Why is it always "Maskers, Maskers, Maskers"?!

Posted On: Thursday - February 4th 2021 8:46PM MST
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  Kung Flu Stupidity

This image is from Part 9 of our Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic series. Tough call, but I'd say she's cuter then even Marcia Brady. How can we be sure, though, with her face diaper on?

Besides fixating a whole lot on China, as we tried to explain recently (Part 1 and Part 2), Peak Stupidity has been fixating on the face masks, or face diapers as we like to call them, above all the rest of the Kung Flu Stupidity*. Our readers have actually gotten a reprieve for over a week on this subject, but WE'RE BAAAACK! We'll explain this fixation with the wearing of these face diapers, or, actually with the NOT WEARING of these.

You'll hear or read, from the hysterical folks at the park/store or from the hysterical commenters under the unz blog posts, respectively, that we who are dismissive of the face masks are the selfish ones. We just don't like 'em too much, you know, like some of us don't like pastel colored shirts or tube socks. If we would just get with the program and put on these items, we would be "keeping us all safe". If we'd only all comply, we'd be done with all this Kung Flu misery a lot quicker. It's a small price to pay, wearing this simple fashion accessory, and we are being selfish for making a big deal about it.

Needless to say, we at Peak Stupidity disagree wholeheartedly with that bullshit. Let us explain though:

1) We've heard so much contradictory information from the "experts" over the last year, including regarding these face masks, that lots of us feel like fools for having listened to any of it. Specifically, the masks were supposed to be worn for a few weeks or a month to "flatten the curve". Other than in a few places that most of us don't care about (NY City), there was no curve to flatten. The whole story has changed, and the timeline for the wearing of the masks has increased over 10 fold already, with no promise of an end to it. Furthermore, what happens with the next virus? Is wearing a mask over one's nose and mouth going to become the new normal? I don't want to go there.

2) These cloth or non-woven materials worn over the nose and mouth are not the same as handkerchiefs worn in the breast pocket for flair, or different style socks that we are not used to. These things impede breathing, one of the most important functions that keeps the human body running. They are not innocuous.

3) The fact that most Americans are acting like government has every right to make them do something to impede their breathing has caused me to lose any of the hope that I had that this place can remain something like a Constitutional Republic.

Selfish, my ass! We're the only ones willing to put up with fellow Americans freaking out around us, willing to put our jobs on the line, and will to be inconvenienced in order to fight against this blatant Totalitarianism. It's the people who meekly comply who are being selfish. They choose harmony, compliance, and convenience over making any effort to stop this Totalitarianism.

The enforcing of face mask rules are about COMPLIANCE. There's been lots more tyranny than the masks coming from this Kung Flu PanicFest. The LOCKDOWNS are the biggest, and of course they are worse fo the economy than the mask requirements. Wearing the face masks is the most visible signs of compliance though. Unless you have a serious, non-hysterical health concern, which I don't think most people really have, you are doing a great disservice to what's left of freedom in America by wearing your face diaper. You are showing that Americans will comply with ANYTHING.

So, Peak Stupidity will keep on with the anti-mask posting. Ridicule may be the best medicine for the Kung Flu.

* NOTE: We've added the first new Topic Key in a while, this Kung Flu Stupidity one. Things related have been given the Healthcare Stupidity key till now. Yes, I know, why the hell not do that a year ago? How did we know, though, that this would be such a big overblown PanicFest.

I'll get them all changed by the end of the day, and some ought to have the Healthcare Stupidity tag taken off, unless both apply.

Monday - February 8th 2021 1:02PM MST
PS: You guys will like this one: Doing some traveling, I had my own fruit to eat at the airport terminal food court. I got started eating a juicy peach (the kiwi was a mess too) and realized there were no napkins anywhere around, because the restaurants in that location were all closed. COVID-19, you know.

I had an extra face mask in my pocket, one of those defective ones made in one of our big trading-partner countries, that'd I'd used before in my pocket. A strap had pulled off, so I didn't need this one. The table was a mess, so I used this one to wipe it down, errr. clean. It was no Bounty quicker picker upper, but it was pretty damn absorbent, let me tell you. What happened to the COVID germies on the mask? Where are they now? Oh, crap... DON'T SUE ME, I OWN NOTHING!
Dieter Kief
Monday - February 8th 2021 12:26AM MST
PS - Mr. Anon -

- oh, how beautiful your idea is!
Now, if you could make this 'appen, you'd be the - by far - mentally strongest man ever on the moon (if you'd manage to be there, we could even proof that - but for now I'd just go with the counterfactual assumption of the obvious brilliance of your proposition, which I'd hold, would be clear to everybody right away anyhow - so: No lunatic - oh- , proof necessary "it oll" (q. e. d.).

