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Posted On: Thursday - March 18th 2021 8:29AM MST
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The excremental piece of work Exoo is not necessarily Enemy #1 of the good American people. I just used A as there are a lot of them, and this is the first post of this kind.

Patriot Pundit Jason Kessler writes occasionally on VDare, or, I should say, VDare puts up his writing occasionally. Mr. Kessler experienced the hardcore Anarcho-Tyranny at Charlottesville, Virginia 3 1/2 years back. He has kept us up over the years since with the injustice, including lots of information on the complete railroading of James Fields, the driver of the muscle car that backed up over some unfortunate fat broad.

Both Mr. Kessler and the good folks at VDare have been getting very sick of the ctrl-left's methods of ruining non-violent civil people they don't agree with via doxing. VDare would not be in business (of immigration patriotism) without the internet at this point. They have some smart guys that have been helping the older not-so-"tech"-savvy writers and the site keep their writing out in public. They used alternate social media platforms, sometimes as back-ups for now, alternate email servers, alternate payment methods, and even give out a long code for use in case their URL is pulled down from the DNS servers. (It's on the site somewhere, I think in an administrative piece by Lydia Brimelow.)

Mr. Kessler has gotten rightfully pissed enough to start Doxing the Doxers. Peak Stupidity is 100% with him on this. In particular, because they have been Mr. Kessler's enemy on a personal basis, in this hopefully first of many articles, he doxes a handful of antifa Commies.

I won't repeat the whole article, and we don't embed tweets here. I urge the reader to do Mr. Kessler a favor and learn what these people are about. They are all scum - that's the gist of what I've learned - scum from privileged backgrounds, some having grown up with well-off ctrl-lefty parents and others with well-off more conservative parents who these scum have disowned... well, after taking advantage of that privileged background.

The guy up top, Chrisian Michael Exoo will be dubbed Enemy A by Peak Stupidity to keep track:
Christian Exoo is the leader of “Deplatform Hate,” a cyberstalking campaign that seeks to force social media, fundraising sites, and email marketing services to deplatform patriot political dissidents.
More details:
Exoo goes by several noms de guerre on Twitter, including Antifash Gordon and Dox Savage, which he uses to encourage his tens of thousands of followers to deluge businesses with requests to fire or evict working people [Meet the Undercover Anti-Fascists, by Andy Kroll, Rolling Stone, February 14, 2021].

Maybe that’s because the uber-privileged Exoo family never has to worry about unemployment or homelessness. They are cocooned in a web of wealth and nepotism at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York.

Christian Exoo’s father, Calvin Fred Exoo, is an emeritus professor at the university as well as a writer at Leftist outlets Salon, TruthOut and Huffington Post.

Calvin Exoo teaches at St. Lawrence, so Christian gets a job in the library. Calvin writes for Salon, so Christian writes for the website, too.

And wouldn’t you know it, Christian’s Mommy, Diane Exoo, an attorney, is or was an assistant adjunct professor at St. Lawrence University.

St. Lawrence doesn’t post faculty salaries online, but Glassdoor.com lists average base pay for a professor emeritus at $167,483 per year, excluding benefits.

For an attorney, average base pay is listed as $107, 549 per year.

This would place the Exoo family in the top 5 percent for household income in the United States; median household income in 2020 was $68,400.
That's who he this guy is and an idea of his privileged life. You'll have to get more info to fill in the blanks down here from screenshots of tweets in Mr. Kessler's article, but here's some of what this guy does:
No wonder Exoo feels entitled to dox the rabble, the Deplorables, the great unwashed: firefighters men, nurses, mechanics, and teachers. Working stiffs. Even when none of them have been accused of violence, breaking the law, or even making a racially insensitive comment.

Thus Exoo has targeted a fire fighter man, not accused of unlawful conduct, and a public-school teacher who attended a protest of which he, Exoo, did not approve.

He’ll even attack a target’s innocent family members. In the case of a Florida nurse, Exoo promoted a campaign by “Panic in the Discord,” an Antifa Doxing collective, to target the victim’s wife and their newborn baby.

