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Posted On: Monday - February 13th 2017 7:34PM MST
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In this VDare article, another great one by James Kirkpatrick he writes more about what these judicial decisions overturning the President's control of immigration are really saying. Please read the whole thing, but here is a short excerpt:
The claim that non-Americans somehow possess constitutional rights, and have a right to immigrate to the United States, is laughable on its face. Yet quietly, without debate or even acknowledgement of what is going on, it has become the consensus in the MSM, in the courts—and in the streets.

What got to me was the picture at the top of this article of protesters, regarding the sign I zoomed in on here:

The girl holding that sign doesn't look stupid. Of course, the only thing that tells us is, "looks ain't is!" Do you think she understands the magnitude of the problem we are going to face soon? There are 2 concepts I think she does not get.

1) I imagine the signholder just thinks about other immigrants who live peacefully as Americans, work hard, fit in, etc. That works only on a small scale, see, say about 1-5 % immigrants in a country. I've known plenty, and some are and have been very good friends, but things have been ramped up a few orders of magnitude here. Point 1-a is that assimilation works fine if new arrivals are spread out reasonable well. Hell, I remember that even in the early 1980's, we avoided Miami because "it's like going to Cuba" and "you can be in places where nobody speaks English". That's an example of a place where immigration wasn't working out for Americans, but it was just one spot back then (OK there was also Chinatown in downtown NYC, some small areas of S. California were like Mexico). It wasn't a worry back then because the numbers were much smaller.

2) Islam is not just another religion where they go to different shaped churches, possibly on a different day of the week (better for traffic, right?). The 1st concept applies here - a very few muslim families spread around here and there will probably fit in fine, but when an area, like say, Dearbornistan, Michigan, have populations in the 100's of thousands, there is no assimilation, and the culture is the same as that of the Islamic countries where the people came from. The 2nd concept here is that this particular culture is really at odds with anything Western. If you want to learn more, you might just read our profile of Ann Barnhardt, in which she reads passages from the Islamic holy book. She's got 'em bookmarked and all, albeit with bacon strips, not your normal paper ones.

So, what's with the sign? Are you really a Christian, or are you just saying you are? If you're serious about it, you've really got to wonder whether the sons and daughters of your church will eventually be living under Sharia law, or barring that, involved in some sort of civil war, assuming anyone in the Christian churches ever ends up taking a stand at all. What will you do after you've let it go too far? Where could your children even bug out to when it does?

Just like the last post, about feminism, we've got to start respecting the laws of nature. Putting big populations of two very dissimilar cultures together is breaking the natural law that says, people, in general (the bulk of them) like to be with their kind.

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