Ron Paul: Trump can't stop the financial collapse coming

Posted On: Thursday - February 9th 2017 7:43AM MST
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  Global Financial Stupidity

This is over a week old, but it's not like a week's earlier warning is going to change anyone's mind on this: Ron Paul Warns: "Second Financial Bubble Going To Burst Soon... Even Trump Can't Stop It".

OK, if you don't think much of Ron Paul, you can write this off in your mind like all the other financial speculation news you read or hear day-in and day-out. PeakStupidity has much admiration for this guy, possibly the one honest man that has been in the US Congress in the last half-century (if you're the other one, please add a comment now, or forever hold your piece (sic ;-}.

I've said it before, and gosh-darnit, I'll say it again - if this man had just taken to heart the advice given to him in early 2012 by proto-PeakStupidity to speak about illegal immigration in the Republican primary, he'd probably have been president for the last 4 years and 3 weeks. Yeah, he didn't have the charisma (any more that is) compared to Trump, or you could say was a "lower energy" guy. True dat, but it was the fact that Trump came out of his hotel the summer before last talking about the damage to this country being caused by immigration that got him going. I know that if Representative (at that time) Paul (TEXAS!) had come out swinging about this issue, and just won the next primary on this, it would have been very hard for the LP to bury the story at that point.

BTW, just my opinion (I'd ask Mr. Paul, if I had a chance), but I believe even Ron Paul would admit that he would not have been able to get the country to avoid the financial pain coming per his words linked to in zerohedge above, if he were president back in '12. It's just that we could all have gotten the ship steered at least in the right direction toward fiscal responsibility and smaller government and liberty, so that we could get out of this hole in the right direction (upwards, not downwards towards Hell, as it could go). People would have been prepared for what's coming.

Again, we like the anti-PC, anti-immigration-invasion and basically pro-Americans attitude of Donald Trump. However, he's not gonna magically get us, or the rest of the world out of the major financial turmoil and pain that is coming once payments get demanded for the bills due and the bad checks we've got floating all over creation (See the whole topic).

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