America's Kung Flu recession, women hardest hit! - Part 8

Posted On: Monday - March 15th 2021 4:21PM MST
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(Continued from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7.)

I apologize from the get-go, readers, for this one. Peak Stupidity has a contract to fisk this feminist article, and, by gum, we're gonna finish fisking the article! Let's continue where we left off about 5 weeks ago:
But while workers wait for Congress to make a decision on child care — particularly ahead of the upcoming school year — many working mothers feel paralyzed.

Jenny Galluzzo, co-founder of the Second Shift, a platform that matches professional women with freelance and consulting projects, said the site has seen four times as many applicants since February as women try to make up lost work hours with part-time consulting work.
Beyond that, most women tell her they’re just waiting.

“You can’t plan ahead in any concrete way. And that stress manifests itself because you don’t know how to interact with the workforce. If you’re out looking for a job, how can you know what job to take because you don’t know in two months what your kids’ school situation will be?”
If this were written about about working women from families barely making it, and needed the wife working, well, I feel for them. It often turns out that the cost of outside childcare, meals out, clothes, and another reliable vehicle (insurance and tax go with it) doesn't help the family come out ahead anyway. For this problem, you've got 3 fingers pointing right back at you, feminists. Once women had entered the labor force in big numbers, the labor market in certain fields was flooded and wages haven't kept up. Everyone wanted to keep up with the Joneses, but for the working poor now, the Joneses are that welfare family with a single Mom getting WIC, Section 8 and the whole gamut. You may not even keep up with them, financially.

No, but author Chabeli Carrazana only seems to care about "professional women".
Galluzzo said. “I worry for women because we’re taking an undue burden of all of the care and the invisible labor. I worry about all the strides we’ve made just being set back.”
Isn't it also an undue burden to be the only ones to be able to birth children to begin with? I've seen women in labor and it's not invisible - it's visible, loud, and icky. Whose idea was that? We need to make some strides....
What we are seeing play out is years of keeping women from positions of power where they could have turned their lived experiences into policy, said economist Olugbenga Ajilore with the Center for American Progress. It’s years of child care being a “women’s” issue — not a priority.
What?? We have women's lived experience as policy right now. It's called the Kung Flu PanicFest (at least by this blogger). Talk to Dr. Fauci about priorities or the hysterical women who have been living this PanicFest experience. And, yes, childcare IS a women's issue - it's their main damn job in life. How can they not get this? (They know they are the only ones with vaginas, right? Ooops, all apologies to Bru-aitlin Jenner here.)
“If we have more women in the economics field, if we have more women in Congress, child care would not be on the back burner,” Ajilore said. “When we think about women leaving the labor force, we’re not just losing economic output but we’re losing that contribution limit. They shape the culture and the way you do business, the way we think about things. That’s what we are losing with this.”
I don't really see much economic output out of economists. Along with that, women's contribution to the economy is very minimal when we get to productive contributions to the economy, where guys design, build and maintain, like, actual STUFF. Women in the workplace are extremely-disproportionally in fields that don't involve real productive work. These would be your article writers, women's studies professors, economists, and especially the hated HR Ladies. Don't make me link to those posts again - I swear I will!
In many ways, though, coronavirus has served as a magnifying glass, bringing into sharper focus issues like child care that have long been ignored — and employers are responding. Companies that once resisted flexible work set-ups, and particularly remote work, are starting to embrace the idea.

“We have been fighting for the ability for women to work remotely and flexibly for years. It’s the number one thing women want for employment and companies have now been forced to see that that model works,” said Galluzzo, from the Second Shift. “And when the economy comes back and jobs are more plentiful and our kids are in school, I see this as ultimately a benefit because you don’t have to convince people any longer that [flexibility and being remote] works.”
OK, working remotely may work pretty well for some. For some women, they can then take care of the kids while "working", mute themselves and have camera failures during the zoom meetings, send important emails out at 2-hour intervals to show their presence in the workspace, and eventually just stay with the kids all day, not even noticing the paychecks not showing up electronically after a while. Yeah, I can see this model indeed working in the long run...

OK, we'll knock the rest out with one more post soon, hopefully with a good conclusionary rant. I've got a lot more important things to post about.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 17th 2021 2:02PM MST
PS: Fonts...

The newspaper generator evidently used “Times New Roman” and “Times New Roman Bold” so it was an easy match. All I had to do was size it properly. Size 38 for the small lettering, size 50 for the big “Women Hit Hardest!” and it was like 45ish for “Sportsball”.

A little trial and error choosing my words so it looked right.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 17th 2021 1:48PM MST
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I started out with this “newspaper generator”...

But it wasn't quite good enough so I loaded it into GIMP to do the rest. When I saw...

“Headline: "Ike Turner released on parole Women hit hardest"”

I thought it might be fun to see as a headline.
Thank you for the idea.

Wednesday - March 17th 2021 10:46AM MST
PS: That was a real present, Adam. Thank you very much!

