The Battering of Sick Nick

Posted On: Tuesday - February 16th 2021 8:02AM MST
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Before I write anymore, let me just say that the title here was not written to disparage the Capitol cop Brian Sicknick, who died a day after the protesting and rioting on January 6th. From what I've read in the comments under Steve Sailer's R.I.P. post on the guy, he sounds like a guy I would have liked. He was a Trump supporter, in fact, but I especially like that he was a fan of Reno 911, a favorite of mine from way back that I'd about forgotten about.

No, it's just that this cop died from being sick, not from being "battered" with a fire extinguisher. It wasn't the COVID-one-niner that got him, though I suppose the coroner could be persuaded it was after the fact. Gotta keep those numbers up, but right now this death was needed for other narratives more pressing. Mr. Sicknick had some heart problems. That doesn't make him "sick" in the common usage of the word, but doctors talk about "heart disease", do they not? Not all sicknesses involve germs. Hey, but I'm no doctor, I don't play one on TV, and I don't even play a coroner on TV, cause, how many TV shows will people watch about coroners? (Just the one, Quincy, was it?)

The guy shown below, whom I'm sure has been ID'd by now, threw that fire extinguisher at the cops gathered on the other side of a low retaining wall.

Armed "insurrectionists" don't NEED to pick up fire extinguishers.

The assailant threw this firex at the cops because it was handy, and this was a riot. In the video pasted below one can see this this rioter clearly throw it at the cops. It was not specifically directed at Mr. Sicknick, which may sound like it's irrelevant, but not if this rioter is accused of "battery"*. Throwing stuff around is part of any riot, and those cops had their helmets, shields, the whole get-up. Shit is going to get thrown around in a riot purely by definition.

If this is the most egregious thing the Lyin’ Press has on the patriotic Capitol Gang, they’ve got nothing at all. They could have already seen what a real riot looks like, as they’ve had all last summer and fall (some is still on-going). Antifa Commies and black violent thug looters have had all manner of things in their hands, including guns, rocks, bike locks, batons, and, in the case in Charlottesville way back, even a spray can of flammable fluid used as a makeshift mini flame-thrower. (No, that guy didn't spent ONE NIGHT in jail, as did none of the violent people on the "right" side of the law there!)

The cops usually have all the great gear in a riot, compared to rioters, and there was no exception on January 6th. Besides those helmets and face shields, the cops had plexiglass 2 or 3 ft high hand-held shields too. They just didn't have them in place in time for this projectile. Certain people didn't duck, and I can't say I'd have done better. Peripheral vision only goes so far. There was no murder or manslaughter happening though. When you're in the middle a riot, shit happens. These guys were getting paid at least, while the rioters were the ones that pay their taxes ... to sometimes beat on them ... and what you can see right at the beginning of the video is that the rioters were trying to get the cops to stay back behind that wall. Was that too much to ask? I wasn't there - I don't know.

Because I don't take in the media narrative, I had not much of an idea until the Sailer post yesterday that the Lyin' Press has made this Capitol cop into a martyr deserving a big State funeral. Will we be lowering the flags? Are they even back up from the last whomever-the-hell-we-should-be-mourning-memorial (Juan McAmnesty? George H.W. Bush? Who knows?) I've read that the late Mr. Sicknick's family wanted no part in the turning of his death into a big political deal.

The firex hits a cop, supposedly Brian Sicknick:

One stupid idea I've read floated around is that this assailant killed Mr. Sicknick because the officer died a day later from his heart problems. I could easily believe that being in the riot and maybe taking a blow could exacerbate his condition. He may very well NOT have died for a long time after, had he not been there in that spot the previous day. It was his job though! What happened being a contributing factor to his early death does not make it a crime of murder, manslaughter, or anything like that.

Look, if 5 black thugs run after me for 2 blocks trying to rob or Polar Bear me, and I die of a heart attack due to the exertion, would they be accused of murder? That'd be stupid. It'd be my heart that stopped, unless those guys stopped it themselves with a blade or a 9mm diameter piece of lead.

I'm really sorry for Brian Sicknick and his family, because it sounds like he was a good guy. He didn't deserve to die, as he didn't deserve to have heart problems, as far as I can imagine.

The fact that Mr. Sicknick died just a day after** the Capitol Gang rioted invaded the People's House for a few hours does not make him a victim of those patriotic Americans. That narrative is just completely stupid, enough I think, to where most American can see that the Lyin' Press KNOWS Americans see the stupidity. (This is the subject of a recent John Derbyshire column - "Strategic Silence"—Ruling Class Knows We Know It’s Lying. and It DOESN’T CARE..) We at Peak Stupidity call it Anarcho-Tyranny of the media, just another branch of the US Feral Government.

