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Posted On: Wednesday - March 17th 2021 7:08PM MST
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I'm taking it kind of easy this week, so far. In this case, commenter Adam Smith put together this excellent hilarious newspaper graphical spoof that just made my month. It's not just the hilarity but the thought that went into this. A majority of the regular commenters here are guys that I know got here from the Unz Review site and, more precisely, Steve Sailer's blog.

Mr. Smith's headlines reflect our Peak Stupidity favorite pieces of stupidity along with the pieces we see Mr. Sailer humorously and snarkily discuss daily. That golf architecture bit is one that I give Mr. Sailer shit about occasionally just in fun. The main headline is from a comment I made recently.

This is a nice present for St. Patrick's Day. It says more than a week of our posts. Thank you so much for spending the time, Adam!

This is a classic.

PS: I felt the need to do the arithmetic for number of issues since sometime in 1875. It checks out.

Thursday - March 18th 2021 3:39PM MST
PS: Yeah, hail to Mr. Hail on that movie "treatment" for a COVID Comedy too.* I enjoyed that one. If you see something suspiciously familiar on the silver screen, hit me up for the residuals. (OK, I have no idea what the residuals are, but work with me ...)

Paddy O' Furniture, keep going with the funny handles. No stupid and free doesn't work except for Hippos or Giraffes maybe.

* It's under this post:
Adam Smith
Thursday - March 18th 2021 1:44PM MST
PS: Thank you everyone...

Achmed started it with his Ike Turner comment. If not for his inspiration this never would have happened. Also, it rained buckets on Tuesday so I had a little extra time to get creative.

Mr. Hail, you too. Great work on your Covid Comedy Movie idea. I left you a reply on post 1845.

Mr. Moderator, evidently “The Daily Stupid” just celebrated their 146th anniversary. I knew you'd enjoy the golf architecture bit. Thanks for the inspiration and the compliments.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone...

Sláinte 🍻

Thursday - March 18th 2021 11:47AM MST
For the record, Ike Turner is no relation.

Great graphic!
Thursday - March 18th 2021 7:45AM MST
PS Good one!
Thursday - March 18th 2021 1:59AM MST

Great work, Adam Smith!
Paddy O' Furniture
Wednesday - March 17th 2021 9:13PM MST
PS Uncanny! Just read a headline from 2011 with emperor of the universe comrade kommissar Billy Gates and the headline...depopulation through forced vaccination.
If a civilization expects to be stupid and free it expects what never was and never will be.

(apologies to Thomas Jefferson)
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