Hotel Haiti - Conclusion

Posted On: Thursday - February 18th 2021 1:24PM MST
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(Continued from the Introduction, on Competence, and on Caring.)

When you import the 3rd world, or even when you simply grow the 3rd world portion of the population, your country will become 3rd world. I don't know about the readers here, but it's not happening too slowly for me to notice.

If you can keep the competent and caring White People in the jobs for which these qualities are necessary, than you can keep things running more 1st-world-like. In the hotel business, having White People people in management and maintenance jobs is important if you don't want that "3rd-world feel". It's too bad we are all being told over and over that all races and ethnicities have the same intelligence, skills, and abilities, ... errr, except for in basketball.

Yeah, and you're going to want to have plenty of white or Oriental customers too, BTW, to balance out the costs due to uncaring customers of other types.

What's the way out? It'd have to be a hard-core immigration moratorium right now, along with expulsions of anyone who can Constitutionally BE expelled, and a complete turn-about in the AA, racial grievance, wokeness "industries". That wasn't going to happen even with Trump, and it sure as hell ain't gonna' happen during the reign of Zhou Bai Dien and the Superspreader.

"Hello, 3rd World! Yeah, what do you got for a small family on the weekend of the 17th through 19th? One of those rooms where everything works right... yeah, and no loud screaming and banging after 10 or so... safe to go in the pool .... Hello, 3rd World, are we reaching?...."

Haha! This is no photoshop job (minus the cropping) or Drudge-style juxtaposition:

Yeah, top 10 hotels in Port au Prince. I'll go for the Motel 6 in Cedar Rapids in 1975, thank you very much.

Just outside the hotel - not your Granddaddy's Waldorf Astoria:

Yiddish Zen Koan
Saturday - February 20th 2021 9:02PM MST
PS “Real-world math” is valued over math in the real world."Zhou+Bai+Dien+and+the+Superspreader"
Thursday - February 18th 2021 4:35PM MST
PS A moratorium is necessary, but not sufficient. And expelling all those who can be “constitutionally” expelled would be insufficient. All nonwhites, or even all whom come here since 1965, is what would be required to have a chance of restoring the status quo ante. The 1789 Constitution is a dead letter and had been for a long time. Our enemies don’t consider themselves constrained by it. We hobble ourselves if we allow ourselves to be constrained by it. Not that I’m expecting any if that to happen.
Thursday - February 18th 2021 2:23PM MST
Weirdly, or not, the richest man in Haiti is a Jew.
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