I want to know if you used any other software at all, as far as what set this up nicely like a newspaper front page, or was it just a photo editing job with the right fonts, done from scratch?
Adam Smith
Tuesday - March 16th 2021 11:21PM MST
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So, I cleaned up the spacing and spelling...

I hope you have a nice evening...

Adam Smith
Tuesday - March 16th 2021 7:48PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

"That has to be you..." You know it was.
"That was an amazing job." Thank you.
"that needs posting prontomundo..." Use it anyway you like Mr. Moderator.

Tuesday - March 16th 2021 7:07PM MST
PS: Thanks for the great comments, all.

Mr. Hail, I appreciate the background on the writer too.

Mr. Smith, that has to be you who made that newspaper image! That was an amazing job. I just wanted to make sure it was you, because that needs posting prontomundo, and I want to give due attribution.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - March 16th 2021 4:31PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone...

Mr. Anon
Tuesday - March 16th 2021 3:15PM MST


"The whole thing was a con from the start. When early feminists like Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem started their push for women in the workforce, they were college educated women who went into roles in politics, publishing, and other so-called glamour roles. And mostly they did it because they wanted to get away from their children and husbands."

Indeed. David Horowitz decribed how Betty Friedan's whole schtick was a fraud. She wasn't some suburban housewife living a life of quiet desperation. She was, even before her book came out, a fully self-actualized marxist activist. Feminism was just a wedge to hammer into the American timber in order to split it wide open.

Friedan, Abzug, Steinem.......second-wave feminism was a concerted cultural assault on square, traditional America. I'll leave it to you to notice what we all pretend not to.
Tuesday - March 16th 2021 9:16AM MST
PS No sympathy from me. Women decided that sitting in a cubicle* pushing papers around was more fun than husband and children. Well, ladies, this is the reality of wage labor.You got what you (thought) you wanted, so you can just shut the bleep up.

* I guess these days you don’t even get a cubicle, just a desk in an open-plan office. If there’s one available.
Tuesday - March 16th 2021 6:41AM MST
"Once women had entered the labor force in big numbers, the labor market in certain fields was flooded and wages haven't kept up."

The whole thing was a con from the start. When early feminists like Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem started their push for women in the workforce, they were college educated women who went into roles in politics, publishing, and other so-called glamour roles. And mostly they did it because they wanted to get away from their children and husbands.

But for the majority of housewives, "working" meant some schlubby job that made you miserable. It wasn't exactly "liberating" to go work the deli counter at the supermarket or the assembly line down at the plant, back when we still had "the plant." But the economic realities of the times made it necessary.

Another "benefit" of Women's Lib for the elites was that it gave your children to the State for many more hours a day, and also starting at a much younger age. The State has always been interested in indoctrinat.... I mean, education.

In addition, poor women have ALWAYS worked. Real "women's liberation" would have raised wages of working men enough so that their wives could stay home and raise the children. Of course, it made the life of the poor all that much worse. And now you had the media telling you that you're a big loser if you don't "love your job" as a liberated woman.
Tuesday - March 16th 2021 6:19AM MST
OT - I was thinking about all the old idiots that rule this once great nation, and the title popped into my head: A Gerontocracy of Dunces.

That's pretty clever, I thought. Must have been done already. But no, DuckDuckGo came up empty. So then I tried Google. Also nothing. So I guess it's original!

But get this. On Google, the top response was the wikipedia article on "Ageism". So while they didn't find Gerontocracy of Dunces, they made sure they scolded me for my naughty thoughts.

Anyway, I offer it free to anyone. Would make a good blog post title.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - March 16th 2021 5:31AM MST

Isn’t the undue influence of women in our society plus the proliferation of girly-men the reason why they insist we all be locked down rather than living like men and accepting the cards fate deals us?
Monday - March 15th 2021 9:55PM MST
The author Chabeli Carranza, of Orlando, per her Twitter profile identifies as "Cubana" (father possibly arrived late 20th century; grandfather, 1941-2021, only showed up on Florida shores in 2005).

Her latest (re)tweet is this inanity:

"Breonna Taylor was killed a year ago. But it's worth remembering that most of us didn't know for weeks..."

To write such a thing (or agree/like/retweet it) signals the kind of disconnection with reality some people have.
Monday - March 15th 2021 5:16PM MST

I mean for heavens sake. WHEN are we going to focus on wimmen!

I mean not counting continuously since the 1920s and 24x7 since the 1960s. But other than that.... WHEN??!?!

Oi. More later.
Monday - March 15th 2021 4:55PM MST
PS: Nah, not to worry. This one has been about enough - 9 posts, and I'm amazed the article itself still has the guts to stay online.

Headline: "Ike Turner released on parole Women hit hardest"
Adam Smith
Monday - March 15th 2021 4:48PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

"Isn't it also an undue burden to be the only ones to be able to birth children to begin with? They know they are the only ones with vaginas, right?"

That's such a "reality" based assumption.

Here in 🤡 🌎 some men have vaginas and some men get pregnant and birth babies...

But more on topic...
Women everywhere agree...
Women Hit Hardest!

Please don't take the time to fisk these articles...
They're pretty much the same as the one your working on...

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