Doing the standing up that White People just won't CAN'T do.

Posted On: Monday - March 1st 2021 11:06AM MST
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This post will continue with the thoughts discussed last week in Behave yourselves - 2nd-Class Citizens*. The conclusion was that a White Man will not get a fair shake if he gets the now-typical viral-video treatment or Lyin' Press coverage when defending himself from aggression in public.

Black people in America have gotten extremely entitled-feeling, due to many decades of Government and Big-Biz favoritism and the egging on of this by the Lyin' Press. In the meantime, Whites have become a much smaller proportion of the American population, with > 50 million immigrants and their children being added over that same time period. (As I recall, it has gone from a mid-80% number to the mid-60%, and it's quite a bit lower for the numbers of young people.)

These immigrants become 1st-Class Citizens upon arrival**, at least the 90% of them or so who aren't white do. Therefore, they do not have the same worries about anarcho-tyranny in the legal system, excoriation in the Lyin' Press, career termination by the Big-Biz HR ladies***, and cancellation by the "TECH" Totalitarians (VDare term) if they try to defend themselves here, as 1st-Class Citizens. Nope, they've got that P.O.C. card in their wallets or purses.

These newcomers can do the standing up that White People just can't do. For some, that seems like a great thing. It's not like it was the plan though. Massive immigration was implemented for reasons of cheap labor, dilution of votes, and the Globalist's wet dream, the crushing of the middle class. Still, people like Ron Unz in California may be pretty pleased with the way it's worked out. In that State, (mostly) the Hispanics have done the work of taking over the formerly black neighborhoods and doing the virtual rounding-up-and-moving-out that the White Californians just couldn't do.

The Hispanics, though still more violent than White people, have gotten that street crime down to a dull roar. They are a macho crowd (never mind those silly Latinx college, errr boys?). They will stand up for themselves. Then the Chinese and the •Indians are peaceful folks, sticking with the graft, corruption, and white-collar stuff. It's all good, right? See, now they've got their State back over there in Cali.

Wait, who's got his State back? Talking about demographic replacement, the White population has almost been replaced in that State within 50 years. (See Mr. E.H. Hail on "Who Lost California?".) So, that beautiful piece of land, one the called Paradise, no longer belongs to the people who settled and built it. Sure, the elites in Cali can enjoy their relatively more peaceful lives there, but what of their children and grandchildren, who will be growing up in a foreign country?

Are the newcomers going to take care of the place the way the White Californians have? Not as far as the environment goes. Most of the newcomers don't have the same respect for the land. In an infrastructure sense, perhaps things can be kept running. How about in a sense of a unified high-trust society? Nah.

Lastly, even if it were worth it to import people just to stand up to the aggressive black people, keep in mind that they aren't standing up for us, just themselves. ("C'mon guys, it's all tribalism nowadays!". ) As the many, many, Steve Sailer posts on this subject have shown us, when these disputes between groups of 1st-Class citizens happen, they are often settled by blaming it all on the White People.... somehow... yeah, it works. It'll work till the White People are gone, or even after. Bitch, bitch, bitch... hopefully they won't hear it from their new home on a planet in orbit around Alpha Centauri****.

* BTW, I wrote that term last Thursday, and a couple of days later, I ran across the use of it by Christopher Caldwell in his book The Age of Entitlement, near the end. This book was recommended by commenter E.H. Hail, and a review is imminent.

**Hell, the illegal ones now don't even have to worry about all that silly Kung Flu testing business.

*** See also Part 2, Exhibit A - Toby Flenderson, and Part 3.

**** Please, any readers who are Sci-Fi buffs, amateur astronomers or even professional astronomers, humor me on that one.

Adam Smith
Thursday - March 4th 2021 1:42PM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

Yes, that is truly from yesterday's paper. I couldn't tell if they meant records like vinyl or records like documents. I thought the last entry was pretty good.

I'm very lucky to live here. I love it here. It's changed a lot in the last 15 years. Every couple years some magazine will run one of those articles about the best places to retire and Dahlonega often makes the cut so we've had a sizable influx of retirees. The college keeps growing which has also led to an increase in the population and housing prices. Even still, we're pretty well isolated from the nonsense of the world. Kinda like a modern day Mayberry RFD.

I wouldn't mind if the population went into decline for a little while. Sometimes I tell people they wouldn't want to live here because all the roads are dirt, we don't have electricity or running water yet and we all live like the hillbillies in deliverance.

One time a friend and his wife flew in from that formerly prosperous rust belt city by the lake to buy an E39 he found in Atlanta, so they stopped in for a while. We were eating lunch and one of them commented on how great the water tastes. (We have great water.) When I told them that it tastes so good because we don't have "city water" you could see the horror in their faces. They were visibly shaken when they learned that they drank well water.

They did enjoy lunch and the mountain view.

Thursday - March 4th 2021 12:11PM MST
PS: Is that really recent, Adam? I wondered when I saw the bit about the stealing (or accusation thereof) of records.

If it's the case, you're in a good spot, Adam. Shame if something woulda happen to it... and I don't say that in the Tony Soprano fashion.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 3rd 2021 5:45PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

About "getting away from it pretty well" and that "unified high trust society" of which you speak...

