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Posted On: Thursday - January 21st 2021 1:06PM MST
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Godaddy customers like me, per the home page. Oops, they are not customers - they are "makers", Lizzy, Moziah, Donté and Evan.

I should spend more time on office center roofs, apparently, if I really want to go far with this site. I think I'll just send the HR department up there, maybe next tornado warning, you know, as entrepreneurial, like, look-outs, or something...

Yeah, Godaddy is our hosting company. I was hesitant to write this post a couple of weeks back when last dealing with the tech support people for assurance regarding our SSL certificate update. This was due to the fact they they do a very competent job in a nice way, and I just didn't want to piss off any of them who look at the site to check problems or verify things. Some may still be reading regularly even today, so, Welcome Aboard, GoDaddies! (Don't use your real name - Peak Stupidity won't be able to hire you on full time, much as we'd like to, if your HR ladies get wind of what kind of trouble you're up to.)

If voice is any indication, to a guy that's been around a while, everyone but one of the GoDaddy tech-support or billing support (they are x-trained) was white or very damn close*, and about 2 times out of 10 or so, they were women. I don't recall names, which I assume are real first names, not the fake American ones you hear from "customer care" people in India and the Philippines. Nobody even used one of those fowe-French style black names, even. (Perhaps management has put the kibosh on that due to too many disconnected calls.)

Yet, on a page that one can click through to see these very helpful people that I talked to, or will, I haven't seen but 1 or 2 that I just might have gotten help from.

OK, maybe this guy, Eric:

It's not very likely, but possible. What are the odds, though?

I don't recall a Jordan. Did she go to private school?

Hey, Darlene! She looks part Oriental, and you know those people got that "TECH" shit down.

Here's the thing. Affirmative Action has been around my whole life. As much as I know there are plenty of competent black or Hispanic and women software people around (have run into both, and I'm not counting •Indians either), I just can't be very confident that your average one is nearly as competent as the White guys. This is due specifically to Affirmative Action. White guys are the only people who have not benefitted (and of course, being left out of the hand-outs, are being screwed by it).

Were there no AA, then I'd just assume the managers and even dipshit HR ladies had hired the most qualified people. Why not? I know that's hard to imagine after 5 or 6 decades of this shit, but why not? Just charity? There are well-meaning people who want to lift up those poor competency-challenged People of Color and women, but you really don't want to piss off the customers or (in other businesses) get someone killed. However, with Big Gov involved, if you don't do this hiring, they will end up being the ones to shut your place down.

It's not always the case, by any means, but due to AA, I've just got to assume that I'll be better off with a White or Oriental guy helping me, and I've asked specifically before**. That's just the odds, and pretty good odds at that.

Back to GoDaddy specifically now, I've never talked to anyone on the phone whom I thought didn't have much of a clue. Some were more helpful than others, but that could vary over the course of time even for the same guy, based on time pressures. I will also assume that all of the people shown on the GoDaddy help pages that I got these pictures from are real. However, I'd bet whole lot of money, based on location (Scottsdale, Arizona) and the great help that I've gotten, that the place is staffed by mostly young intelligent white guys.

Fine, GoDaddy, make your site however you want. Political Correctness will get you in good with the authorities, so I can also understand that reason, as cucked-out as it is. However, what about the great guys that helped this customer out a number of times? How do they feel about being relegated to non-entities as far as your website, hence initial customers are concerned?

Dear hardworking white guys of GoDaddy,

Please stop emailing us with questions about having your photos and names on our external website. We've got your photos from your orientation day. We don't need them. We will not be able post any of you on the site due to ... reasons. You are not worthy.

Keep up the good work guys...

... or we will replace you with $3/hr cheaper •Indians.


GoDaddy HR Team

* Maybe one or two were very, very light-skinned blacks who have gotten with the program, and don't even say "let me axe you a couple of questions about our service today." For most of them, no way even that. They sounded Whitey White.

** Can't find the post in question - link will come when I can.

Tuesday - April 13th 2021 9:04AM MST
PS: Duh! LP IS Lockean Proviso. Sorry about that.
Monday - April 12th 2021 10:26AM MST
PS: Thanks for the new comments, Misters Proviso and LP from Steve Sailer's blog!

I am a slacker for just now seeing these comments, so I hope you all have checked back.

Mr. LP, I did do that one on purpose, to show I'm not one of those sophisticates who knows how to spell French words and shit, haha. When I am accidentally wrong on spelling, I very much appreciate corrections. Sometimes I find these mistakes weeks later myself. Thanks for the compliment about the site too.
Saturday - April 10th 2021 7:05PM MST
You wrote "fowe-French style black names, even. (Perhaps management has put the kibosh on that due to too many disconnected calls.)"

I think you mean "faux.". Hopefully I am not being a spelling Nazi by bringing this to your attention as I enjoy your site and only wish to help. Feel free to delete this comment after considering it.
Lockean Proviso
Saturday - April 10th 2021 6:53PM MST
By the "logic" of Craptical Racist Theory, your "lived experiences" of talking to few if any vibrant tech supporters is prima facie "evidence" that Go Patriarchy is virulently racist. They probably have a burning cross sculpture on the front lawn at corporate HQ! Surely the oppressed POC tokens in those photos are having their Black bodies put on display to enact white supremacy.
Plants Crave Electrolytes
Thursday - January 21st 2021 8:25PM MST
PS Diversity over competence.
Our external enemies don't practice retardation or have elite 69th rump ranger troops. It should end well...or maybe not.
As long as the feelz are good and the participation trophies are historic.
Comrade Levine the health czar of the glorious people's republic of Pennsylvania wasn't awarded Surgeon General for its part in the Big Steal but was awarded some under secretary of health.
The Alarmist
Thursday - January 21st 2021 3:50PM MST

Another tell-tale phrase is, “You know what I’m sayin’...”
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