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Posted On: Thursday - January 14th 2021 7:50AM MST
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It's going to take more than letting words loose to stop the stupidity, but that's all we at Peak Stupidity have for now, as does Ann Coulter.

In Most Disloyal Man in History Finally Finds a Cause Worth Fighting For our favorite literary pundit really tears Donald Trump a new one.

When Ann Coulter gets really mad, I can see that she goes a little overboard (as with her neocon calls to wipe out the Islamic world back right after 9/11). Therefore I don't agree with her about pretty much the biggest CURRENT issue she wrote about here, the '20 election CheatFest (oh, and probably Georgia, '21 to boot).
For the items on Trump’s 2016 campaign agenda, he actually had solid arguments. On overturning the election, he has no argument at all.

The bulk of Trump’s rally speech last Wednesday consisted of the fanatically detailed claims of a paranoid about the election being stolen. The media, of course, have barely covered this part of the speech, since they’re determined to suppress all mentions of any oting-vay aud-fray.

Not to worry, media! I’m angrier after reading Trump’s full exegesis on the election than I was when you were hiding it from me.

He cited vote tallies in this and that county, the media’s use of “suppression polls,” constitutional provisions, the precise time of day votes came in, different states’ voting rules and practices, the numbers of felons, dead people and illegal aliens who allegedly voted in various states and on and on and on.
Miss Coulter may or may not believe that the election was stolen, but her point is that you do things ahead of time to prevent stuff like this, and had Trump fulfilled some of his campaign promises, maybe his vote would have been so high as to be beyond theft even by this crowd.
Do you think Trump has any idea how many illegal aliens are in the country right now?

None whatsoever. Trump knows more about the accuracy settings on signature verification machines in Clark County, Nevada, than he does about DACA.

For four years, I’ve been told that Trump couldn’t keep his campaign promises because: No one has ever faced such historic resistance! It’s not his fault. Poor Trump!

Well, how hard was it to keep his promises compared to overturning a presidential election?

Now that we’ve gotten a bracing view of Trump’s skills as a demagogue, I just want to know: Why didn’t he ever use his powers for good? Why did he never hold a rally on the ellipse and ask his supporters to pressure their representatives to fund the wall? To repeal Section 230? To penalize outsourcing?
I agree completely. Oh, and I already did, way before this column. For one, I've stated repeatedly that this "oh, the judges!" and "he doesn't have the power" were bogus with respect to some of the issues the President could have made lots of headway with. That goes especially for his job as Commander in Chief. He could have brought the military home.

Peak Stupidity mentioned this other trait of Donald Trump of only taking action when it's personal, in our post President Donald Trump: **the Bad**, the Good, and the Ugly. We were discussing this in terms of his last minute (3 weeks before the '20 election) talk about Big "TECH" censorship, when he had nearly 4 years behind him of doing nothing on that issue either:
Actually, if the President would take the criticisms of Candidate Trump's ideas hard and worked to show them up, that'd be just peachy with me. However, many times he seems to take things seriously ONLY when they apply directly to him. That is, he's not a man of principle. I knew that going in, and have written this before. That Donald Trump doesn't understand the Constitution like Ron Paul does, or Ronald Reagan did, for that matter, is something I figured we could live with. That is due to his bringing up the existential issue of the immigration invasion right away as THE most important issue and his fairly good stance on ending the warfare state.

The problem is that the President doesn't fight when he has the tools to beat the ctrl-left, as brought up by many a smart policy wonk or pundit, unless it hits him. ["personally", I should have written.]
Ann goes on with this:
Now that we’ve gotten a bracing view of Trump’s skills as a demagogue, I just want to know: Why didn’t he ever use his powers for good? Why did he never hold a rally on the ellipse and ask his supporters to pressure their representatives to fund the wall? To repeal Section 230? To penalize outsourcing?

None of those proposals is insane. Now that I think about it, they are the exact ideas that got Trump elected. Another plus: Asking his supporters to lobby for popular issues would not have ended with senators and House members fleeing for their lives.
Again, you could have read this stuff years ago, on such web sites, as I dunno, Peak Stupidity or something. However, that last sentence is hyperbole by Miss Coulter, and, again, I chalk it up to a hot feisty temper. I myself have not problem with Senators and House members fleeing for their lives. We'd rather they be more contained than that, however, so our policy statement calls for Congressional LOCKDOWNS as standard policy. Hey, we're willing to compromise a bit on this. Force them to flee for their lives via rubber raft to Guantanamo, Cuba, and hold remote Congressional sessions semi-annually from the exercise yard during exercise hour.