I meant to post our local crimebeat last week under post 1823, but my wife had cleared out her email with the link to the local paper and I was too lazy to bust out my scanner to do it the old fashioned way...

This crimebeat is from today's paper...
I think you may find it amusing...

Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 3rd 2021 7:40AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

"Adam, is there a .gif out there with her bobbing her head around to "I dare you, sucka!"."

I wish, but unfortunately, no. But I did find these...
(I promise I only spent a few minutes on this...)


We were supposed to have hoverboards by now.
You have stolen my childhood and my dreams.
How dare you!

Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 7:30PM MST
PS: Adam, is there a .gif out there with her bobbing her head around to "I dare you, sucka!".

No, please, don't spend an hour on the web! It's getting late.
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 7:28PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, Southern whites got screwed by Federal overreach and all white by the evisceration of the Constitution via the Civil Rites laws (about finished with that "The Age of Entitlement", Mr. Hail). Yep, I guess it's all been about cheap labor and privatizing the profits and socializing the losses.

Mr. Ganderson, I've got an old post "It's more fun, being an illegal alien". I love the Phil Collins tune but didn't care for the lyrics.

Regarding Ann Coulter: Just for the record, again, I think, her 2 remaining pieces of stupidity (OK, stuff I don't agree with) are her support for Affirmative Action and some rant a year or so back about "the pot". Then she went a bit overboard on the Capitol Gang. She is a really solid Libertarian/Conservative, but my memory says 20 years back she was more of a GOPe. That agrees with Mr. Hail's take, I think.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 3:28PM MST
PS: Good evening...

How dare you!

Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 5:52AM MST

Mr. Moderator, Yes Steve Sailer linked to, and even kindly commented at, the Robin DiAngelo biographical article last summer.

The article has gotten a lot of traffic the past few weeks; the DiAngelo triumph-arc continues. She is an avatar of the age.

If anyone sees this and doesn't know what it refers to:

"Who Radicalized Robin DiAngelo?" (July/Aug. 2020)

I resolved, at some point back there in the 2010s, to reorient "Hail To You" to host long-form original-research work, which necessarily limited my own writing.

When I wrote that material on DiAngelo she was had just broken into the mainstream for the first time (all of a sudden in early June 2020, aligned precisely with the George Floyd Riots), but almost nothing was known on her. A perfect market-niche to fill. I believe my article there was the most comprehensive biographical portrait of her ever published to date, and wish I could've gotten it out earlier but was busier than usual. (Most of the best material came from her husband's public blog which I somehow found and which he took down not long after, though many of its pages survive at
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 5:36AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I didn't remember while I wrote this post, but, when you brought it up, I remembered that I'd read your "Who Lost California?", maybe twice even.

I cannot remember if I first read your site for a Kung Flu Panic article and then read some more, or if it was for those 2 Robin DiAngelo posts first. Either way, I've read a lot on there. I will put a link in to your California article post haste.

BTW, that Robin DiAngelo piece of work (to be kind) is big now. I figure you may not read there, but Steve Sailer had some post recently in which she was the star anti-white grievance-monger - she has made the big time. I wish I'd thought to let you know so you could have filled people in on her, but if you quit that site cold turkey, I understand.
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 4:52AM MST

On Ann Coulter --

(Sorry, Mr. Moderator, as the following is definitely tangential to the OP and long. But still on-theme. I want to record this somewhere firmly to text as I've just noticed it and maybe for future use or reference in some form.)

Late-1990s/early-2000s Coulter and late-2010s/early-2020s Coulter are NOT recognizably the same person, except in appearance.

Something I've noticed today and will record here:

Coulter's Twitter followership has collapsed, and she herself could end up banned; most of those being banned are banned for less. It would be a strange new twist in her path in US political life, which is now in its twenty-fourth year. She blazed into fame and in-system prestige in the old media environment and as a Young Female 1990s Culture Warrior (when she was in her thirties), Clinton-hater extraordinaire, book-writer, column-writer.

She became active on Twitter beginning in the mid-2010s. I see via that eight years ago, in March 2013, she had 320,000 followers, a small sample of her millions of legitimate fans of her books and columns and media commentary (today she is more often on British TV than US TV, a ban being enforced against her including by right-wing gatekeeper FOX). Then she was up to 610,000 followers by June 2015 on the fateful day when Donald Trump declared he was running for president. It is well known that was running with a platform almost lifted from her ADIOS AMERICA book, then recently published, but the criticism that he was a demagogue is probably valid (i.e., he didn't care about the core issues as much as his inflammatory rhetoric would have it), which is why she eventually broke with him.

Coulter's big jump in popularity in Twitter-follower tems is only after the Trump/MAGA movement began, doubling and then almost doubling again. She crossed the 2,000,000 mark in total Twitter followers in mid-2018. This despite occasional waves of bans throughout 2016-2020 often targeting people likely to follow her, with a high total digital body-count all put together. She peaked at over 2,200,000 Twitter followers in 2020. I a no-ban world, I imagine she could have been easily over 3m by 2020.

