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Posted On: Friday - January 22nd 2021 6:50PM MST
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Steve Sailer has a post out, Has Biden Nominated Any White Protestants to the Cabinet?. I'm sure we'll get the usual culturally destructive nation-destroying set that you'll get when the blue squad is in office, somewhat worse than the swamp creatures we are ruled by oops, serve us, during red-squad administration. Here are the races/ethnicities/religious background of Biden's minions, per the Affirmative Right site (I took out Steve's commentary):
Next here are Biden’s existing appointments and nominees for these 21 positions and their ethnicities:

Secretary of State (Antony Blinken – WHITE-JEWISH)
Secretary of the Treasury (Janet Yellen – WHITE-JEWISH)
Secretary of Defense (Lloyd Austin – BLACK)
Attorney General (Merrick Garland – WHITE-JEWISH)
Secretary of the Interior (Deb Haaland – MIXED RACE (Red Indian + Norwegian))
Secretary of Agriculture (Tom Vilsack – WHITE-CATHOLIC)
Secretary of Commerce (Gina Raimondo – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Italian American))
Secretary of Labor (Marty Walsh – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Irish American))
Secretary of Health and Human Services (Xavier Becerra – HISPANIC (Mexican American))
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Marcia Fudge – BLACK)
Secretary of Transportation (Pete Buttigieg – WHITE-CATHOLIC)
Secretary of Energy (Jennifer Granholm – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Scandinavian + Irish))
Secretary of Education (Miguel Cardona – HISPANIC (Puerto Rican))
Secretary of Veterans Affairs (Denis McDonough – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Irish American))
Secretary of Homeland Security (Alejandro Mayorkas HISPANIC-JEWISH)
Trade Representative (Katherine Tai – ASIAN (Chinese American))
Director of National Intelligence (Avril Haines – WHITE-JEWISH)
Director of the Office of Management and Budget (Neera Tanden – ASIAN (Indian-American))
Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (William Burns – WHITE CATHOLIC (Irish-American))
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (Michael S. Regan – BLACK)
Administrator of the Small Business Administration (Isabel Guzman – HISPANIC-JEWISH)j
The reader can go, or probably already has, to that post for commentary. I just figured I'd put these names out there with possibly a post on them later, but this post is only about one of these minions.

I’ve been looking up some info on this Katherine Tai, the US Trade Representative. She is full-out Chinese and was born in Connecticut. Both her parents were born in mainland China. However, (and I haven’t found those details yet), I’m guessing her folks were hard-core anti-Commies, as I read that they “grew up in Taiwan”. They must have gotten out of Red China with the rest of the Nationalists in the “Great Retreat” in late 1949, pretty young I guess, since Mrs. Tai was born in 1974.

Going to the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, FS, then Yale and Harvard Law School, can knock the Conservatism right out of a guy, or gal, though. Mrs. Tai taught English at a university in China for 2 years – this had to be between the late ’90s and ’07. That was kind of a weird deal for a young woman law graduate, as that is a better deal for young Western men with Yellow Fever who can live on a low budget and pick up chicks.

Oh, from CNBC:
Tai, who is Asian-American, would also be the first woman of color to serve as the USTR. She is fluent in Mandarin.
No shit? I would never have known, had I not read the enlightening article. Did you see that “first woman of color” bit? I had thought Oriental people were not part of that P.O.C. crowd. I guess it’s good for the stats without having to hire some dumb corrupt black lady.

Whose side is Katherine Tai on regarding trade? I’d guess she’s on the side of all the Establishment, meaning she’s down with giving all that’s left away. Zhou Bai Dien says he’s not going to take away Trump’s tariffs yet, but we’ll see. I think he’s on the hook to the CCP, and they will both do whatever they are told.

Saturday - January 23rd 2021 12:56PM MST
PS Fang Fang is Eric Swallwell’s paramour
Saturday - January 23rd 2021 12:39PM MST
PS: Haha, Adam on that 2nd one. Thank you for those memes from out new Newspaper of Record.
Saturday - January 23rd 2021 12:37PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I'm afraid that how it seem to me too.

Mr. G., I don't know this Fang Fang, but I do have know someone who has an acquaintance in China named Wang Fang. From the pics, she is not hot, but I can never ever hear that name without wanting to Wang Chung tonight.
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 23rd 2021 12:36PM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...


Saturday - January 23rd 2021 11:14AM MST
PS. At least couldn’t it have been a hot Chinese spy? Being the shallow man that I am I immediately imaged her- not hideous, but she’s no Fang Fang.
Saturday - January 23rd 2021 10:51AM MST
PS Who better to sell us out to the Chinese than an actual Chinese? As a fluent Mandarin speaker, she can translate for Zhou, Hunter, and maybe even Mitch, as they negotiate their cuts with Xi and the gang.
Saturday - January 23rd 2021 9:33AM MST
PS. I’ve only been to LA once, So my knowledge of things SoCal comes mostly from watching Dragnet and other Jack Webb shows, the Mothers’ of Invention, Rockford, and Warren Zevon:

“He hangs our down on Alvorado street, by the Pioneer Chicken stand...”

I’d add James Ellroy novels as well.

I guess what I don’t get about all the Coronamaniacs is the notion that no one is ever, under any circumstances, supposed to get sick from seasonal viruses. All our life-crushing efforts to stamp out the “New Black Death” (which has barely even a “Touch of Grey”) have not stopped anything, and has had terrible effects that Jack and his pal just what, ignore? Don’t care about? I give up.
Saturday - January 23rd 2021 8:56AM MST
PS: Sorry I missed that line, Mr. Ganderson, and I have seen that movie - sadly (regarding my memory) not that awful long ago either - less than 5 years back, from the library.

Yeah, I noted that on iSteve. Et tu, Jack D?!

Yeah, I enjoyed making up my LA-style directions, and I see you put some Zappa in there.
Saturday - January 23rd 2021 6:15AM MST
PS Good morning Mister Moderator,

They play mahjong when they visit the in laws.

The line is from the Manchurian Candidate.

And OT two panickers hijacked one of Sailer’s threads. I got called “mentally ill”. Great Rockford files reference bu you, though.
The Alarmist
Saturday - January 23rd 2021 5:45AM MST

FWIW, Biden just fired one black, gay man: the former surgeon general.

Friday - January 22nd 2021 9:25PM MST
PS: I wish she would. It'd probably be more like Mahjong, Mr. Ganderson. Has your son played that very much? It's usually a betting game.
Friday - January 22nd 2021 9:17PM MST
PS. Katharine, why don’t you pass the time by playing a little solitaire?
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