They publicized the baby’s gift registry and published photos of the infant.

Then they directed a mob to contact the family and their employers.
[My strike through corrections - sorry Jason] Per Mr. Kessler*, here are Christian Exoo's words regarding his own job description:
“I don’t just stalk fascists. I also get them fired, de-homed, kicked out of school, etc.” He then incites violence against his victims, “It’s really satisfying to punch a racist. They bleed nice, too”.
It's not that civil 1980s time anymore with debates on the House floor between Tip O'Neil and Newt Gingrich. (OK, whomever!) It's not even that tumultuous 00's time anymore in which web sites insult each other with dirty language. It's political wartime now, and Christian Exoo is one of the enemies of the American people.

* Mr. Kessler says this quote comes from Andy Ngo's Post Millennial, with a link to this year-old article. However, I don't see that quote there.

Amusingly, that article is an opinion piece trying to smear Christian Exoo based on his talking to underage girls at the grocery store and making offensive remarks in front of a black transgender guyrrll(?) that made himerrr uncomfortable. Haha, very amusing. That's not quite the way you take care of someone like Christian Exoo.

Friday - March 19th 2021 7:24AM MST
The same. I know he’s not popular in these precincts, but I like the guy- in high school he was one of those funny, smart underachievers. One of my best lines ever as a teacher was “ Well gang, we’re coming up on Passover, which, as you all know, is Jonah’s favorite holy day, as he’s been passed over by at least 10 schools so far!”

When I taught him I was way to the left of him, now I’m way to the right!
Thursday - March 18th 2021 6:47PM MST
PS: Thanks for the suggestions, Mr. Ganderson. THE (GOPe) Jonah Goldberg?
Thursday - March 18th 2021 6:39PM MST
Orwell’s “Homage to Catalonia” and Hugh Thomas’ “The Spanish Civil War” are both good- Thomas for the big picture, and Orwell for vignettes. It was in Spain that Orwell discovered who the commies really were.

The section on the Spanish Civil War in Paul Johnson’s “Modern Times” is pretty good, too. “Modern Times” has its flaws, but gets the big things right.

I know that sort of sounds like “ fake, but accurate...”

That book, which was instrumental in turning me from my youthful communistic tendencies, was recommended to me by one of my rather precocious and smart alecky seniors by the name of Jonah Goldberg .
Thursday - March 18th 2021 5:41PM MST
PS: Agreed, Mr. Blanc. That's what I meant by "reasons".
Thursday - March 18th 2021 5:41PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I used to write back and forth with a commenter named DforDoom on the point you make some months back under the Audacious Epigone threads. Here's the deal as far as my thinking:

I do understand your 2nd-to-last paragraph that says I can't just go changing the definition of the word "leftist" because that's who "they" are now. I agree that the people that I refer to as Commies, lefties, the ctrl-left, etc. are not for the working man, and they wouldn't know Marx and Engles from a hole in the ground.

I don't see their beliefs as being synonymous with leftism, but I see their ACTIONS as being the same as the those of the Communists throughout the last century. You say that these people would do just the same things if they were anti-Communists with the same personalities. No doubt these are some psychopathic people, or whatever the DSM(?) would say. However, the left side is the one that wants to destroy traditional society and culture.

Were the death squads down in Salvador or Pinochet's guys anything like these people? They were ruthless and non-law-abiding in rooting out the leftists (or those they thought were), but that was only after the left was trying to take over and convert the countries to Communism. The Spanish Civil War may be a good example to look at. (I really need to read a good book on it.) Because the right stands for tradition, they don't go around doing the same type of cultural destruction that the left does, going back to the Bolsheviks.

Just my opinion, Mr. Hail. That's why I call these people Commies, because they act the way Commies have, since Day 1 of their bullshit.
Thursday - March 18th 2021 12:02PM MST
PS Sooner or later it will come to violent confrontation with these creatures. I hope that those confrontations come at times and places of our choosing.
Thursday - March 18th 2021 10:52AM MST
"What they ARE is misanthropes, though that one-word description also leaves something to be desired."

I agree that the "what" of the politics doesn't matter to them. They side with whatever regime is in power, and they'd switch sides in a minute to keep the whip hand.

