C'mon non-experts! It's ALL layering these days!

Posted On: Friday - March 12th 2021 5:31PM MST
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  Kung Flu Stupidity

(See also Part 1 and Part 2.)

"C'mon, non-experts! It's all R-Values nowadays!"

Listen, I thought you commenters here and some of the guys on Unz Review threads were just joking. I don't "do" current events, so I wouldn't have read anything about this, had I decided to look into your (I believe one of Mr. Smith''s) comments some more.

It's been at least since 6 months since I first stated at my workplace that they are doubling down on this stupidity. Nobody wants to admit he's wrong. We're all like that. I! GET! THAT! [/Tucker, and more from him tomorrow] The voluntary donning by people at big risk is one thing, but this face diapers for everyone business was stupid to begin. The "experts" forcing this stupidity on us have been proven wrong before. Often times it's obvious that they've been wrong, as they've reversed themselves on their recommendations. "Well, you said this last month, and now you say the opposite, so you were wrong AT LEAST once."

Rather than admit they've been wrong about these face diapers being important in stopping the Kung Flu (and without even worrying about the horrible effects on a normal society either, BTW), they have been doubling down. "Yeah, wearing one of them, as we've recommended for most of a year, doesn't cut it. Let's go to 2. If that doesn't eliminate the Kung Flu in this Decade [pronounced with an accent on the 2nd syllable, JF Kennedy-style], then we'll got to 3, 4, I don't know. The sky's the limit, and plenty of Chinese manufacturers are all geared up, making high-quality face masks - I mean, Quality is Job One over there, right?

It's annoying enough, and likely unhealthful, to take in Oxygen through one layer of this resistance, just living, much less exercising hard. Now what, we've got one pressure drop through the first mask, then some mixing with the exhaled CO2 in the spaces in between, then another pressure drop through the inside mask.? It'd be great for heat insulating for those living in Antarctica, don't get me wrong. Let the Antarcticans wear 5 mask layers if it helps. For good breathing, though, well, good luck with all that, Fauci. I hope it sends you to the hospital to be intubated, you dumb shit.

This stupidity wouldn't bother me so much if Big Biz and Government were not enforcing mandatory requirements on us. Big Biz does stupid things. Government does stupid things. That's nothing new. We used to laugh at that. Now, though, they are having the laugh, because the entire Establishment has been infiltrated by the ctrl-left and things have gotten to the point where they can makes us do stupid shit. What do they tell you about the old East Bloc Commies? It wasn't, and it isn't now, all about stupid notions of "the good of the many" or punishment. It's about the humiliation. They have been able to humiliate most of the country. (You've got that occasional stand-up Governor who says "go fuck yourself!" to the President.) Making the average Joe do stupid things just gets these people off, I believe.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - March 16th 2021 9:54AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

Mr. Hail... ☺ I like it...
25% diversity-trainers, 25% social workers... Lol...
Don't be a Conspiracy Theorist...


Get out of the vehicle and cooperate with your examination!


How will Our Heroes save the day?
Satire and Mockery are the best medicine...

The Alarmist
Monday - March 15th 2021 3:16PM MST

@Mr. Hail: “One reads "Don't be a conspiracy theorist! Embrace Covid-Anal-Probing."

How will Our Heroes save the day?”

Well, in the first episode of South Park (TWW Cartman gets an alien anal probe), the Kyle throws a rock, but the aliens fire back, knocking Kenny into the road, but not killing him. Long story short, he ends up dying anyway from other causes, mainly alien-controlled cattle trampling him before police running him over, which is further evidence that authorities should not be trusted.

After all is said and done, it turns out Cattle are the smartest species on planet Earth.
Dieter Kief
Monday - March 15th 2021 1:02PM MST
PS - Mr. Hail, I have an idea for a sequel of your Covid-movie comedy. One day the city council loses track of Covid or runs out of patients and the Anal-Inspector Crew has to look out for new jobs. Since during their Covid-work, they have come across lots of ways to - öhh - fxrt - they decide to make an art out of it and create a fxrt-melody-show, with which they travel the country. On the road,all kinds of - funny things happen... With time they master their art though and create canons and all kinds of fancy harmonies and all.
In Tennessee, they run into Wonder-Fxrt-Hog, a local genius in thee woods and hire him right away.