Yeah, Ann Coulter went overboard on this one in her now almost hatred for Donald Trump. A woman scorned and all that ... but we are on her side in general. You will probably enjoy Ann Coulter's column, as usual. Words are fun, but they ain't gonna cut it from here on. I think Ann Coulter knows that too.

PS: Don't forget the post of ours, Amazing prescient Peak Stupidity prediction that Trump will renege on policy, from last summer. We were not quite as mad as Ann Coulter though.

Saturday - January 16th 2021 9:22PM MST

RE: Mr. Anon

"It should be noted that even before 2012, Coulter was saying that she was a single-issue voter and that issue was immigration. She could see the demographic hand-writing on the wall."

Ann Coulter has been in the public eye since about mid-1998, but her current public persona as effectively someone on the Nationalist-Right and a hardline immigration-restrictionist really only dates to the 2010s.

I've seen some discussions on dating when Ann Coulter 'turned,' at least publicly. I don't know that she's ever publicly discussed this. The 2006 amnesty push was proposed, the first time she came out as a restrictionist. How close a mass amnesty came, despite nominal conservatism of Congress and the supposedly conservative G W Bush presidency she had fought so hard for, pushed her over the edge. By the early 2010s, she was there, and remains there in the early 2020s.

But she is an interesting case because she a hardcore, loyal-Republican 'Stop the Liberals' cheerleader type, essentially an in-system personality, in the late 1990s and 2000s. She shares something with Trump in that way: Turning anti-system from a perch within the system.
Saturday - January 16th 2021 12:14PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, I've been trying to think of a term for that, what you say about the left's moonbattery about a guy who really wasn't getting much done for the right. This goes back a long ways. George W. Bush was NO friend of, or help to, the right, yet the left acted like he was Bushitler. (I think they used that term.)

Whether it's deviously purposeful or just unintentional, this behavior gets the right thinking "hey, if they hate him, he is doing a good job." It's like pushing something like the Overton Window. It's some other kind of damn window.

That's right, Traffic! I had "John Barleycorn Must Die" on cassette tape long ago. Great band there, with Stevie Windwood.
Saturday - January 16th 2021 12:10PM MST
PS: Alarmist, that's a good take on Trump. I especially think his hiring decisions were the worst (not counting Sessions here, as he should or could have been a valuable AG).

Mr. Anon, I think that's a good take on Ann Coulter too. I didn't know she was so aware of the immigration problem so early on as '12, but I believe you. Perhaps she was a VDare reader from far back. She could have gotten to the site to begin with just to see one of the many that had her syndicated columns, and gotten interested.
Saturday - January 16th 2021 8:06AM MST
PS. And... I never thought Coulter was all that attractive- presentable, certainly, but not exactly Gretchen VaVoom.

I've decided I'm in love with Kristi Noem.

And Mr. Moderator, Traffic, a great band, had a flute player.
Saturday - January 16th 2021 7:58AM MST
PS. Dieter- one of my favorite Dylan songs. (I know he didn't write it)

"There was Donny T from NYC I never will forget
He would roar all day and he'd roar all night and I guess he's roaring yet
One day he fell in a prospect hole, in a roaring bad design
And in that hole he roared out his soul, in the days of '49
In the days of old, in the days of gold
How oft'times I repine for the days of old
When we dug up the gold, in the days of '49"

I never expected much from the Donald- and I got it. I never could have imagined, though, the hatred the moonbats had for him- so much so that 2 freaking divisions worth of National Guard dispatched to DC for Dementia Joe's inaugural? Unbelievable.
Mr. Anon
Friday - January 15th 2021 9:07PM MST
PS @MBlanc46: "Coulter was a big supporter of Mitt Romney. QED."

That's true, but it was because Romney - the primary candidate - ran on a hardline anti illegal-immigration platform. As soon as he secured the nomination, he fired the campaign advisor on immigration and started cucking hard. Romney, of course is a soulless opportunist. I think Ann wised up after that. It should be noted that even before 2012, Coulter was saying that she was a single-issue voter and that issue was immigration. She could see the demographic hand-writing on the wall.

