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Posted On: Tuesday - February 23rd 2021 7:13PM MST
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NOTE: This post and a few more to come will be partially taken from things I've written in the comments under E.H. Hail's recent blogpost On the lack of high-profile opinion-leaders for the Corona Anti-Panic side: Why? Peering into “Covid” as social phenomenon. If it seems too familiar, sorry 'bout that - we'll be mixing in plenty of other stuff.

"Remember, remember, the 'tards of September!"

Until about a year ago the phrase "when the masks come off" or "they're taking off the masks now" was said figuratively, as an idiom, one might say, not unless it was the odd example of a hospital tech being told when it's OK to come into the operating room. We all know that it means the time when our enemies stop playing coy games to hide their intentions. They figure they've got things set up and they've got the numbers they need, to win. There's no more value in hiding their intentions.

I would say the masks have come off the ctrl-left in America over the last 1/2 a year, especially since their CheatFest ended successfully and they have control of the high levels of the US Feral Gov't. (They've had the lower levels for quite a while already.). See, now I mean that figuratively, while literally (I mean actually literally, not figuratively literally, as per Millennial talk), the masks have come ON for most people over the last year.

Those BLM thug looters and their antifa Commie cohorts and enablers put on face masks for anonymity. That worked damn well for them, as if it were planned, in fact*, If those peaceful riots had been happening only half a year earlier, it would still have been evident to most people that one's wearing a face mask meant he was up to something** What timing! Now one can safely argue that he is doing his duty to fight the Kung Flu, and maybe it's even the law TO wear one, OUTSIDE, for cryin' out loud.

The face diaper madness has been the most common detailed subject matter discussed here on Peak Stupidity over the last year, and that will continue until morale improves ... which ought to occur about the time Dr. Anthony Fauci is unmasked for his long dirt nap. There's an aspect of it that I somehow missed until recently, well after the Capitol Gang festivities of the past January 6th. Maybe it's just because I don't watch any TV and avoid the Lyin' Press sites like yahoo, etc. too. A reader could inform me in the comments if I've missed this, but I have seen nothing referenced on the news/opinion sites I do read.

The Anarcho-Tyranny we are living under unmasked itself [Enough!! - Ed.], as it's been obvious to everyone that the Capitol Gang has been treated by the Law, rhetoric of the politicians, and the Lyin' Press in a completely different manner from the BLM/antifa. This hypocrisy abounds and the ctrl-left doesn't care that we see it. What I haven't seen written about, or heard being said, is anything at all about the Capitol gang having mostly been unmasked there in the chambers of Congress. These guys were running around, hanging out, putting their feet on desks of the anointed, and all kind of mean and nasty things, spreading COVID-one-niner germs everywhere they went!

Nancy Pelosi unleashed unmasked:

If the Blue squad and ctrl-left top people REALLY believed that this Kung Flu is pretty much the Black Plague 2.0, wouldn't they have been screaming through their non-woven material about all that germ spreading? The place should have been LOCKDOWNED, not just to save Nancy Pelosi and crew from these mean unarmed horned tattooed guys, but to CONTAIN this virus, dammit! Come in with a National Guard "water buffalo" full of disinfectant, drop cases of wipes out of Blackhawks, hell maybe napalming the place would have been prudent.*** "I love the smell of napalm in the Capitol, any time of day... smells like ... victory."

I haven't read or heard thing one about the spreading of the Kung Flu by the Capitol Gang. What I believe is that, at the high levels, even the high-functioning imbeciles of the ctrl-left aren't really scared of this virus. It's a great distraction and a great tool for them when they need it. The January 6th events got turned into the next big narrative against us. That narrative is "INSURRECTION AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!" That one Trumps, if you'll excuse me, even the Kung Flu PanicFest. Of course, that card is still there to be played, when its time comes.

* I dunno. That's a subject for another post.

** It's another point I disagree with Steve Sailer on. He had always maintained (well before this Kung Flu) that laws against wearing face masks in public should be enforced. As a Libertarian, and especially in the age of ubiquitous cameras, I strongly disagree.

*** There's PLENTY of money to build a new Capitol. It's like one day's worth of border wall money, which is like 10 minutes of normal spending, or something ...