And if they have not died in the meantime - they live on happily ever after.
Monday - March 15th 2021 11:17AM MST

Covid Comedy movie idea:

A nondescript medium-sized American city. Protagonists: A pair of dumb but good-hearted, likable, bumbling, "mall-cop"-like men. Losing dead-end jobs with the Corona-Panic, they jump at the chance to work Covid-Enforcement when the wildly, cartoonishly Pro-Panic city council demands a reorganization of the police to reorient away from investigating crime and towards fighting Covid and enforcing Covid rules.

Our Heroes get hired and begin harassing people about masks and social distancing in the stupidest ways imaginable.

Down at the station -- which is now staffed by 25% diversity-trainers, 25% social workers, 25% traditional police, and 25% Covid-Enforcement police -- City Hall has assigned a team of hysterical Covid-Commissars to replace the police department's leadership (the former chief is allowed to supervise hand sanitizer distribution). The Covid-Commissars, led by a thin and cowardly man who looks like the so-called 'pajama boy' of 2013 fame, oversees the four groups and maintains Covid-Orthodoxy, regularly lecturing them on proper protocol, only to have to change his explanations mid-sentence when new guidelines come in.

The diversity-trainers and social workers each try to 'out-Karen' each other. The traditional police resent them but every infraction gets them more hours of diversity training tacked onto their weekly quota and more masks.

This ridiculous band of misfits which is the new Covid-Fighting order in town has its applecart overturned when rumor starts spreading that the governor has green-lighted special Covid-Anal-Probe Enforcement units to fan out and get ready for action. Things are gonna get serious.

The head guy of the Covid-Anal-Probe unit is an implausibly flamboyant homosexual who makes Pajama Boy Covid-Commissar look masculine and dignified. Covid-Anal-Probe Overseer is flanked at all times by two nondescript prison-gang-looking thugs. He comes into the office, presents his credentials, scares Pajama Boy Covid-Commissar, and then adds, menacingly, that he'll be needing to do spot checks on the police staff, not to exceed twice per person per day, and he'll need to requisition the most sound-proof office they have for the purpose. Governor's Orders. He hands them a paper listing the first wave for focused care. All males, including the names of Our Heroes. The head of the Covid-Anal-Probe unit explains that the diversity-trainers, all women, are all exempt because of [insert racism-babble jargon]. D-Day for the new mass Covid-probing regime is to begin is in three days! They march out, looking intimidating. Three days!

Pajama Boy Covid-Commissar, a physical coward, is shaken by the visit. Aafter previously looking down on Our Heroes he asks them to keep an eye on this Covid-Anal-Probe unit, see what they're up to while they the Covid-commissar tries to confirm with City Hall and consults with The Science to see what's going on.

Our Heroes begin to over-elaborately pretend to enforce Covid rules (doing an even more ridiculous job at it than ever) while really trying to spy on the thuggish Covid-Anal-Probe group which has begun wandering the town looking for convenient places to ambush Covid-rule-breakers and for convenient, somewhat-secluded spots to carry out emergency, on-the-spot Covid-anal-probe testing. One scene has them overseeing new banners for around town: One reads "Don't be a conspiracy theorist! Embrace Covid-Anal-Probing."

How will Our Heroes save the day?
Monday - March 15th 2021 10:59AM MST

"It's like you wrote the episode"

What we need is good satire of the Panic, like what the best episodes of television can be. The whole thing is so ridiculous it invites mockery.

There was a movie in production last year, a dystopian thriller about "Covid-23" and the "tensions rise as we enter the 213th week of Lockdown."


That trailer is powerful as satire of the Corona-Panic and the dystopian nature of the "Lockdown" and endless-disruption policy. But comedy might work better to really discredit the crazies.
Adam Smith
Monday - March 15th 2021 9:11AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

"Film at eleven...of the CORONA-RULE-BREAKERS running amok, doing their evil deeds of gathering socially and recreationally. Our panel of top experts is here, masked up and ready to go, on why these evil-doers are crazy and should be suppressed by force."

Funny you should mention that Mr. Hail. My wife was watching the nightly news just a little while ago. The segment titled "Risky Business" showed evil covid rule breakers having fun, going to the beach, not distanced and without diapers followed by people wearing the holy vestment and dutifully getting jabbed. The next segment (Why so many republicans say they won't get a shot and how that affects everyone) was about republicans, especially those evil Trump voters, who are refusing the the glorious life saving vaccine. They even wheeled out Paul (“each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10,000 vaccines at any one time") Offit to explain why anyone who doesn't want the glorious life saving vaccine is a crazy person because we all need to get vaxxed so we can get back to our new normal.

