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Posted On: Friday - February 12th 2021 11:07PM MST
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She drinks a maple drink, she drinks a vodka drink,
she drinks a lager drink, she drinks a cider drink ...

In this final post on Tubmania, continued from here and here, we'll have to do this while the Peak Stupidity lawyers are away celebrating Black History Month down in the Cayman Islands. (There's something about company bidness too, so's they can write it off.) I didn't pass the bar yet myself, but I know enough to cover our asses here: Disclaimer: We at Peak Stupidity have no idea of whether enhancing US currency is legal or not.

It was fun when we were kids. We'd draw a joint hanging out of the mouth of historical figures in the history books and maybe sexual organs or devil horns or something. We could start defacing the Tubman Twenties right away, with mustaches, maybe some whips and chains, or, yeah, a joint hanging out of her mouth. Get creative. Cashiers and bank tellers still have still gotta take them - tell 'em that's the way you got the bills. There's plenty of plausible deniability to go around. I know, "we're grownups. I! GET! THAT! I'm just not taking this crap lying down.

They say ridicule works pretty well against Political Correctness and Totalitarians ... that and long guns, of course..

I know I'll hear that this is not the biggest issue in the world, compared to the immigration invasion and the China-controlled Bai Dien administration selling out the rest of our country to China and calling patriots "domestic terrorists". That's not to even mention the financial SHTF moment that is coming, like it or not. On these social issues, though, we just can't keep letting ourselves get pushed around and taken advantage of. My Dad really emphasized that for me as an individual, not letting myself get taken advantage of. It'd be great if White Americans collectively would take a little bit of my Dad's advice and quit letting themselves get pushed around. We've still got some control over this stuff.

How about a start here? Let's run this Harriet Tubman currency into the ground. A little Tubthumping is in order. We get knocked down, but we get up again, they're never gonna keep us down!

This song comes out of nowhere, and it seemed to come of of nowhere when it was first on the radio, in 1997. It's a weird one, at first seeming a little too much like rap to continue listening to. It gets good though, and I like that "Danny Boy" bit by the female singer stuck in there. I'd never heard another song by this British band Chumbawamba before that and never have since. It brings back memories of a single month, I'd guess November of 1997.

Mr. Anon
Sunday - February 14th 2021 6:49PM MST

Chumbawamba was a very woke band (avant le lettre). I believe their lead singer once said that being "anti-racist" was more important to them than making music, or some such.
Saturday - February 13th 2021 6:14PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, rock-music-wise, I think the Great Britain has punched WAY WAY above its weight class, if that's the way the phrase goes. Yeah, and the comedy, and the 1000 year history of rights and rule of law, but, other than all that, WHAT HAVE THE BRITS EVER DONE FOR US?!

Thank you for the Chumbawamba links, Mr. Smith. I read the 1st one so far. Yeah, you can't say THEY were sell-outs. The article is right that this was kind of a unique song.
Adam Smith
Saturday - February 13th 2021 9:46AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

New Labour sold out the dockers, just like they’ll sell out the rest of us...

Ridicule and laughter are the best medicine.

All the criminals masquerading as "government" deserve to be drenched with ice cold water... Repeatedly... Forever...

Saturday - February 13th 2021 6:27AM MST
PS. I’ve always been a bit of an anglophile- the Pythons, Reggie Perrin (which by the way, may be the funniest comedy ever) wonderful Victorian hymns, tweed (I know it’s Scottish, but...), the British invasion, etc etc...I’ll overlook the food, and the the fact that the English, the occasional Benedict Cumberbatch and Kate Beckinsale notwithstanding, are the homeliest people in Europe. Oh and that they are committing national suicide, just like two of my other favorite places, Sweden and Minnesota.

That song just sounds soooo English, Alt right ( or whatever we are calling ourselves) national anthem? Maybe we can get the NHL to play it before games...
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