March Mask Madness - Part 4

Posted On: Wednesday - March 24th 2021 7:04PM MST
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I've got some thoughts regarding this Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-issa mass shooting, but I'll hold off and just write about a mass mailing instead.

The mask culture is everywhere now. Writer C.J. Hopkins calls this, along with the much more nefarious LOCKDOWNS, the "new normal". I see that the Presidential Duo are wearing masks in lots of photos and that one or two video clips I've seen of Zhou Bai Dien. I note that there are people with masks on in on-line ads.

This is the first time I've gotten a paper ad with people wearing these things. I don't know whether the point is to show that "yes, we are good upstanding people, complying with the mask mandates and everything, here at Liberty Tax". Is there more behind it, and Big-Biz has been encouraged to push the mask-wearing? Maybe this ad is just relating the mask-wearing to this "complicated tax year". I don't what's so especially complicated anyway. A lot of people will just be putting down "0" this year. Is income averaging still in the tax code?

I just remembered that Liberty Tax is the company that has those people dressed up like the Statue of Liberty right out by the road, well that's usually. Have they been out there this season with face masks over Lady Liberty's pie hole? I haven't seen a one of them, come to think of it, so there's some more simple 1040 forms with "0"s on those line 1's.

It's not like I can't fill out the forms myself anyway, but you really turned me off with this ad, Liberty Tax. As one of our Founders said, "give me liberty or give me death". I don't like the way it's going...

Who's gonna be next with this, the bikini models in Cosmo magazine? Now if they were to wear JUST face masks and nothing else, I would consider perusing the magazine a tad.

Adam Smith
Sunday - March 28th 2021 1:28PM MST
PS: My wife and I Luv, Luv, Luv “My Name is Earl”...

Too bad they show was canceled after four seasons. They were really getting into their characters.

Sunday - March 28th 2021 7:26AM MST
PS: I did see my share of "My name is Earl" long ago, Adam. Rednecky goodness.
Adam Smith
Thursday - March 25th 2021 11:40PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

“I'm glad you enjoyed one of your favorite place in Gainesville.”

Me too. It was nice.

“Things have been quite a bit better here, except at the schools.”

I can only imagine how bad “the schools” are. Glad to hear things are otherwise quite a bit better...

Thursday - March 25th 2021 9:19PM MST
PS: Adam, I can't blame the 911 callers for not knowing. There are not so many just pure NW Euro-looking people, so I'd have called him a white guy too. "He looks a little bit jihadish too, Ma'am, but, you know, I'm NO racist. You're not recording this, are you... oh snap!".

I'm glad you enjoyed one of your favorite place in Gainesville. Things have been quite a bit better here, except at the schools.
Thursday - March 25th 2021 9:14PM MST
PS: Good question, Alarmist. If the 10 murders don't get him the death penalty, maybe that maskless granny-kiling will, assuming a good D.A.

The Statue of Liberty wavers remind me of sandwich-board(?) men of old, but also of the same type of advertising in China. I imagine they are way beyond that now, but we are headed in the other direction.

Mr. Blanc, I think the LOCKDOWN and masking BS will come and go. They set their precedent, as Americans complied, so they have the card up their sleeves, for use at any time.
Adam Smith
Thursday - March 25th 2021 9:05AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

“Did Al Issa wear a mask while carrying out his mass murder, or was he an inconsiderate granny killer too?”

Mask? He wasn't even wearing pants...

Seriously though, one 911 caller described Al Issa as a “white male, middle-aged with dark hair, a beard, a black vest, and a short-sleeved shirt” while another called him “a big, fat white male wearing a green tactical vest”. He stripped off his clothing before he was taken into custody. He left behind a pile of clothes including “a green tactical vest, a rifle, a semi-automatic handgun, a pair of jeans and a dark-colored, long-sleeved shirt“. No mask or Maga Hat was found at the scene. All 10 of his victims were white.

“Liberty Tax” always seemed like an oxymoron to me.
There are definitely some jobs Americans should not be willing to do at any price. The “Liberty Tax” mascot job is one of them.

Mr. Blanc, I do not believe the people masquerading as "government" have any plans for a return to normal. Face Diapers are forever.

My wife and I went to lunch yesterday for the first time in a while. We were in Gainesville, right around the corner from one of our favorite restaurants, so we stopped in. It was so refreshingly normal. No face diapers in sight. We ate outside on the patio area, which we usually do, especially when the weather is nice as it was yesterday. It was less busy than usual, I'd say about half capacity, which was also nice. Everything was spot on. We would eat there more often if it wasn't an hour away.

Thursday - March 25th 2021 8:25AM MST
PS I keep waiting for Those Who Rule Us to say, “Everything is okay. You can take off the silly masks now. You can actually eat inside the restaurants now. The bars are open again. At least those that aren’t gone forever”. But that time keeps moving toward the horizon. You keep moving toward it, but it keeps receding. I would think that returning to normal (or, at least as much of the normal that can be salvaged) would be in their interest. They do intend for that do happen, don’t they? I’m no longer sure.
The Alarmist
Thursday - March 25th 2021 4:40AM MST

Inquiring minds want to know: Did Al Issa wear a mask while carrying out his mass murder, or was he an inconsiderate granny killer too?

I see those Liberty people waving at cars from the road sides in Florida and wonder how desperate must one be to stand in the hot sun in that costume for that purpose. I guess there are some jobs Americans should not be willing to do at any price.
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