Not April Fools, I swear

Posted On: Thursday - April 1st 2021 4:42PM MST
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Peak Stupidity readers and commenters: I wouldn't do that to you all to begin with. There's a problem with commenting, and it's more than just that. While doing admin stuff, I'm seeing a problem too that must be related. Pages are acting weird for me.

For those computer types (hey, Adam), the comments are making it into the database right away. They are not displaying on the pages right away though. I will see whether that's the story for this very post I'm writing now. I haven't checked the time lag yet, for either my problems or the comment problems, but anything longer than normal is no good.

This is not a complete mystery, as I had the hosting service help me get a new SSL cert. It HAS to have something to do with that. I'll be in touch later on this evening with them, and see if they can be of help. The two bright young White guys, Aaron and Jason, who got me going on the SSL thing are a great example of who SHOULD be on the front page of Godaddy's customer service pages. We, and they, deserve better.

I hope to solve this so I can do some normal posting tomorrow. The lack of posting on Wednesday was just due to the normal too much to do to allow a good quite hour or two, and, yeah, OK, I was writing on unz again, haha.

Addendum: (I've got to do this within the dBase editor.) Yeah, this post didn't appear on the site at 1642 MST after I submitted it. If anyone sees this, try to check the time when you do and remember it. I'll have at least a maximum delay time from that. Of course, your communicating that to me will be delayed too...

Adam Smith
Friday - April 2nd 2021 9:09AM MST
PS: Happy Good Friday to you too Mr. Ganderson...

Friday - April 2nd 2021 7:52AM MST
PS: Thank you, Mr. G.
Friday - April 2nd 2021 7:49AM MST
PS Happy Good Friday everyone. Is that the proper greeting? Doesn’t seem so!
Friday - April 2nd 2021 7:40AM MST
PS ☮
Friday - April 2nd 2021 6:54AM MST
PS: Testing after disabling server cacheing.
Friday - April 2nd 2021 6:35AM MST
PS: Testing after cache clearing.
Godaddy Support
Friday - April 2nd 2021 6:17AM MST
PS Hello from support
Friday - April 2nd 2021 5:39AM MST
PS: Testing, early morning 2nd. 0639 MST.
Thursday - April 1st 2021 8:58PM MST
PS: For other readers, there are still problems that I am almost sure have to do with what the guy did with the SSL certificates. I noted that when I fixed too typos in this very post, the changes didn't appear right away either.
Adam Smith
Thursday - April 1st 2021 8:34PM MST
PS: One Moar Test...

Thursday - April 1st 2021 7:17PM MST
PS: Adam, I had the opposite experience, with a comment count of 0, as in "No comments" showing, while my "TEST" one was visible when I clicked on the post title.

There were some other wacky bug about 2 hours ago that acted differently on one device vs. another.

I think it's all good now, but I'll see in a second when I submit this one.
Adam Smith
Thursday - April 1st 2021 6:17PM MST
PS: Well, never mind on that comment count...

Didn't work on the last comment. Comment count still shows 1.

9:17 PM EST
7:17 PM MST

Adam Smith
Thursday - April 1st 2021 6:15PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

I noticed that the comments must be making their way into the dbase because the comment count goes up even though the comment does not display.

I wonder what it is. Maybe godaddy is playing an April fools trick on you. I hope this problem is easy to resolve.

9:14 PM EST
7:14 PM MST

Thursday - April 1st 2021 5:02PM MST
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