Finis operis. Laus deo!
Mr. Anon
Sunday - February 7th 2021 7:48PM MST

@Dieter Kief

"As a symbol, Adams Smith, these masks are - multifaceted. They also represent science - and - Islam, hehe. - What else? - Bank-robbery and the wild west. Conspiracies. Sadism and masochism. Sexual deviance in general. Carnival. Surgery. - I'd rather go with this version of a broadband analytical approach of the masks, which includes your hints, Adam Smith, that would be 100 % clear to me.

If we could just meme into existence the notion that wearing masks is racist - the latest version of the "OK sign" - maybe we'd finally be rid of them.
Mr. Anon
Sunday - February 7th 2021 7:46PM MST

There was a great video on Twitter (Revolver News linked to it) of a guy standing outside in the snow on a cold day trying on various masks: cloth masks, surgical masks, N-95 masks, two masks. Because of the cold, his exhalation is visible. With all the masks there ends up being a big cloud of vapor around his head. The N-95 is better, but even with that, it isn't proof against all the vapor. That vapor is exactly what can and does carry virons from an infected person. That vapor doesn't just disappear; it lingers, spreads. If you're in a super-market, you're walking through a cloud of it all the time, you just can't see it.

It was a pretty good illustration of the futility of the mask-mania.
Adam Smith
Saturday - February 6th 2021 9:48PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone...

Mr. Ganderson, I'm happy to hear you found a silver lining!

Mr. Alarmist, thanks for the weather report, and, this antibody-dependent enhancement that you speak of sounds a little like this...


(I didn't watch the video, just read the page)

So the other day, about a week ago, I stopped by the foot hill grill (http://www.foothillgrill.com) to get a half a pound of fried chicken livers for lunch. (I was pickin' up, take out style.) All the waitresses were wearing face diapers. Zero customers were wearing face diapers. Zero. There must have been at least 40 of us, maybe 50 of us customers in there. Pickled in. Small restaurant packed. I thought about taking a picture for you guys, but my phone was in the car.

I should have taken a couple of pictures for you guys.

It looked so normal. (Except for the waitresses.)

Saturday - February 6th 2021 5:26PM MST
PS: That's "Bertha" on speed, Mr. G. Not sure if I've got time for the whole show at once, but it sounds great so far!
The Alarmist
Saturday - February 6th 2021 5:08PM MST

Flavia was muy calor in her day, but if you want something more recent ... for the weather, of course ... search youtube for ‘susana almeida 2021 Feb 05’ ....

Saturday - February 6th 2021 12:23PM MST
PS: On the spreading of this COVID-19 after vaccination, that's another thing I meant to put in my most recent post. It's getting just too stupid to follow. It's getting too stupid to care who did what.

The Principal called me to say my 3rd grader was EXPOSED. OMG! He can still come to school, though, just check for symptoms. (Like that doesn't make it easy for him to take a day off.) After all, with double layers of plexiglass and face masks on, even outside, 6 ft. apart. oh, and the kids having played together for months at the park with none of that shit .. I mean why did I even answer the phone? (Oh, yeah, I didn't know who it was on the line - that was the deal.)
Saturday - February 6th 2021 12:18PM MST
PS: Thanks for the great comments, everyone. I get highly discouraged by things too, Bill, but I sure hope your Cardio guy has nothing like that to say.

I have not checked out all your links yet, Adam, but I will need to. I still have a post coming on one of yours from nearly a month ago.

Mr. Ganderson, I've still got the girl Flavia giving me "el teimpo" every time I click on youtube, so I'm good, haha!

I appreciate your work for our cause, Alarmist. I do what I can too. It's great to run into people who will disarm themselves of their face masks as soon as I do.

Mr. Kief, I do see a lot more post ideas along those lines. Face masks have had various uses over the years. Just over a year ago, Mr. Steve Sailer was supporting the enforcement of laws that prohibit the wearing of face masks, such as the antifa people would do with the Guy Fawkes masks (totally missing the point, were the antifa). It's ironic, because I am not in favor of any such laws PROHIBITING face masks. This PanicFest and the new Facial Recognition stuff are really at odds.
Adam Smith
Saturday - February 6th 2021 10:53AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

"How do you spread the disease if you don't catch it?"

Bill, it's a well known fact that recently vaccinated people spread disease. Recently vaxxed people should quarantine for about a month.

Physicians and public health officials know that recently vaccinated individuals can spread disease and that contact with the immunocompromised can be especially dangerous.


The WHO and UNICEF said in a joint statement the polio outbreak in the Philippines is concerning because it is caused by vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2.


People who receive flu shots emit 6.3 times more flu virus particles into the air, compared to non-vaccinated individuals.


Whooping cough resurgence due to vaccinated people not knowing they’re infectious?


In 2011, a team of scientists looked specifically at how the shingles vaccine spreads the virus that causes chickenpox infection. The paper, authored by Duane L. Pierson, is titled, Varicella Zoster Virus DNA at Inoculation Sites and in Saliva After Zostavax Immunization. The study authors warn that “the detection of VZV DNA in saliva of Zostavax recipients for up to 28 days suggests that contact with saliva of recently immunized individuals represents a potential source of transmission.”