She supported Trump because - well what other choice was there? Twelve would-be John McCain clones and Rand "Detroit Republican" Paul.

Privately, I think Ann is effectively alt-right, but she realizes she can't say everything she believes. Hell, under this new regime, she may not even get her books published anymore.
The Alarmist
Friday - January 15th 2021 2:02PM MST

Ann Coulter deservedly unloads on Trump, but she should have known going in that he was all talk and bluster. A bowl of Jello®️ could be President, because all a President needs to do is shake his head in the direction his advisors nudged him. I witnessed this in a briefing with Reagan, who fortunately had one of the best set of advisers (regardless of what you might have thought of them as people) any US President has had in our lifetimes.

Trump surrounded himself with a number of talentless hacks, starting with the most trusted being JarVanka and Jr., and the next outer circle being recent Flag officers, who are some of the most political animals outside any elective office, and then compounded his error by not sacking all of the Obama holdovers on day one. He should have known going into this that even “respected talent” like Comey had significant baggage going in, and it would have gone down much better to say “I’m bringing in my own team” rather than waiting to fire for cause. Don’t get me started on Sally Yates, but to say I knew a couple savage jewish lawyers in NYC who Trump also knew who could be acting AGs and more effective than even Sessions and less fifth-column than Yates. In fact, Trump could have put rocks (yes, stones) in a number of seats in which he left Obama holdovers and achieved far more with less risk and hassle.

Then there is the judiciary. Very early on, Trump’s AG could easily have put together a brief telling the world why some judge in Hawaii ruling on border crossing matters was acting ultra vires (beyond his authority) and directing the Exec branch to ignore the orders of that judge, but instead chose to look at the courts as the final word, which they are not. The Constitution says nothing about the courts being co-equal, and in fact one might reasonably deduce the courts are subordinate, being there to adjudicate the laws passed by the Congress as enacted and enforced by the Executive. Instead, Trump spent too many days figuratively curled up in a foetal position under his desk saying “Oh yeah! We’ll see what a higher court says.” I throw this squarely at AG Sessions, who did President Trump no favours by keeping silent way too often when he should have been asserting Executive prerogative and the actual rule of statutory law rather than legislation from the bench..

At the end of the day, the buck must stop at Trump, though, because the elections of 2018 provided a clear road-map for 2020, even without COVID, and he put all of his eggs in the hands of the courts, who decided to let the Dems make omelettes. He could see it coming two years away, but put up no effective resistance until the last few weeks before and after the 2020 election.

Sad !

Friday - January 15th 2021 9:06AM MST
PS Coulter was a big supporter of Mitt Romney. QED.
Friday - January 15th 2021 8:17AM MST
PS: Mr. Bobby, that Tower of Babel is where we are at.

Michelle Malkin is married and all (as am I, almost forgot), but she's more my type, hotness-wise, in the pundit world.
Friday - January 15th 2021 8:13AM MST
PS: Dieter, for a German gentleman, you sure are a connoisseur of all kinds of American music (and old TV shows - before my time, not in the "not born yet" sense, but in the "not allowed to watch any TV" sense - thank you, Dad! I mean that non-sarcastically.)

I hope you will give a listen to another song about the California gold rush, from a band out of the upstate of South Carolina:

Other than Jethro Tull, how many rock band incorporate a flutist, Dieter?

It is of course better for we deplorables to stick together. There's wisdom in that old expression. Regarding Scott Alexander (heard some about him, never was a consistent reader) and Steve Sailer, there's also a problem with hiding out from the world in general. It's not just about being alone in your views, but even if you get news from the best of blogs, the barrage of headlines (about, say, COVID CASES!!) will just eventually become one's perspective. You can't get any real perspective by staying at the house all year.

Since the Alexander guy was doxxed, and Steve Sailer, or course being un-anonymous, they have more to worry about. It doesn't help Mr. Sailer that this is his living. I suppose he has to be careful, but speaking of that sticking together thing, if people support him enough, he should pay them back by laying the truth out. (He does pretty well, but, well, what you said ...) I give him money each year. Yes, I'm quite frustrated by his fixation on the fake SHTF of COVID while the real SHTF is just about on us.

Friday - January 15th 2021 4:43AM MST
PS: Sorry for the late replies, everyone .. family stuff.