Now the latest "purge" is underway at Twitter, this one particular bold and impressive in its scope. It is proceeding from previous waves of bans which started after the Trump vs. Biden election and which sped up after the Jan 6 "Trump riot." A lot of the biggest right-wing accounts have disappeared, including some that have been in private mode for weeks or months, which says to me there must be a "Hit List" and they (effectively, our commissars) are sweeping through it. Just as the NKVD swept through lists of their own kind in countries they occupied in the Stalinist.

Coulter herself is today down to 1,900,000, from the peak of over 2,200,000. It suggests Twitter has banned up to 20% of Coulter's followers over the past months alone. This is a large-sample confirmation of follower-losses experienced by many similar US right-wing accounts in the past few months.

Ann Coulter's Twitter followership:

2,220,000 original followers on Election Day 2020
-450,000 original followers banned since then
+150,000 new followers gained since then
= 1,900,000 followers today

-- circa -20% of original followers banned
-- circa +7% new followers gained (including some of the original banned)
---> NET LOSS = -13%

Since the number of right-wing US twitter users is around 20m (or estimated 70m total users), losses at this scale mean the bans are now very likely in the MILLIONS.

What's sad and humbling about the scope of these political purges is that ALL content any of these banned people ever put into twitter is gone forever, deleted, with only fragments surviving, saved of people who took screenshots or repasted content in text form. This represents a major loss of content. But, then, some people automatically set their tweets to auto-delete after a week or a month or something.

It's a strange platform, Twitter, and one not really healthy for discourse. It's possible we would be better off with the Uganda solution of banning Twitter for political interference a few weeks ago.

The era of several "internets" approaches? The big players, "platforms," become too political and end up divided by nation. The survivors of the storm may well be the blogs like this one. I hope the comments survive.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 1:05AM MST
PS Mr. Hail - I came to the conclusion after her grass-roots Tea-Party engagement, that Ann Coulter was real (the many speeches she gave tirelessly).
She is at times Almost Perfect in her writing.

(Ok - the Allman Brothers play along again, I admit it).
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 12:17AM MST

"Are the newcomers going to take care of the place the way the White Californians have? Not as far as the environment goes. Most of the newcomers don't have the same respect for the land. In an infrastructure sense, perhaps things can be kept running. How about in a sense of a unified high-trust society? Nah."

Will be interesting to see what the Census Bureau pegs as the White population of California in 2020 when they get around to releasing that info (it should have preliminarily been released already but is delayed).

Much ink and digital-ink has been, and can be, splashed on pages and screens on the California Decline Question. California is pretty obviously a cautionary tale, but one which seems really seldom made in respectable circles compared to its importance (made only by Ann Coulter and a few others, though identifying who these are just begs the question of what Respectable means. Coulter for her part is only respectable today, if she is, for having been 'grandfathered-in' to respectability from her Hardcore Republican Loyalist, Cheerleader, 'Liberal'-Basher days. Coulter certainly would have been crushed and professionally smothered-in-the-cradle had she come out with the same positions from the start as she has was exclaiming in the 2010s and now 2020s).

BUT, for all the words that could be written, analyses that could be done, narrative portraits that could be woven, it may all come back to one, single graph, and that graph is this:

I made this graph, as one exactly like it did not otherwise exist, for an essay I titled:

“Who Lost California?” The ‘When,’ the ‘Who,’ and the ‘Why’ of California’s Decline from Midwest-on-the-Pacific to Brazil-on-the-Pacific.

The essay attempts to approach the question, interesting certainly to me, of the "tipping point" of California. The California-Rubicon. The point AFTER which it was "lost" but BEFORE which it could be "saved." Obviously that is no exact science, and the purpose of the journey, like many journeys, is more the findings along the way than the final destination.

(If I were being paid to do it, I'd try to make graphs for different age ranges, which would provide us a better picture of tipping-points. The point at which babies born to two European-Christian-origin parents became a minority would be of interest. The exact crossover points will vary but all basically follow the same pattern as in the graph at ).
Big YT He A Cracka
Monday - March 1st 2021 10:10PM MST
PS So the big bad ruff n' tuff race who invented everything from twerking to physics just loves them some mommygov bully big brother to hide behind and rallies to every face mask and imperial edict while clamoring for the everybody is supposed to help socialism?
Color me not impressed.
Monday - March 1st 2021 4:12PM MST
PS. Howie Carr is fond of saying that if he gets in a jam, he just wants to be treated like an illegal alien.
Monday - March 1st 2021 2:27PM MST
PS They weren’t importing them to keep the blacks under control. Whites were doing a very good job of that pre-1954. I don’t remember the “N***** Don’t Let the Sun Set on You Here” sign at the village limits of the town just to the east, but my parents did. Even without the sign, the place was n*****-free when I was young.The same folks who loosed the n****** on us were the ones that loosed the Third World invaders on us. Some did it for cheap labor, others because they saw them as the path to permanent political power. The great and the good shouted down anyone who spoke up for themselves, to say nothing of standing up for themselves. Now they’ve won. The republic that our ancestors built is a shambles. Any ordinary working white American younger than I am is screwed.
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