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Posted On: Wednesday - February 17th 2021 7:36PM MST
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(Continued from the Introduction and on Competence.)

This one is pretty clear cut. When it comes to giving a damn, black people are simply at the bottom end of the scale, I mean way on down there. In the service industry, I've written before that this trait can sometimes be a benefit. In our post For want of a washer - Part 2, we mentioned that, with a black cashier, it's a lot easier to get out of the Big-Box home supply store (the grocery store as well), when some unmarked item doesn't need a price check. "Whatever, I'll just type something in" is the attitude of the black cashier often.

This quick series is about hotels though. As I wrote, having some gregarious happy people up front is a good thing, until real thinking needs to be done. It takes thinking, and also actual caring about whether the customer gets good service or an accurate bill to keep the place going. That's a bridge too far for many of the black staff.

When it comes to maintenance too, mechanical skills are needed, but along with it, the caring about whether the job is done right. Sure, you can kluge up this faucet handle on the sink ("yeah, it pretty much works now") and hope that this guest doesn't have a problem and probably you won't be on shift the next time it happens to break. The white guy fixing it may actually have take pride in using the right parts and materials so that there are no more calls from this room about the sink. He may even fix up a few other small items that may break later.

Back to the front desk and manager types, it's really about whether these employees can see the big picture. I'm not saying that many of them actually calculate out how much their doing things right will help the hotel stay in business. They may not even be aware they are thinking this way, but subconsciously, people with a good work ethic know that if everyone is an uncaring slouch, the place just may not stay in business.* I swear that most black people just don't seem to get this.

Let me get to the customers here. This uncaring attitude goes both ways. If hotel guests constantly tear stuff up, purposefully or not, the place will lose money and also may go out of business. I can't be the only one who tries to take it easy on the sink handles, not scratch the furniture, and even use only the towels I really need (not to "save the planet", mind you, but just so not to be wasteful - see Green is the new cheap-ass).

I imagine most Peak Stupidity readers own, or have owned, their own house at some point. When you do, you make a big effort not to ruin your place and your furnishings. There's definitely a point to be made that people generally don't treat rental property as they do their own. Sure, you may try to be careful, but if the hardwood floor gets scratched, you don't lose sleep over it. This is a human nature (and one of the reason Socialism doesn't work so well). I'm sure it's present in all races. However, those who care the least do more of the damage.

No, I don't have statistics on this. I'm not a statistician - I'm just a country polemist, Jim! Nobody else does either, or they'd sure better not publish it. I've just seen the aftermath of some black guests' stays, and I know people. "It's 90 bucks for this room. We can treat it however we want!" They will not understand that a 2-hour maintenance call for that faucet handle they cranked on really hard, more time spent by housekeeping, and some scratched furniture that will have to get replaced more often can make their stays not pay off for the hotel. Black guests are just hard on things.

Employees or guests, they just don't care very much.

* That's not to mention the other aspect of a good work ethic - it's just plain who we are.

Fundamental Transformation
Thursday - February 18th 2021 8:26AM MST
PS Dat's wayciss! Garbage everywhere, run down homes, unkempt yards, clown cars with rock concert decibel pumping stereos and children out playing at 1AM with barbecues going is cultural enrichment, comrade.
Comrade Kommissar Xi Biden is studying reparations courtesy of Sheila Jackson Lee (CPUSA) but it won't be needed as the "historic" Indian/Jamaican African American the Kamal will build the Wakanda.
She is talking with world leaders now (Macron, Justine Trudeau) so the charade didn't even last until the mid term (s)elections.
The Alarmist
Thursday - February 18th 2021 4:33AM MST

You should try staying in places where the rack-rate starts at $250.

Scott Adams recently beat it to the Four Seasons in Bora Bora, and I though, “Cool, I could use a break like that from GITMO Western Europe,” but the prices that week were in the thousands per night, so StayCation it was. Maybe I should use the time to fixes the scratches in the hardwood floors I own... Shit happens, even when you are careful.
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