It's like you wrote the episode.

They also did a segment about the record numbers of unaccompanied migrant children at the border and how JoBidet has a duty to let them in and take care of them. You could see the happiness on the reporter's face when he informed us that there would be record numbers of migrants crossing the border in the days/weeks/months to come.


It's like these freaks live on a different planet than I do.
I wish they did.

Bill H
Monday - March 15th 2021 7:54AM MST
PS I am no longer as young as I once was, and my hearing does not work as well as it used to, so I have some issues hearing people who are wearing diapers over their faces. I tend to keep responding to them with, "What?"

Then came Fauxi and his mandate to wear two masks. To those people my reply is more on the line of, "What? What? What? Fuck it write it down."
Monday - March 15th 2021 7:00AM MST
PS: That's not the Amazon of 20 years ago, staffed with people with purple hair, wearing about 5 pieces of metal attached to their heads in some fashion, and millionaires on paper from stock options.

That is so sad. I'd like to hear of a riot in one of those warehouses - workers against robots and management, I'm starting to sound like a Communist here...
Monday - March 15th 2021 6:58AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, thank you for that great example of Lyin' Press lying by insinuation. Many people just read the headlines. That's probably what they count on.

I can chime in from my own experience about this particular locale. Perhaps the one amusing anecdote could be a post too, as I believe I only mentioned this on an iSteve thread. His post a while back was about something about Miami and my first comment was "Miami Beach too black" Mr. Hail, that refers to Miami Beach the town AND the beach area there (the wide sidewalks that used to be a street, the open-air restaurants, the shops, and the beach itself).

It's not at all my kind of place, but the one friend (3 of us went) just has a fixation about Miami beach - his brother used to live there, living the "beer commercial" life, as he calls it, long ago.

Yeah, it was too black for me, though this was not Spring Break time, so perhaps it is better then. (BTW, we are far from Spring Breakers, though that doesn't prevent us from looking at the scenery - honestly, you could have seen much better by far at any college campus in the spring time in the South.)

Yeah, I'll write a post, but here's the gist of it for Mr. Hail. A shooting of 3 happened a while after we had gone home - it was just 3 blocks from the place on the beach (good deals, BTW) where we had stayed. Black people and hot-headed Cubans - yeah, that works...

As for the masking, there WERE signs telling us that the city of Miami Beach has a law about wearing masks. I wish I could remember, but I think I posted on iSteve (I'll look it up later) that 1 in 5 people or so wore them However, I don't doubt that the State of Florida says no one can be arrested. This leads to my anecdote:

3 cops were standing around, right on that wide walkway that used to be a street. I am not rude, but I see no reason to talk to cops. The one friend is ultra gregarous so he just had to say hello. "You need to wear masks", the fat lady cop said. She had a handful of those medical ones, being all generous with the City of Miami Beach's money. (Plus, you can pick these up anywhere now, lying on the sand, wherever...) "No thanks", I said, walking on past. My friend had to say hello so she handed him one which he put on for about the next 20 ft. of walking before stuffing it in a trash can.

"You know, you just can't go around arresting tourists!" I can see the city council saying. I know Governor DeSantis would have pardoned us.
Monday - March 15th 2021 5:02AM MST

RE: Adam Smith

"Breaking News!...
'Everything Normal at Miami Beach!'
'Film at Eleven!'..."

"Film at eleven...of the CORONA-RULE-BREAKERS running amok, doing their evil deeds of gathering socially and recreationally. Our panel of top experts is here, maseked up and ready to go, on why these evil-doers are crazy and should be suppressed by force."
Monday - March 15th 2021 4:59AM MST

via Mark Changizi:


Working at Amazon is to work now in the dystopian future.

As you wait in line to get into the warehouse, automated lighting systems shine blue light on each person maintaining social distancing, and red light on anyone violating the six foot rule. Easier to identify violators.

Amazon mask enforcement officers are always nearby to correct the way you're wearing your mask.

You are to refrain from speaking, because that spreads the virus.

Even if your spouse works there and you speak to him/her, you will be written up.

10+ hour shifts on your feet with a face mask, with paid Karen snitches reminding you who is in charge, and that you're lucky to have this job, and it would be a shame if something were to happen to it.


Adam Smith
Sunday - March 14th 2021 11:32PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Hail, Mr. Moderator, and Friends...