Saturday - February 27th 2021 11:17AM MST
PS: Because I have frequent posts on here, one thing I quite doing early on, Mr. Hail, is linking forward. (I mean linking in older posts to newer ones.) For things like the "Morning Constitutional" series on Amendments, It'd just get tedious.

No doubt we need a search function. I look in Topic Keys to find old ones that I want to link to. Usually this works, and, hell, I'm the one who write them(!), but otherwise I go to the dBase. I appreciate your putting the link in here though.
Saturday - February 27th 2021 12:16AM MST


The Alarmist
Friday - February 26th 2021 6:43AM MST

I’m sure a lot of folks thought that things would be much better once they got beyond 1932, and they were finally proven right somewhere around 1950 or so.
Thursday - February 25th 2021 12:57PM MST
PS ]

Mr. Moderator:

"I thought '21 was going to be better."

George Templeton Strong summed it up back in 1861:

"Poor old 1861 just going. It has been a gloomy year of trouble and disaster. I should be glad of its departure, were in not that 1862 is likely to be no better. But we must take what is coming..."
Adam Smith
Thursday - February 25th 2021 9:37AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

"I thought '21 was going to be better."

As Mr. Blanc might remind us...
Rosenberg’s Rule: Everything always gets worse.

I too haven't heard any major outrage (fake or not) from the pols and mainstream Lyin' Press, probably because (like you) I do not have a TV and I don't believe the Lyin' Press. My wife does watch The Nightly News with Lester Holt many a morning. It's some of the only mainstream propaganda we see. Much of what I read in the regime media is nauseating. It's like these "news" people live on a different planet than I do.





Thursday - February 25th 2021 7:44AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, it's good to be King, errr, Mayor. Perhaps the underlings are just tired of Fat Boy's bad breath is all.

Alarmist, at the car wash, not less? Haha, people are compliant around here, but, OTOH, they don't go for confrontation too much either. I've related my stories already.

If this new strain can come in under the PCR tests, than all that int'l airline travel stuff going on is a real waste of time, effort and worry (the latter on the passenger's part). You must test negatory within 2 hours of getting on the plane, or an ambulance will come and take you out to the front of the terminal ... where you can, I dunno, get an uber ride, cross your fingers, and come back for tomorrow's flight ... Hopefully, the ambulance charges aren't direct - just paid by other passengers indirectly or the taxpayers, the usual.
Thursday - February 25th 2021 7:38AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, I just haven't heard any major outrage (fake or not) from the pols and mainstream Lyin' Press (I'd figure iSteve or VDare would have had something on this. I think it's just a matter of them having a great narrative of this attempted takeover of the United States going. Were I an advisor to these people, I'd tell them right now: "hey, say 'superspreaders', keep saying 'superspreaders' - come out with lists of hospitalized congressmen."

I read most of your links on the Capitol Gang side. Thanks. A couple of things I noticed - firstly none that I noticed had comment sections. Geee, wonder why.. Secondly, that "Fortune" magazine hard-core ctrl-left article just drives home the point that Big Biz is far left now. I couldn't believe the shit they published there.

I couldn't get myself to go to slate or cnn. On the AP one, holy crap! The Congressmen and ladies were "huddled", just huddled in little rooms, so you know... Man, if they hadn't have been pussies about it, and just had nice friendly talks with the decent people of the Capitol Gang, maybe they wouldn't have gotten infected. Now, they've got rules with fines and threats of being hauled away by the Sergeant-at-Arms for not masking up

I thought '21 was going to be better.
Thursday - February 25th 2021 7:07AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, your point is indeed a different one, and a good one. There's a reason these "insurrectionists" (yeah right) weren't wearing masks. Most are just as sick of the mask mandating as with everything else. They also were out in the fresh air, so common sense rather than compliance is a factor here . I have never worn a mask outside, myself, either.

That does not detract from your point that if they were truly up to some evil planned coup attempt, wearing face masks at this time in history would be a no-brainer.

