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Posted On: Friday - January 22nd 2021 12:44PM MST
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(Image stolen off VDare, a regular thing here.)

Ann Coulter's latest column is First Duty Of The Press—Make It About Race!. Says Miss Coulter, in her intro. paragraph:
Why can’t liberals ever just let Trump hang himself? Isn’t what he’s actually done bad enough? No, the media always have to punch up the story, layering lie upon lie, until normal people are forced to say, I don’t want to defend the guy, but that didn’t happen.
I've got no problem with Ann's basic point of this column. Being called a "racist" is currently the worst it can get, insult wise, worse then bum, philander, dog-torturer, pedophile, or your standard asshole, jackass, shithead, fuckface, hell, even all of the above. (Where's George Carlin when we need him?) Of course, we don't have to let it be that way, with a little courage. "Racist!!" "Yeah, what about it?"

Miss Coulter is right that if any story can be made about race it helps the ctrl-left, the Lyin' Press being a solid part of this crowd. I haven't read a lot or listened to/viewed anything but that one line in passing, on the Jan 6th festivities in Washington, FS*. That's because, having some perspective and not being a lying sack of shit**, I do know that the event was not any big deal. In the sane America of 1955, yeah, it would have been a big story. Compared to a summer of BLM and a year of LOCKDOWNs, no it's surely not. So, yeah, lying to make this event about race is a usual trick of the Lyin' Press to make stories worse and more horrible. I! GET! THAT! ANN!

Then we get to the ending:
The raid was disgusting, appalling, sickening, but it’s not a license for concocting imaginary accusations. Trump is bad. The thugs who stormed the Capitol are bad. You don’t need to manufacture evidence against them, media.
"Raid"? "Disgusting"? "Thugs"? All those 3 terms are lies out of Ann Coulter.
Raid - Definition:
n. A surprise attack by a small armed force.
n. A sudden forcible entry into a place by police.
n. An entrance into another's territory for the purpose of seizing goods or valuables.
- Nope, nobody on the patriot side was armed. I wouldn't say it was a surprise in the sense of a pre-planned surprise attack like George Washington and his men on Trenton, New Jersey either.
- Forcible entry is questionable too, and nope, they were not police.
- Seizing goods or valuables? Does that count Nancy's laptop? (I wish.) This protest was not made for the purpose of seizing goods or valuables.

You are a liar, Ann.

Disgusting - Definition:
adj. Arousing disgust; repugnant. synonym: offensive.
Causing disgust; offensive to the taste, physical, moral, or esthetic.
adj. That causes disgust; sickening; offensive; revolting.

- People were amused. "Our" leaders were fearful, for no honest reason. Others were worried (as they don't want patriots to actually ever get organized). Nobody found it offensive to their physical, moral, or esthetic taste.
- Well, if it were a real revolt, I guess one could call it revolting, but it was not. Sickening? Nah, that doesn't it. Offensive to what? Even if they didn't like the implications of this protest, many thought it a pretty fun crowd.

You are a liar, Ann.
Thug - Definition:
n. A cutthroat or ruffian; a hoodlum.
n. One of a group of professional criminals, devotees of Kali, who robbed and murdered travelers in northern India until the mid-1800s.
n. A member of a confraternity of professional assassins and robbers formerly infesting India, chiefly in the central and northern provinces.

- Not one of the patriots cut anyone's throat, though one was shot in the throat at close range by a cop. My image of a hoodlum is someone who usually lives in the hood, and is 180 degree from the images I saw of these patriots.
- Nah, most of the people in this MAGA crowd have real jobs, though some may indeed be professionals. I saw hardly any •Indians in the crowd (not a very patriotic bunch), plus they would be technically infesting American, not India. Who is this man Kali of which you speak?
- NRA members? Sure. Ducks Unlimited members? Yeah, probably. Members of a confraternity of professional assassins and robbers formerly infesting India, chiefly in the central and northern provinces? I doubt there were more than one or two of them, and they would have been way in the back, out of the fray, shitting on the grass over behind the Lincoln Memorial.

You are a liar, Ann.

I've gotten a lot of truth out of Ann Coulter over the last 15 years, along with great snarky humor. As of late, she's had a lot of courage, too, delving into the race issue, as in this very column. I've described her as batting a .980 with her views. Other than some big thing against "the pot" and then her clueless support for Affirmative Action (only if it's fair, though. Wait, that's an oxymoron.), there's not been anything substantial I've disagreed with her on since 9-11.

This one paragraph has got me pretty pissed off at Ann Coulter. I don't understand how she could have such a great perspective and then see these events in this fashion. Sure, maybe someone got to her. Maybe she realized on her own that she'd better put this paragraph in some column, before too long, if she wants to stay in the high-status punditry position that she occupies.

I don't care about all that, though. I don't like being lied to. You've figuratively stabbed these patriots in the back with this writing. Shame on you, Ann Coulter.

PS: Oh, and Miss Coulter, if you really want to be truthful on the race issue, why do you still support Affirmative Action?

* That's Federal Shithole, for those who are new here at Peak Stupidity.

** About the cusswords on this post, in for a pound, in for a metric shit-tonne.

Dieter Kief
Wednesday - February 10th 2021 3:33PM MST
PS More details about the death of police officer Brian Sicknick

(This sounds a lot like the infos The Gateway Pundit had on from hearsay in a Washington DC clinic).
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - February 10th 2021 3:33PM MST
PS More details about the death of police officer Brian Sicknick

(This sounds a lot like the infos The Gateway Pundit had on from hearsay in a Washington DC clinic).
Monday - February 1st 2021 2:17PM MST
PS: Dieter, please understand that I don't mean this is white vs. black, as in it was perfectly legal or just fine with me. (I'd like to have seen it MUCH more organized.)