But I wouldn't say misanthropes. I think these people are demonically possessed.
Thursday - March 18th 2021 9:55AM MST

In defense of Leftism:

People have done psychological-type profiles on these doxxers, including the infamous Exoo, and it seems that none of them are actually leftists in any meaningful sense.

What they ARE is misanthropes, though that one-word description also leaves something to be desired.

They are people who want to boost their own self-esteem to some extent, but also want to boost their prestige within the system, within their perceived peer group, and alas in front of the power-structure (for cases of high-profile ones like Exoo who become relatively well-known, there can be real pay-off). And all they have to do is work to destroy people whom the system and power-structure deems enemies, which, being people possessing of a personality-problem (getting satisfaction from trying to do damage to total strangers), they like doing anyway.

(Reminds one of Tony Montana, who said, "I kill communists for fun, but for a green card, I'll carve them up real nice.")

The implication is that Exoo and others like that would do the exact same if the system were "far-right" and they were hunting down "communists." It's a weaponized personality problem they have, NOT a case of extreme leftism. The leftism is just a tiger-skin they wear. It doesn't make them tigers.

Exoo spills much digital ink but you can pore through it and struggle to find him ever saying ANYthing about (ostensible) leftist causes, arguing policy or discussing any kind of issues or positive-causes. He never talks about workers or workers rights (getting fired for alleged political views would seem to be a shocking case of weakness of workers rights! But strangely they don't seem to care), never talks about economics at all. ONLY talks about "anti-fascism" and maybe 'anti' two or three other things.

Now, there are some who may read this who will agree with all or almost all I've written but still take issue with the idea that this is a "defense of leftism/leftists," because they'll say: "This is what Leftism IS today." The argument bogs down quickly because it turns into semantics, "What is Leftism"?

My point is, to the extent "Leftism" (whatever we intend it to mean) is conceptually distinct from "the Regime," Exoo and co. are defective-personalities clearly in service of the latter (The Regime) and not the former (Leftism), IMO.
Thursday - March 18th 2021 9:36AM MST
PS: Peter, we both (and Alarmist to some degree) wrote the same thing, so why did I post this and why did Jason Kessler? I guess because more people just plain need to know who these people are ... for reasons.

Mr. Ganderson, Calvin Exxo, the Dad, is from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, your neck of the woods, so you tell me. ?? In the picture in the VDare article, I thought he looked foreign, but I think he just had a suntan. His biography is here:

Thursday - March 18th 2021 9:27AM MST
And what the hell kind of a name is Exoo- sounds made up to me.
Thursday - March 18th 2021 9:25AM MST

The cost of living in Canton, aside from the many gallons of heating oil one has to buy is probably pretty low- it's up where God left his snowshoes.

And, I'd point out, without looking, of course, that Canton is VERY white. Maybe a few Mohawks hanging around.
Thursday - March 18th 2021 9:05AM MST
I certainly agree these people are detestable, and if Mr. Exoo were burning in the street and I was holding a hose, I would point it the other way.

That said, what good does doxing the doxers do? Nothing will happen to them, other than lots of praise on Twitter. When a right-side person gets doxxed, it costs them everything, quite literally. Their lives are ruined. There is so corresponding dynamic for the other side. They are immune.
Thursday - March 18th 2021 9:03AM MST
PS: Alarmist, it doesn't bother the left wing doxers (I don't know how many "x"'s, just going by Kessler's writing) because it doesn't get them fired, as the whole establishment is lefty and the media will purposefully ignore it. Also, the right play nice still. I know Steve Sailer is very careful about it, especially for young people.

BTW, if you read about this guy, one could argue that he already got 9 people killed and 27 injured by his fan-boy Conner Betts. I guess it'd be fair game.
The Alarmist
Thursday - March 18th 2021 8:38AM MST

I once advocating doxxing doxxers on UR, and received quite a bit of criticism, much along the lines of, “What if it gets that person hurt or killed?”

I dunno ... it doesn’t seem to bother the leftist doxxers, and free speech is free speech, right?
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