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Posted On: Saturday - January 16th 2021 8:22AM MST
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Simply Retarded.

I couldn't find a picture to better represent the scene at the small gym I was working out at a week or so back, so that's all I've got. This Kung Flu PanicFest story is more encouraging though.

Before I'd gotten started on the recumbent bike machine, a black woman was already jogging on the treadmill, one of just 3 machines. Of course I had no mask on, but this lady did. No, I didn't get any shit from her, as that one time last summer. The result was far from it, I'm glad to write.

First, about this lady's butt. What?! Any regular reader knows that this blogger is anti-TV to the extreme, so I wasn't watching anything on the treadmill console. (In fact, that one, if I recall, has no screen, just red LED readouts - old school FTW.) The machines were angled left, and I was on the right, so what do you want me to look at?

Here's the thing. Black genetics matter! Hell, any genetics matter, and it's just a genetic thing that, in general, black women have larger butts. Natural selection gave them this capability and likewise the capability of black men to appreciate them. More glutenous power to them all.

However, nobody appreciates obesity, and that can't be blamed on genetics alone. That was not the case here. This lady had a larger-than-necessary rear end, butt I could tell that it wasn't all fat. The lady was not just playing at working out. She had a good pace going, and I'm pretty sure the treadmill was set at a slope, as opposed to level. That matters a lot, as Peak Stupidity has gone on and on about with our exercise machine calculation sub-fixation. (If you care, check out some posts with the Artificial Stupidity topic key.) I give her great credit for working out hard to try to keep it all solid.

From rear ends to the subject matter now, I really wondered how much that face mask affected the lady's workout. It just can't be good to breath in your own CO2 and strain more for any Oxygen. They've got those lawyer-required warnings on the machines telling you that you'd better go ask your doctor if it's OK to work out, don't keep going if it hurts (whaaaa?? Don't tell that to the drill Sergeant.), etc. Shouldn't these exercise machine manufacturers be issuing recalls or service bulletins in order to make sure there are warnings about, I dunno, keeling over and dying due to lack of Oxygen to the heart? I'm not a doctor, and I haven't even yet played one on TV, but ... I could easily play a lawyer in real life, were it me... assuming a recovery, of course.

I was not much in her view with the angle of the machines, so I don't know if was her watching me work out without the face diaper impediment or just some thoughts about it, but I looked over after a while, and it was gone. Yea!

I'm glad to have had some influence. People learn from example to some degree. I think people will learn even more from very obvious examples. Here's a guy at the Home Depot with no mask on. Nobody seems to care much, as they are helping him with one item with no fear in their eyes. Nobody's dragging the guy out of the store by his feet. Hmmmm.... Perhaps this is all a bunch of crap... [/cartoon thought bubble*]

Spread the anti-panic LUV!

* I wish I could draw better. Memes and cartoons are where it's at these days.

Sunday - January 17th 2021 7:59AM MST
PS Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte. The monologue was very goofy, but the jungle rhythm was absolutely ferocious.
Saturday - January 16th 2021 12:58PM MST
PS Thanks, AE. Swimming is definitely in my plans. The geezer community in Southern CA that we bought a place in in 2019 has a community center with two nice pools. A year ago this time that is where I thought we’d be this winter. However, the plague panic has put paid to that idea. Bugger!
Saturday - January 16th 2021 12:19PM MST
PS Mr. Blanc, I'd forgotten to add some "Bertha Butt, one of the Butt sisters" joke. One of you guys can name that tune.

Alarmist, I did admire that this lady was making a big effort. Oh, "butt of my jokes", haha!

Thanks for the quote. CI-'84.
Saturday - January 16th 2021 12:16PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I'm sorry to hear your knees are still bothering you. I know a guy who swore by swimming. It's very easy on the joints, but for most people, it's not home exercise.
Covidiocracy 1984
Saturday - January 16th 2021 11:46AM MST
PS Satire is prophecy. This makes effective satire difficult because reality so soon catches up with it. Satire is also dangerous and perhaps even irresponsible, for no idea is too absurd, it seems, for our political masters and bureaucratic elite to take seriously and put into practice – at public expense, of course, never their own.

Sometimes reality is far in advance of satire when it comes to absurdity. The results, however, are not always funny.

Theodore Dalrymple, June 4, 2011.
The Alarmist
Saturday - January 16th 2021 9:57AM MST

My wife once pointed to a picture of one of the new exemplars of beauty, and I commented that I didn’t see what guys saw in bubble-butted platypus-lipped faux blondes caked in makeup, and she commented “She looks like a sex doll.” Is this what modern women think guys go for? Khloe or kim will never replace Ginger or Mary Ann in any thinking man’s society.

As for the black lady, it’s a shame she doesn’t know she’s the butt of your jokes.
Saturday - January 16th 2021 9:44AM MST
PS I’ve lived around a lot of blacks in my time. (In fact, my current neighborhood becomes blacker by the year.) Black women do tend to rather large posteriors. Now, I’m a guy who has a great appreciation for a nicely shaped feminine bottom. Some jiggle back there is always a delight. But enough is enough. And with black women, often more than enough. I recall the line from the old rap thing: We like girls with big butts, not big mouths. I get it. But wait, this post was about exercise equipment, not tushes. My knees are shot. The one that I wrecked in the bicycle accident is now the good knee. I’ve got a stationary bike, but it’s out because it aggravates my knees. What do you exercise experts recommend that gives a decent workout without putting a lot of strain on the knees?
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