I bet many of these diseases could be eradicated or much less common if not for mass vaccination.

I know it's difficult Bill, but don't let the scamdemic get you down. Spring is around the corner. Surely panicfest cannot go on forever. Besides, now that the WHO has recommended running the PCR test through fewer cycles we are going to see fewer cases! in the news.

The Alarmist
Saturday - February 6th 2021 10:23AM MST

@Bill H asked, “Not to mention that if we don't know that it prevents spread of the disease, why are we spending vast amounts of human and financial capital vaccinating everybody?”

Maybe there’s some truth to that 5G nano-antenna mind control conspiracy.

@Bill H also asked, “The vaccine prevents you from getting the disease (94.6% anyway) but might not prevent you from spreading it? How do you spread the disease if you don't catch it?”

Who said you don’t catch it? What they stated in the early test results was that people who caught it suffered less severe symptoms or no symptoms. The thing to worry about is ADE, antibody-dependent enhancement.
Bill H
Saturday - February 6th 2021 8:46AM MST
PS After saying that we have to wear masks even after being vaccinated because "we don't know that the vaccine prevents spread of the disease," they don't explain why people who have been vaccinated are allowed to travel without quarantine.

Not to mention that if we don't know that it prevents spread of the disease, why are we spending vast amounts of human and financial capital vaccinating everybody?

The vaccine prevents you from getting the disease (94.6% anyway) but might not prevent you from spreading it? How do you spread the disease if you don't catch it?

Finally, just as I predicted when the vaccine was announced, they are now saying that people who are immune to the original China virus, either from having had the disease or from vaccine, are being made ill from (and maybe dying) from the "variant form" of the China virus, so the vaccine will in fact not bring an end to the pandemic.

I'm seeing my cardiologist Monday, and I'm hoping he will tell me I'm going to die soon.
Saturday - February 6th 2021 8:28AM MST
Mr. Moderator: Happy High Holy Days of Sportsball!

And because I forgot yesterday I’ll post this today, from February 5, 1978, at the Unidome, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA.

I file this under “Shows I could/should have gone to, but didn’t”


Saturday - February 6th 2021 8:17AM MST

One of the few good things about the scandemic , and I’m only speaking here from the shallowest of shallow male perspectives:

Our local Big State University has been mostly closed, including its big time gym facility for the NARPs ( non athletic regular people). The high profile sports on campus ( hockey, MLAX, WLAX, both hoops teams) have their own gyms, but I’m guessing that cheerleading and the hoops dance line do not... so they all are at my gym- a lot of very attractive 19-22 year old girls who are in fabulous shape and I assume most are pretty, but as the picture above shows, it’s hard to tell. The downside is that since Gauleter Charlie Parker... err...Baker has dictated that gyms can only run at 25% capacity one often has to wait in line to get in. But whoopie! Good Time Charlie is allowing 40% as of Monday.

I also suggested to my local bagel place that as they currently sell a “baker’s dozen” , they might want to consider a “Charlie Baker’s Dozen”, containing only 4 bagels.
The Alarmist
Saturday - February 6th 2021 6:07AM MST

Mask, double mask, triple mask … one “expert” suggested four masks would be even better. I’d like all these public-health “experts” to start using duct tape to cover their own orifices … for our protection.

Why my young colleagues visit my office wearing a mask (per company policy), the panicked and puzzled looks I get when I tell them my office is a no-mask zone are priceless. Usually they comply with my challenge, but occasionally I have to smile and tell them to come to the dark side.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - February 6th 2021 2:39AM MST
PS As a symbol, Adams Smith, these masks are - multifaceted. They also represent science - and - Islam, hehe. - What else? - Bank-robbery and the wild west. Conspiracies. Sadism and masochism. Sexual deviance in general. Carnival. Surgery. - I'd rather go with this version of a broadband analytical approach of the masks, which includes your hints, Adam Smith, that would be 100 % clear to me.
Adam Smith
Friday - February 5th 2021 11:09AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Face diapering has traditionally played a very important role in occult rituals. It is a sign of submission and your willingness to be a slave. As you say, it's all about compliance.

Face diapering has long been used in occult rituals as it helps trance formation. The media hypnotized much of the world using fear and repetition. The face diapers help reinforce that hypnosis. It really pretty amazing how successful this experiment has been. Most people will comply with anything.




Friday - February 5th 2021 10:36AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, maybe if people would finally rebel wrt the masks, things could get started with a more serious rebellion against the on-and-off LOCKDOWN crap too. It's probably too much to ask, and, as you say, there's been so much damage already.
Friday - February 5th 2021 10:21AM MST
PS The masks are the least of it. It’s the dismantling of a large part of the economy—much of which will never come back—that is the real crime. Then there will be the magical creation of trillions of dollars to try to repair the damage. That will not end well.
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