The United Asterisked College Fund

Posted On: Tuesday - February 23rd 2021 7:45AM MST
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Disclaimer: Straight off of VDare article linked-to blow. Peak Stupidity has no idea who the tweeters and tweetees are. We don't care. The whole thing is stupid.

If you can't even mention the word "nigger", as we discussed recently in Cancelling the Cancellers, then can't "negro" be used in some situations? How about for black crayons ... in a Crayola set made for the Latin American market...? No? Still no?

I know what the proper description is for people is, "Black" with a capital "B", right? "Afro-American"? "Colored"? "African-American People of Color"? That sure takes a while, so I'll just use that when I have ctrl keys handy to cut/paste it from somewhere.

Peak Stupidity is just the messenger here, as the image above is straight from a John Derbyshire VDare post titled Woman Of Color Cancelled For Saying "Negro". What had triggered somebody was the phrase "house nigger". That's a derogatory term meaning "acting too white" that can only be used by Colored people about other Afro-American people. However, someone got triggered, so the whole class has to go to detent... errr, we need to all tweet back to stop this behavior, errr, behaviour, these are British kooks here, not our own.

Yeah, but people, the word "Negro" is still used in a lot of places. I wonder if all you zombies tweeters have thought through this a little bit. I see a costly problem right off the bat, involving changing the name of a beloved American institution (at least we love to make fun of the TV commercials):

The United Asterisked College Fund - special ASCII characters are a terrible thing to waste.

Boy, that was a long set-up just for that lame-ass joke, huh? I also think that the single byte (256 bit) character set allows for quite a few anyway, and we need not worry. Maybe some computer guys here could tell me if the world has updated to 2 bytes. Man, that would cover anything the world could think of for a long time.

So for all muh N*****os reading today: Here, knock yourselves out:
and if you're planning to write a grievance novel for me to review, here!:

Thursday - February 25th 2021 8:10AM MST
PS Thanks, G.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - February 24th 2021 10:39AM MST
PS: 🏎️ There was a 15 car pile-up on the Nigger 500... 500

Wednesday - February 24th 2021 9:19AM MST
“Mr Blanc.” Damned autocorrect!
Wednesday - February 24th 2021 9:17AM MST

Mr. Blank- the bowdlerized version is “The African American 500”
Adam Smith
Wednesday - February 24th 2021 9:02AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

And all this time I thought "House Negro" was a compliment.

""Black" with a capital "B", right?"...

Reverential capitalization alone is not anti-racist enough so I've been putting an exclamation point on Black! because it seems more vibrant that way...

"Weaved Americans" is pretty good. Bonus points for originality.

I like jigaboo. Pickaninny for the nigglets.

The africans in America sure have gotten uppity.

Wednesday - February 24th 2021 8:47AM MST
PS Ganderson: I can come up with some possibilities, but I’d really like to know the actuality.
Trotsky's Icepick
Tuesday - February 23rd 2021 7:52PM MST
PS Leon Trotsky came up with racism in order to destroy the West.
Democracy is just the Petri dish for Marxism and utopia is not on the menu from comrade Karl the 19th century German bum.
Tuesday - February 23rd 2021 2:37PM MST
Mr. Blanc: In my short time as a resident of DuPage County in the late 70's the firemen who worked for us (we were a wholesale florist- the firemen worked as drivers on their days off) had a term for the Dan Ryan Expressway that was offensive then, and now it's REALLY offensive.
Tuesday - February 23rd 2021 2:33PM MST
NatLamp to the rescue:
The Alarmist
Tuesday - February 23rd 2021 12:58PM MST

Well, you know what Fabolous sez ...
Tuesday - February 23rd 2021 12:03PM MST
PS: I just can't keep up with them, Mr. Blanc. I thought that Afro American was not one of the best choices they ever made, as who wants to be known as a race purely based on his hair style? Even in those days, there were a few Afro Americans that didn't sport Afro's.

How about "Weaved Americans" now?
Tuesday - February 23rd 2021 9:08AM MST
PS “Negro” was the polite term tor them when I was a youth. “Colored” was also acceptable, but a bit old-fashioned. Then “black” was made de rigeur by the, um, whatevers, themselves, and the other terms became proscribed, much as the, um, “N-word” had been. When I got to college in the mid-1960s, the edgy, white crowd that I fell in with preferred “spade” or “shine”. “Jigs” or “jigaboos” were still understood, but known to be not polite. I often use “Negro” when I wish to be provocative, and the dreaded word if I’m spoiling for a fight.
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