I may add your point onto another post or make a separate one about it. Thanks.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - February 24th 2021 1:45PM MST

BTW, did you see there is a “new” strain identified in Finland, and it is so devious it can avoid detection by some of the PCR tests?
The Alarmist
Wednesday - February 24th 2021 1:41PM MST

I rolled up to my local car wash today, and they had a sign telling me I had an obligation to wear a mask. For once I had totally forgotten to bring one along, but there was literally no backing out with five cars behind me, so I just rolled with it. The masked cashier behind the plexiglass said nothing about my lack of a mask, and cheerfully took my money. As I rolled on, everybody in the queue in front of me was masked as they were about to go through the wash, mostly solo. You’d think they’d at least drop the mask once they had ended the personal interaction, but people in these parts of the EU are generally cucked and genuinely scared thanks to the official media.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - February 24th 2021 11:01AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

"What I haven't seen written about, or heard being said, is anything at all about the Capitol gang having mostly been unmasked there in the chambers of Congress..."









Unlike the 93% peaceful BLM protests (which definitely did not spread the most sinister of viruses) the Trump incited insurrection on our glorious and hallowed Capitol by evil domestic terrorists was a dangerous superspreader event...





Psychologically, face diapers are known to cause disinhibition in those who wear them...


Wednesday - February 24th 2021 9:20AM MST

"What timing! Now one can safely argue that he is doing his duty to fight the Kung Flu, and maybe it's even the law TO wear one, OUTSIDE, for cryin' out loud."

The normalization of mask-wearing definitely contributed to the mid-2020 protests and riots. Masks in public was something previously known as attire for bank-robbers, gang members trying to look cool, or anarchists who have recently handled molotov cocktails. (I've known one or two year-round heavy bicyclists who swear by ski-masks for the coldest days of winter, so maybe they could count too.)

Your point about them deemphasizing Corona in the Capitol Riot narrative-drumbeating is correct. I noticed something slightly different.

If it were an "insurrection," and especially given the ubiquity of masks, you'd think many would wear masks. (It doesn't hurt that it's literally the law to wear them outdoors, under a theoretical $1000 penalty as ordered by the typical big-blue-machine DC local government). But almost none were wearing masks.

Clearly they did not thing they were doing anything illegal, or even near the borderline of illegality, or they'd have taken basic steps to conceal their faces. Many were probably against masks on principle, others may have believed 'Covid' was kind of a giant scam to get Trump, others just didn't care and didn't think they were comfortable/breathable for vigorous activity such as marching and protesting.

This is a different angle to the No Masks at Capitol Protest observation than the one you discuss here because it shows the protestors' motivations; No Masks = No Insurrection. (As if this point even has to be proven, but that is good proof of intent.)

The whole Corona-Panic was sidelined and the Regime-Media apparatus shifted hard to something novel (riot! insurrection! deadly Trump maniacs defile sacred temple of democracy!) and not the tired old virus, which they could always pump up again later.
Wednesday - February 24th 2021 8:51AM MST
PS Front page pic in today’s Chicago Tribune: Governor Fat Boy, maskless, whilst surrounded by masked underlings.
Wednesday - February 24th 2021 5:08AM MST
PS: Dieter, thanks for the plug in the iSteve comments section. It's hard to grab a link, without already knowing a teensy bit of HTML. (Adam Smith, software WHIZ, can explain.)

You've probably gathered from this site, if you read a lot, that the kids where I live must wear face masks throughout the school day, except while eating lunch. That means recess, OUTSIDE.. AND staying 6 ft. apart while wearing them! Tag is out, unless the teacher is around the corner. My elementary school boy has picked up a real rebellious spirit lately... nature and nurture, working together at it.
Wednesday - February 24th 2021 5:05AM MST
PS. Indeed, Czar, the 2nd Coming, or 2nd strain, is already being used as a political tool, as per the Bai Dien admininstration v my man Governor DeSantis of Florida.

"Communism built back worse" - I'm gonna use that, No charge, I hope??
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - February 24th 2021 2:25AM MST

Sweden intensifies the wearing of masks


But: Still no masks for kids during classes - just like in Switzerland.

Historic Magic Soil Czar
Tuesday - February 23rd 2021 7:49PM MST
PS Kabuki mask-er-rade can't go on forever?
They will release the really potent lethal strain if the comrades don't straighten up and fly right.
This means all deplorable kulak untermenschen scum whitey crackas.
Unity (conformity) and like it for the collective leap forward as communism gets built back even worse.
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