Education Secretary Nominee may be rejected.

Posted On: Tuesday - February 7th 2017 7:41AM MST
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If we've got to punt on any of these people, this Betsy DeVos broad is a good start. Zerohedge says Betsy DeVos In Danger Of Becoming First Cabinet Nominee In 28 Years To Be Rejected.

Listen, if you want to be my Secretary of Education you gotta play by my rules and follow the plan. Here's the plan:

Day 1) Meet and greet. Eat Donuts and talk about problem chilluns.

Day 2) Everyone in the conference room, like YESTERDAY!

Day 2.1) OK, all of y'all are fired. You've got till noon to clean out your desks.

Day 2.5) Make sure all employees are on the way out of the building. Serve donuts to prevent any hard feelings (and lawsuits related to said feelings.)

Day 3) Shut the whole mutha down!

Day 4) Accept new position at Department of Motherland Security.

Day 5) Repeat steps 1-3.

Day 6) Repeat steps 4-5, FOR NEXT Dept of XXXXXX

Day X) Exit when NUM_DEPTS == 0;


This woman was an NEA puke anyway. Get all governments out of education. Bring Stupidity down to a manageable level.

[UPDATE - Tuesday Evening]
Looks like she did get approved by the Senate with VP Pence's tie breaking vote.

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