I'll write more in a few hours.
Friday - January 15th 2021 4:41AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, it's possible she's like some of the (especially TV) pundits that just go with what gets the most clicks and keeps her on TV, but no, I think Miss Coulter is for real. She won't go too far, of course. I would say she doesn't go as far as Steve Sailer on the racial truth, or "Paul Kersey" to be sure, but she's had her share of columns there too.

I agree about Donald Trump. He does care about America, because he LIKES Americans, unlike most of the others. However, yeah, he got lucky that he spouted off on the immigration issue in '15 and he did realize that ws the popular issue. It could have been something else, and he could have gone nowhere, and also, as you say, if "black jobs!" got him re-elected, that'd been fine with him.

OTOH, I do think he understands the immigration issue well, and contrary to what Miss Coulter wrote (she was really pissed of and must have kept it inside, still wanting Trump to win, I assume), Trump did make some headway on the issue. The problem is that he didn't get that done through any deals with the lawmakers, so all of it can be turned around 5 days from now.

Ricky Bobby
Thursday - January 14th 2021 6:49PM MST
PS Ann? So hot, do want!
Emmanuel Trumpstein is in on it and the Great Replacement will proceed until the Wakanda hybrid Cuba/Venezuela/Zimbabwe utopia is reached.
The Tower of Babel Redux will be a big steaming pile just like the first.
At least Trump bought us some time and revealed the Üniparty in all of its slimy sulfur stench.
Only those who can't handle reality or refuse to acknowledge it carry on as if it doesn't exist.
The representative republic model is over and build it back better implies imminent destruction of that system.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - January 14th 2021 3:31PM MST
PS PS - Ann Coulter is beating a dead horse now. She is and was serious about immigration. As is and was Steve Bannon. Steve Miller? - Maybe. Steve Sailer - hm. Dave Pinsen wrote today, that he doubts, that Sailer was ever proposing to vote for Trump (or openly siding with Trump). Hm hm. Did Pinsen get this one right? Steve Sailer was glad,  that Trump was elected. I do get this one right. Howgh!

(I often think about one thing blogging - enables: To type along like the lonesome rider of the days of old: "And I pass by from town to town, they call me the rambling sign"

"There goes Tom Moore, a bummer shore in the days of '49"
In the days of old, in the days of gold
How often times i repine for the days of old
When we dug up the gold, in the days of '49"

Typing along in a closet you are the lonesome (w)rid(t)er. - But  - without the fun of waving a gun, that is. Writing in a walk in closet is fine, but it differs from being in a one man cell in a monastery in  one hindsight: When blogging in your lonesome cubicle or some such, you are alone, what the nuns and monks of ages were not. It gave them strength and faith, to live in groups. - Being part of a paper was something alike.
So - these lonesome bloggers sure are quite vulnerable. - I now remember how many times Scott Adams talked about having a target painted on his back by some remark of - whoever mentioned something along the lines of "All Trumpards are dangerous villains" or some such - "peak stupidity" clutter.

It nevertheless hit him - he took it to his heart. I think Steve Sailer oftentimes had the same fear. And I can't really blame him. He is indeed vulnerable. and he sure can't turn the clock back and proceed anonymously in the future. So - he is stuck and tries to be less controversial.

As I said - I do not blame him at all. I think it is a structural weakness of blogging. Aha - now I remember a scene of - the Cartrights on their Ponderosa ranch in "Bonanza" - when father Ben explained to - Little Joe and Adam, how strong it made them that they were fighting their enemies together - and how important it was, therefore, not to leave the pack - for no price, under no conditions - and - - - fight alone, because people who fight alone can be quite easily - cracked into pieces (Ben had even a bunch of wooden sticks at hand, to demonstrate his his sons: It's impossible to break all of them at once, but no problem to break them one at a time...)  
Thursday - January 14th 2021 9:18AM MST
PS Ann Coulter earns her crust by writing outrageous things. It’s hard to determine the extent to which she believes what she writes. I doubt that it matters much. It will be a bit interesting to see which Republican hobbyhorse she mounts next. But only a bit. It was certainly discernible in 2016, at least in outline, that Donald Trump didn’t have any serious idea of why he wanted to be president. He just wanted to be president. If shouting “America First” and “Build the Wall” got him elected, fine. If “the lowest black unemployment ever” got him re-elected, fine. We’ll never know whether or not the populist-nationalist Trump could have been re-elected. The margin of fraud was always going to be hard to beat. I sure do wish that we’d had the opportunity to find out.
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