Now, all that written, the American Greatness blog reports The New York Times Retracts the Sicknick Story . Oops:
The paper continued to revise its story within the body of the original January 8 story: “Law enforcement officials initially said Mr. Sicknick was struck with a fire extinguisher, but weeks later, police sources and investigators were at odds over whether he was hit. Medical experts have said he did not die of blunt force trauma, according to one law enforcement official.”

What’s missing, however, is how the Times first described what happened to Sicknick. “Mr. Sicknick, 42, an officer for the Capitol Police, died on Thursday from brain injuries he sustained after Trump loyalists who overtook the complex struck him in the head with a fire extinguisher, according to two law enforcement officials.”


Not only was the Times’ untrue story about Sicknick’s death accepted as fact by every news media organization from the Wall Street Journal to the Washington Post, political pundits on the NeverTrump Right also regurgitated the narrative that Sicknick was “murdered” as did lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

In an outrageous effort to create more favorable optics before the impeachment trial, House Democrats honored Sicknick in a rare memorial at the Capitol Rotunda on February 3. Joe Biden, in a statement issued after Donald Trump was acquitted Saturday afternoon, repeated the lie about Sicknick. “It was nearly two weeks ago that Jill and I paid our respects to Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who laid in honor in the Rotunda after losing his life protecting the Capitol from a riotous, violent mob on January 6, 2021.”
"...laid in honor at the Rotunda"! Man, they've been laying it on thick. I used the word "sick" at the top. I can say that what's really sick is the narrative being spread that makes me wonder if the USSR's Pravda could have been any worse than the NY Times and the rest of our Lyin' Press.

Here's the video (takes place in about 5 seconds):

PS: In the meantime, there’s still no story in the Lyin' Press, almost 6 weeks later, about who the black cop who MURDERED Ashley Babbit was. Maybe the NY Times could spend a little time on that story.

* In the legal sense, this probably is battery, as in "assault and battery", but not in the common use of the term that the public is hearing from the Lyin' Press. The guy was not over there beating Brian Sicknick over the head with that fire extinguisher or with anything else.

** He died Thursday evening, from what I've read, so that is something just over 24 hours later.

Wednesday - February 17th 2021 8:20PM MST
PS: Alarmist, I noticed that you wrote on iSteve that you went through law school. From that last post, you could make a great defense lawyer. I know you had me convinced - just some red thing, coulda been anything ...
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - February 17th 2021 7:13PM MST
PS - Mr. Hail wrote: "We've been unable to come to terms with the distorting effects the Internet has had on our discourse. It's a hard problem."

I add: Discourse is a hard problem. This is usually ignored (and ridiculed) but it is. And always was.
(Shy as I am (and a bit cruel too) I now hint at a two volume tome, which is often cited as proof that sociology and philosophy in the 20th century are just mindbogglingly trifling, empty and void = nefarious.
Well they sure are as long as you think that there lies no problem in discourses and the rationality of them. Uhh - not that I forget (fergit): The title of this tome: Theory of Communicative Action. Author: Jürgen Habermas.
If this sounds like a rather inconvenient way to say I agree with your idea, Mr Hail - I'd agree that yes, it is. But I really do.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - February 17th 2021 8:44AM MST

No need to change it ... I was just commenting on the technical aspects of a charge.

As for facts and evidence, we have video of someone appearing to throw something red, which might be a fire extinguisher, in the direction of people purported to be police, of whom Officer Sicknick may have been one of the several on camera. Not exactly an open-and-shut case.
Tuesday - February 16th 2021 9:45PM MST

RE: PeterIke,
"This whole nonsense cascade is kind of the USA writ large. An 'event' happens, the media spins it wildly out of proportion and often with outright lies, the Democrats attempt to cash in politically, "deplorables" (for want of a better term) are further demonized, social media amplifies it to 11. Rinse and repeat.

Unfortunately, with both the media and social media crowd, there is no such thing as outrage fatigue..."

Great comment!

I see two things happening with the whole "Capitol Riot" narrative (and I would dispute that 'riot' is a proper label for it) and the Brian Sicknick part of it specifically, which is a key to the whole quasi-fraud.

One is "Regime Media" pushing a line to serve its purposes. Another is the effect of the Internet and computing technology on discourse and even thinking.

People exist in a daze of reality-distortion impossible to achieve by the full-on coordinated efforts of Regime Media sans-Internet-technology alone.

We've been unable to come to terms with the distorting effects the Internet has had on our discourse. It's a hard problem.
Tuesday - February 16th 2021 9:39PM MST

The basic facts of the case were on the reliable rumor-mill already by the next day. Died of a medical condition; no apparent connection to the scuffles; not attacked by a protester or anyone else; possibly tear-gas inhalation exacerbating his condition; was a Trump supporter.