However, America will not get better via voting. Any moves that will somehow get the ctrl-left to realize that they'd be better off to back off on what they are doing are a good thing.
Monday - February 1st 2021 2:14PM MST
PS: What I see here --

(This video is all I could find. If you have another that shows more, please paste it in.)

Dieter, this is a guy throwing a fire extinguisher at a cop, not beating him with it. This is in the middle of a face-off of unarmed guys vs police in full out riot gear. Yes, these guys wanted the cops to back off and let them in. Throwing a fire-ex at guys with helmets and shields is simply NOTHING in the middle of a riot. Compared to what happens in the BLM/Antifa ones (not to mention S. Korea, quite often), this was very mild.

Now take a look again at one of the videos of those guys in Kenosha coming at Kyle Rittenhouse to beat all hell out of him and probably kill him.

Again, sorry, IMO this was a fairly well-behaved crowd for a non-peaceful march on a building.

BTW, note the title of the suggested video when viewing this one: "Inside the US Capitol at the height of the siege". Siege? Really? I didn't see one tank or even a mortar. You can't have a real siege these days, hell, since a century ago, without some tanks and mortars.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - January 31st 2021 5:52AM MST
PS - A policman was seriously hurt - beaten up by an aggressive crowd, Mr. Moderator.
I agree, that nobody seemed to have carried weapons into the Capitol (I assume: For - very - good reasons.)
The picture I get is - not pure black & white.
Sunday - January 31st 2021 3:42AM MST
PS: I just read through this Terry Boudon's tweets, Mr. Kief. He has a number of contradictions or just instances of missing the obvious. Yes, plenty of Americans talk privately about trying to fix this country the only way it really can be. However, notice that when it came down to it, even the guys in front did not come into the Capitol with violent intent (they didn't have guns for one thing).

The reason the police presence was smaller is because, until now, the patriotic highly-white-majority MAGA-hat wearing people are the most polite crowd that shows up. They are not the violent (in an unorganized mob-like fashion) people that the black thugs are or the antifa commies are.

This Terry Boutman rants on about "white" "white" "white". He has a reason to be scared, but not for the US government. He's scared that patriotic White Americans are actually getting aware and acting out a bit. That hasn't been seen before in a long time, it scares the shit out of him, and this explains all the "insurrection" talk. The US politicians on both squad of the Party want to clamp down on any patriotic pro-Americans talk or action.

Bouton goes on about the relationships with the cops. Yes, (only some) patriots have finally gotten wise that the cops, as a "force", not as individuals, are not on their side. Many have been very slow to get this in their heads - case in point, Michelle Malkin.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - January 30th 2021 3:12PM MST
PS -

Histroy professor who specialised in the American Revolution about the white House - öhh - storm - - walk? _ he was there with his wife and they saw a few things and say they heard a lot abput - lynching politicians etc. - The Steal
Wednesday - January 27th 2021 12:16AM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, I have no beef against anything Miss Coulter said about President Trump, though she got into a bit of a tantrum, something pretty rare for this lady. She should not have gone along with The Party line that the fun time (had by most) at the Capitol was something serious, and even something bad at all, well other than a lady getting murdered at close range by a cop.

I will check out your piano tune shortly. Thanks.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - January 26th 2021 12:57PM MST
PS - Messieurs dames!

Pardonnez moi, s'il vous plait -

- mais! - ! - - Mme. Coulter can't do any wrong, and no harm to her down to earth followers either.

What she wrote in Taki's Magazine and what you complain about Achmed, is a tragically comic piece which is even a tad sophisticated and extremely accessible at the same time, as long as you get the specific tone, which she has set for it; and this tone is the one of the - pretty much hangover-tinted - wipe-out of the Carnival, let's say.

She says: Ok, we have to wave goodbye to our Pres, and ok, our political opponents aren't totally dumb either, and right they were in claiming more than once that this Trump man is a - öööööhhhh - - - colourful character - and now - : - away with him: We accept that he is history and - we will not lay destroyed in the corner afterwards - even though, we want to admit: We do suffer from our hangover...

See: The Piano has been Drinkin' - Not Me!

Ann Coulter still is the political animal with the nose on the hot traces and her ear in the wind grasping all kinds of grass-roots whisperings. She'll be back. And even sooner than The Donald, I grant you that!
Sunday - January 24th 2021 5:12AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I have a hard time believing that Miss Coulter writes ONLY for the money and status, and is not much of a real believer in it. However, I've been wrong plenty of times (naive, I guess), and you may be right.
Saturday - January 23rd 2021 10:44AM MST
PS Mx Coulter is a professional scribbler. She writes what people will pay her to write. Or what she hopes people will pay her to write. Her particular shtick is to be outrageous rather than sober and high-minded. The only thing that distinguishes her from the great horde of other penny-a-word (or whatever the rate is these days) scribblers is that she has taken up a position on the Right rather than the Left end of the political spectrum. If you ever get a chuckle out of her, fine. If she ever says anything that seems true or insightful, even better. But never take her seriously.
Friday - January 22nd 2021 9:00PM MST
PS: Thank you, Alarmist. Susi made it all better. Sunny days ahead. Si, Claro!
The Alarmist
Friday - January 22nd 2021 5:40PM MST

How about Susi with the Mexican weather to take your mind off things?

PS: She’s been looking fabulous all week.

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