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Posted On: Tuesday - February 2nd 2021 7:26PM MST
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To be precise, this is Trump impersonator James Austin Johnson on Scooby Doo. This guy is REALLY good. If you take your eyes off the video, you will see Donald Trump in your head. It also helps make it funnier if you know something about the old 1970s cartoon Scooby Doo.

While this video is hilarious, it'd have put me in an even better mood if this guy, Trump, not Mr. Johnson, and not Scooby Doo, had come through for Americans a lot more than he had. Mr. Trump is a fun guy, and I'm sure he'd not be upset at the imitation. I wish we could laugh with him as friends. I don't think enough of him to want to laugh with him now.

Well, OK, just a couple of criticisms. Why does James Johnson need to take his video while walking around? This is a guy with 100,000 views on this video, and a couple of million on his next one (but I thought this one was funnier). Is he that busy to where his time is that valuable? In the next one, he is driving. These Millennials, always on the move... and on the internet while on the move. Oh, and he wouldn't have felt obligated to wear a face diaper for part of his routine, had he just sat the hell down, or stood up, in his apartment making this. And, for cryin' out loud, hold the phone sideways for the aspect ratio!

Nice job though!

Dieter Kief
Thursday - February 4th 2021 2:43AM MST
PS - Mr. Moderator I laughed till the tears appeared. - Now I think of Scott Adams: Trump is indeed a great entertainer.
Wednesday - February 3rd 2021 4:02PM MST
PS: Haha, Dieter, I have this voice/routine in my head about the zoo bear thing now. (No, I don't remember that story.)

"It's a problem... this is a real problem ... with these bears... not that I hate the bears, no, there's lots of good bears... I love bears, good anima ... yeah, but this kid... they should have left him... some bears ... we're getting a bad deal ..."
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - February 3rd 2021 3:53PM MST
PS - Yep, tl -dl. Oh - I did laugh, but just for one minute -that was enough. Trump is good when short. Twitter was his perfect choice, I guess. The Trump-era was the Twitter-era.

One caveat: Early on in his candidacy I think it was, when a kid fell into a safety ditch at zoo if I remember right and Trump was interviewed about the circumstances and what to do with the - bears - I think - should they be sedated to get the kid out of the ditch etc. -and here he did talk very cautiously and - precise and I thought: A media professional.
Wednesday - February 3rd 2021 10:16AM MST
PS: I had to look up Vaughn Meader, Mr. Blanc. Talk about your bad (comedic) timing! Yeah, this guy goes on for 4 minutes, but I am still very impressed by his ability to sound just like Donald Trump in accent, phrasing, grammar mistakes, etc. He did have me cracking up, though.
Wednesday - February 3rd 2021 9:08AM MST
PS I haven’t listened much to Trump, but the kid does seem to have the Trump speech down. But Scooby Doo? Even if I knew anything about it, it probably wouldn’t make much sense. And he drones on far too long. Of course, now he’s like Vaughn Meader after NOV 1963.
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