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Posted On: Wednesday - January 20th 2021 8:20AM MST
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Oh, and this is post number 1776!* That ought to mean something, but 1776 doesn't ring much of a bell anymore to me. "Bell" get it? Liberty bell? Wait, did they they throw that out too, due to wokeness and that crack?

Here's the question about these face masks. We are told that the masks are for other's benefit. No, they can't screen out all the Kung Flu germies. They can prevent droplets from flying from here to there and everywhere... up to 6 +/- 0.01 ft. (I give an eight inch tolerance for people not being centered on their appropriate floor stickers.)

Wait, what's the question? OK, why are we told that these masks must be over our noses in addition to our mouths? Do droplets come flying out of our noses too, other than during the sneezing process, at which point, I don't recommend catching it all in one's face mask anyway?

I haven't experienced this, personally. I have seen spittle fly out of my mouth though, especially when I'm in an argument about the mandatory wearing of face diapers. It's great when they catch the sunlight, and just ballisticly settle in the spinach bin at the grocery. I've just gotten a real attitude about the germophobia at this point. That attitude about germs is "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

* There are 2 or 3 fewer posts than this, though, due to database table incrementation after deletes. I figured out how to fix it a year ago or so but may not have taken any notes ...

Adam Smith
Friday - January 22nd 2021 12:00PM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

If you think the girl in the space age personal micro-climate dealy is a cutie you should check out the girl in this shampoo commercial...


Bill H
Thursday - January 21st 2021 9:33AM MST
PS Football players and coaches are required to wear masks on the sidelines. Coaches get major fines for not doing so, including for taking them off too often when screaming at players and officials. At one point the camera was closeup on a coach's face when he pulled down his mask, spit a big glob aimlessly, and then pulled his mask back up. The announcers had no comment regarding that little display.
Thursday - January 21st 2021 8:41AM MST
PS Cb: I was in Philadelphia about 25 years ago. There was none of the Woke rubbish then.
Mr. Anon
Wednesday - January 20th 2021 8:29PM MST
PS That four year old kid should have replied: "Hey Mister, would you mind f**king right off to keep you safe?"
Wednesday - January 20th 2021 11:26AM MST
PS: Also, Mr. Smith, I wrote a quick note, as a comment about the supposed "demographic collapse" problem, to you under that post with the Olympic Park pics. I can see a post coming up on this.
Wednesday - January 20th 2021 11:19AM MST
PS: I've been to see the Liberty Bell, CB, around '06/'07. I don't think it was quite that bad then, but I try my best to ignore that stuff. The crowd, however, was nothing like you would have seen during the Bicentennial, though. It was mostly people just passing the time, going there because it was on the list, taking pictures, but I don't there was any reverence.

The civil rites nonsense and the '65 immigration act had not taken much of a toll yet, by the Bicentennial.

BTW, re: blackety black, I went to your link, Adam, with the space age personal micro-climate dealy. They have the 2 white models, male and female (she's a cutie), amazingly enough, but the black guy, I hate to say it, but he'd better check whether his lips will fit into that get-up. It looks awful tight. I hope a black customer can get a black "customer care" associate on the phone to get more details.
Wednesday - January 20th 2021 11:06AM MST
PS "Wait, did they they throw that out too, due to wokeness and that crack?"

I moved to New Jersey when I was about 12 years old. My Dad had lived and worked there before I was born, so knew the area well. He spent a lot of time taking me around to historical sites and of course that included all the big sites in Philadelphia -- the Liberty Bell, Independence hall. This was right about 1975-1976, so everything was really hyped up for the Bicentennial. It was probably the best time ever to see these sites.

You could practically walk right up and touch the Liberty Bell. All the placards and literature around all the sites was very reverent, patriotic and proud of our heritage. I was inspired, but that's just the way we talked about our country then.

Fast-forward forty years. My daughter worked on a temporary contract at a hospital in Philadelphia. This would have been close to 2016, pretty close to exactly forty years later. Of course one of the first things she did was take in all the same sites and then some. She's very much a history and antiquities buff.

She was very sad to report that everything at all the sites was blackity, blackity, black. The sins of slavery, the flaws in our founding, blah, blah, blah. Even at sites that had nothing specifically to do with slavery they'd find ways to rub in the fact that, yes, there were slaves in revolutionary period America and that made everything terrible and problematic. She was extremely disappointed.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - January 20th 2021 10:53AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

The final expansion of the crack which rendered the Bell unringable was on Washington's Birthday in 1846.

The Philadelphia Public Ledger takes up the story in its February 26, 1846 publication:

"The old Independence Bell rang its last clear note on Monday last in honor of the birthday of Washington and now hangs in the great city steeple irreparably cracked and dumb. It had been cracked before but was set in order of that day by having the edges of the fracture filed so as not to vibrate against each other ... It gave out clear notes and loud, and appeared to be in excellent condition until noon, when it received a sort of compound fracture in a zig-zag direction through one of its sides which put it completely out of tune and left it a mere wreck of what it was."

In a land with so little liberty it just wouldn't be right to ring such a bell today.

Maybe that "grown man in his twenties" should get one of these to keep himself safe from four year olds...


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