Breaking News!...
"Everything Normal at Miami Beach!"
"Film at Eleven!"

Dot Dot Dot...
Peace Sign Ascii...

Sunday - March 14th 2021 9:39PM MST

RE: "You've got that occasional stand-up Governor who says "go fuck yourself!" to the President"

It was the easiest prediction in the world that the Pro-Panic media would start attacking Florida over "spring break" beach-goers.

(Pro-Panic Media = Almost all of what people traditionally call the MSM, as well as some independent sites and people who can't let go of the Panic.)

A story I saw today has it that 100 people were arrested at Miami Beach "because" of the the pandemic. They didn't use the "because" but they did insinuate it, and most readers would assume the 'because.' I think most readers not from or familiar with South Florida would assume "Miami Beach" also means "Miami beach," not a city but the stretch of sand and shops and things along the water, which reinforces the idea that police are making arrests of illegal gatherers and anti-mask crazies dangerously breathing near each other.

Deep-down in the article, if one reads it, they report that the arrests were actually for drugs, guns, other crimes. And of course Miami Beach is a big city. The article even specified that absolutely no one is allowed to be punished in any way under Florida law for breaking social distancing guidelines or for masks. And the best of all is that the article ("100 arrested as spring break crowds hit Miami Beach despite the pandemic") also says, so de-emphasized that it's practically fine-print, that this number of arrests is consistent with other years during the surge that is Spring Break season at Miami Beach. So what was the point of the article at all? It could as well have been: "Everything Normal at Miami Beach"!
Mr. Anon
Sunday - March 14th 2021 1:22PM MST

Incidentally, at the supermarket I frequent, I have not noticed any of these "heroes" turning up missing. They're all still there. One of them never even wears a mask (I assume he got some kind of medical exemption). So presumably none of them are KIA in the war on the 'Rona.

Of course I'm making fun of the whole situation; I'm not making fun of those actual people who work in the supermarket. They are fine people, doing honest work and providing a useful service. But the notion that such people are or ever were "heroes" is ludicrous.
Adam Smith
Sunday - March 14th 2021 10:07AM MST
PS: Good afternoon...

"The worst here are the parents, usually 25-35, picking up kids at the school."

I haven't been close enough to the skools to see how the parents are acting. They may be worse than the college kids.(?)

"more likely getting kicked out of school for some minor facial indiscretion."

Face Crime!

Saturday - March 13th 2021 9:51PM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, you'd think some rich California taxpayers could have ponied up that $4/hr raise themselves, if they appreciated their Kroger heroes so much. (And, they'd get some of it back in CA income tax, so win/win, or something ...)

I say the REAL heroes are only in the produce section. That's where the enemy germs hunker down. It's a cake walk over there in the bakery aisle. They don't see any action.

I guess next time at the store I'll shake the hand of one of these produce warriors and thank him for his service. Ooops, except for the handshaking...

Mr. Anon
Saturday - March 13th 2021 8:55PM MST

On the subject of COVID-madness, there was this article from zerohedge:


The Longbeach City Council decided to force local grocery stores to pay their "heroes" (i.e. grocery-store workers) an extra $4/hour in hazard pay. The result? Three Kroger supermarkets went out of business. In trying to help them, the City Council only succeeded in getting nearly 300 of them fired. Way to go!

I think all grocery-store workers should henceforth be referred to as "our brave heroes on the Malabar front!"
Saturday - March 13th 2021 1:42PM MST
PS: I'm seeing a mix here, Adam. Many of the students come up to the coffee shop putting their masks on due to the mask-Commies inside only. Others wear them back into their cars. Do they just forget?) That college itself must be either indoctrinating them or scaring them, either with fear of dying a horrible young death or more likely getting kicked out of school for some minor facial indiscretion.

The worst here are the parents, usually 25-35, picking up kids at the school. They were all wearing masks besides me till maybe 2 weeks ago, but it has lightened up to some degree - maybe it's still 80%.

Clown world, indeed.
Adam Smith
Saturday - March 13th 2021 11:55AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

🤡 🌎 is truly beyond parody.

So, I rode through town the other day. It was a beautiful sunny day and plenty of people were outside enjoying the weather. All the college students I saw were wearing face diapers. Some of them were walking alone. Not one undiapered student. Not a single boomer wearing the holy rag. Only the kids. I guess all those lockdown drills in skool worked.

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