March Mask Madness - Part 3

Posted On: Wednesday - March 17th 2021 7:07AM MST
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  Kung Flu Stupidity

This one is another dream induced post, the first one, from before Christmas, being here. Hence, we've got the purposefully-made fuzzy image here. (I couldn't find one to exactly represent the dream scene, and, as for taking a real one, well, I don't see the same thing outside much anymore, thankfully.) This is just a small thing, but there is one Kung Flu related point here.

You know how dreams can be. Often the dream scene locations are from way back in the memory banks. I was on the porch of a house we lived in long ago. It was fairly rural, with no houses directly next door, no outlet to the street, hence not many pedestrians. Two young men with wearing Kung Flu face masks walked by, maybe 10 ft from the porch, not really matching the reality of that house, in which it would have been 50 ft or more without being on our property.

These guys were on the road though. I was disgusted by the stupidity of it all, walking down a nearly rural road with anti-COVID masks on. I said some words to this effect, right at the guys. Well, they didn't take too kindly to that and came over onto the property right up next to me on the porch. My first thoughts were to tell them to get off my porch. Since I was sitting down still, I wasn't in a good position to fight them (yet), as it looked like, the way we were talking. I had my thoughts about that, but I also realized I was in the wrong here.

I've got to mellow out about this. "Well, you guys were not on my property, so, you're right - it's not my business. Sorry to be rude." Hey, I'm a Libertarian and was that sort even at the time I did live in that house. When you're in the wrong, admit it to yourself. (Plus, 2 against 1, and I was sitting down!) After I said "sorry", these two were reasonable guys, and they were pretty friendly. As it goes with men more than woman, that was that, end of story, so, still sitting down, I shook one of the guys' hand.

I woke up soon after (or I wouldn't be able to write this post, as dreams go away so quickly from the conscious part of the mind, at least). "Hey," I thought, "that guy, one of the two of them with face masks on outside in the sunshine, shook hands with me from about 2 ft away. What IS the point of this whole thing. Did these guys see the stupidity there?" I couldn't ask, as the dream was over,. It'd just be asking myself anyway, and I know the answer.

Adam Smith
Friday - March 19th 2021 2:33PM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

Not sure if I posted this before...

The four main psychological effects of mask wearing: disinhibition, transformation, facilitation of the expression of aspects of the wearer’s Self, and various psycho-somatic changes.

Friday - March 19th 2021 1:25PM MST
Good site that pulls together anti-mask stories.
Friday - March 19th 2021 12:37PM MST

Of interest

Corona-Genius-at-Work here ("because they have contact tracing"):

He's a major twitter guy who writes under @Logo_Daedalus; he's just recently snapped and turned into a PRC-Supreeemist. He is on the hard-Right but also appears to be a vanilla Covid-Believer.

Someone wrote:
"Chinese people don’t care about COVID. Everything is open. People rarely wear masks. No capacity restrictions. Even if they are required at entrance points (subway, supermarkets, etc), people will take them off immediately upon entering."

He replied:
"Because they have contact tracing."

The guy comes from the Ron Unz China-Fan-Club school of thought. Here is what he wrote just today:

I don’t feel too awful about the West shredding & burning its rich philosophical tradition because the Chinese have it all backed up & translated. Civilization will go on— just not here.

Someone sent me something about some geneticist getting cancelled— just move to China bro lol— it’s that easy. Exit. If you’re oppressed here despite performing valuable work, especially in science, they’ll take you there.

When shit hits the fan China is going to Paperclip all the talent out of America. The majority of AI researchers are chinese citizens who live in america. When I say “fuck around & find out”— americans don’t understand how hard they will “find out”

Our entire grid could be wiped out by the Chinese at any moment. Our cybersecurity is a joke. Our supply chains are fragile as hell. China won Covid & they would BTFO us in a real war.

[End Quote]

So that is where he is coming from with that "China brilliantly did contact tracing! It's so simple, you covidiots!" He thinks China 'unironically' "won Covid" by Trusting The Science and doing contact tracing (or something).
Friday - March 19th 2021 6:44AM MST
PS: Thank you for that paper, Peter. It's not original research but it looks like the authors have read enough of the literature to be able to make some good conclusions. I'm reading about the O2 vs CO2 in the space between the mouth and mask right now. I will have to continue late on. As you say, not good.
Thursday - March 18th 2021 1:30PM MST
Here's a very good article summarizing a lot of mask studies. TLDR: they don't work.

Thursday - March 18th 2021 5:53AM MST
Mr. Icke- I'm not dead from Corona Chan, I'm dead from AIDS- Fauci told me I'd be back in the '80s...
Thursday - March 18th 2021 5:51AM MST

According to legend, W C Fields got his trademark schtick of making fun of people out of the side of his mouth from his mom, who used to sit on her porch in Philadelphia and make fun of people as they walked by (or as Dionne Warwick would say "walked on by...")
Wednesday - March 17th 2021 7:14PM MST
PS: Thank you for the advice, Mr. Blanc. At least in dreams one can back it up and try it a different way.
Wednesday - March 17th 2021 3:51PM MST
PS When you pop off to strangers who are walking past your porch, always have your shotgun close to hand.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 17th 2021 2:06PM MST
PS: Good almost evening everyone...

If you mean this photo...

They took Chicago Jesus Hussein Hopenchange in for his jabs. If you look at the screen behind the doctor you can clearly see she pulled up instructions on how to do it...

Wednesday - March 17th 2021 11:04AM MST
PS: Thank you for your concern, Peter. If you don't see any more posts by Saturday, you can assume that I am having trouble getting wifi from inside the morgue - too much metal, those caskets are like Faraday cages, I tell ya!

Skyfall, yeah, there was lots of American involvement with that new Wuhan lab. To me, it was all about outsourcing the scary bio research, with no regard for that Chinese quality ethos. No, I haven't seen the Karen mask yet. I'm starting to see all kinds of weird ones though. Were I in advertising, I think I'd lay off the billboard business and sell advertising space for masked clientele. I can see a mask on a guy working at the convenience story now saying "This space for lease. Reach 1,000's of eyeballs a day!"
Wednesday - March 17th 2021 9:58AM MST
PS Have you seen the Karen trigger mask?
It looks like an unmasked face in a mask form.
Just saw an interesting times photo of comrade kommissar Fraudci, Chicago Jesus Hussein Hopenchange and evolved enlightened being Melinda Gates at Wuhan labs circa 2015.
Funny how the patent for the COV dates back to 2013. hmm.
Wednesday - March 17th 2021 8:05AM MST
"I shook one of the guys' hand."

Well then obviously you're now dead from Corona. As I understand it, it can spread in dreams if you don't mask up and maintain proper social distance. And since it's 98% fatal, you must be deceased and your body loaded onto a refrigerator truck because the morgues are all bursting at the seams with thousands of Corona-cadavers. I will send flowers to the brave, front-line heroes who shoved you into the icebox.
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