"Regime media" refused to report anything, all only repeating the single unsourced claim about the fire-extinguisher, which traced to a New York Times reporter, who may have made it up (no source given).


I wonder how many deaths of police there were ___ the mid-2020 protests/riots?

(insert your preferred term in the ____ blank, to fit with whatever level of narrative-massaging one wants; "in," "during," "from," "because of," maybe more possibilities).

Since a certain number of people die every week of natural causes or accidents, including police officers, and since hundreds of thousands (?) of police or other law enforcement were involved in some way in the disturbances of late May and June 2020 across the USA, we'd expect some deployed police to have died. Hell, as I recall there were a few police who were murdered outright, as in by gunshot, and still got minimal coverage. But by the standard used for the Brian Siknick case, it must have been many, many more.

You are right to draw a comparison with the Covid Death Count phenomenon, a similar urge in place. I don't think this kind of narrative would have worked in the pre-Internet years of media coverage, or at least not as easily/totally as what we witnessed over the past five weeks.
Tuesday - February 16th 2021 1:20PM MST
This whole nonsense cascade is kind of the USA writ large. An "event" happens, the media spins it wildly out of proportion and often with outright lies, the Democrats attempt to cash in politically, "deplorables" (for want of a better term) are further demonized, social media amplifies it to 11. Rinse and repeat.

Unfortunately, with both the media and social media crowd, there is no such thing as outrage fatigue, just like there's no such thing as heroin fatigue. You just always want to keep chasing that dragon for the next high.

In this case, however, as MBlanc notes, there will be real and very harsh consequences for the poor schlubs who went cosplaying around "The People's House" (was there ever a more Orwellian term?). Riot for BLM, burn buildings, attack cops, destroy businesses? No problem! Here's your wrist slap, go out and do it again. But THIS?? They are going to give 10+ years hard time to a few hundred basically political prisoners, just watch.

Tuesday - February 16th 2021 12:22PM MST
PS There are a couple of egregious errors in this piece. First, you are equating mostly peaceful protests over the murder of St George Floyd and a violent insurrection against Our Democracy! In the Peoples’ House, no less. That sort of thing can get you a lengthy spell in a re-education camp. Second, you appear to believe that it is the task of the NYT et al. to tell the public what happened. No, no, no, mon ami. Their job is to get the public so riled up that supporters of Donald Trump and other disreputables, also known as deplorables, can never show their faces in public again. And to provide ammunition for the heroic prosecutors to send the particular disreputables in question to prison for the rest of their miserable, hate-filled lives. You really need to get with the program, comrade. Nice little blog you’ve got here. It would be a shame if something happened to it.
Tuesday - February 16th 2021 11:04AM MST
PS: Alarmist, I may need to change my wording. I had meant to say (as per the example of a guy running away from thugs and dying of a heart attack right after) that if his heart condition was exacerbated by the stress induced by his being struck he shouldn't be charged. Stress with high blood pressure, etc. can be caused by all kinds of things.

I can see that if a blow to the head could be linked by a doctor or coroner to some aneurism or other medical condition that caused his death, yeah manslaughter. That'd be the dot-connecting that you wrote about. I would like to read more from you here before I change my wording.

Pounding a guy with one big hit with a fist can be murder, of course. If the guy dies a day later from another condition, exacerbated by the stress, then I don't see how.

Then there of course people who get beaten up, spend a few days, weeks, months or maybe years in the hospital before dying of those injuries, and of course those can result in murder/manslaughter charges. That stuff happens every day.

I appreciate your input. I'm no lawyer. I'll change this post if you figure I'm way off on this.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - February 16th 2021 8:44AM MST

@Mr. Mooderator said, “What happened being a contributing factor to his early death does not make it a crime of murder, manslaughter, or anything like that.”

Beg to differ. A reasonable person would be able to foresee the possibility of causing grievous bodily harm resulting from throwing a mid-sized fire extinguisher at others. If the cannister stuck Sicknick, and if a coroner could connect the dots to his death, a manslaughter conviction would be relatively easy to obtain. They’d probably charge murder too. The mere act of throwing the extinguisher would constitute assault. Convictions of average citizens, particularly anyone supporting Trump, are almost certainties in Federal Courts these days.
Golden Gauntlet
Tuesday - February 16th 2021 8:23AM MST
PS Just read about a cop in New Mexico killed by CPUSA death squads or cartel comrades. Where's the unity?
The CCP delivers opiate shipments with drones that are a direct copy our tech that they copy in the spirit of unity.
This one was released in California during the reign of comrade kommissarina Kamal the Indian/Jamaican African American.
He stormed the cops head on with pistols blazing and was turned into a good commie.
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