell of a piece of stupidity off the New Yorker"

Wouldn't that be anything off the New Yorker? Actually, they still occasional produce some great reporting. But their columnists are the biggest collection of dolts on planet earth.
Friday - April 2nd 2021 7:42AM MST
PS: wheeewwww!
Friday - April 2nd 2021 7:42AM MST
PS: Hello, world!
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