Merkel reassures her countrymen Germany is safe for transitioning

Posted On: Wednesday - January 13th 2021 7:10PM MST
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(No, not that kind, but I'm sure she'd be all in on that. Cultural destruction is good, and comes naturally to Commies.)

Since twitter is in relative time here, I can't say for sure, but I think Herr Merkel wrote this on the 7th.

This was to reassure the German volk that "Listen, I knew Donald J. Trump, maybe in the biblical sense, as warned about in Leviticus, and let me tell you, I'm no Donald J. Trump!"

"Do not be alarmed by the insurrection into the Volk's Hausen in Washington, FS there in America. Over in Deutchland, vee, errr, we will have a peaceful transition of power, just as we've done since before you people were ... well... quite a long time."

I can't help wondering if at this point, Herr Merkel is not so much reassuring others of, but pleading for, a peaceful transition of power from her sorry, ruinous ass, rather than her "getting transitioned", as happened at the end of the Cold War to one particular loathsome Commie:

That picture is of the execution of the hated (there were a lot of them) Nicolae Ceaușescu, with his wife Elena there too as part of a 2 for 1 deal.

Sic semper tyrannis!

Sunday - January 17th 2021 10:16PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I really didn't know that the tweet was not from Herr Merkel. I suppose that Queen Europe should have tipped me off. I guess I'm not with it with this twitter stuff.

I did see the comment (and others near it, from Dieter, in particular) that you linked to. I've been checking your site for a new post, mainly.
Saturday - January 16th 2021 9:03PM MST

Of course Merkel did not really write that tweet (and she does not tweet under @Queen_Europe, or under any other handle), but she could well be thinking it, which makes it effective satire.

There actually is a power transition going on in Germany right now, delayed by the Corona-Panic by about nine months. The CDU has now handed off power (Jan. 16) to this guy Armin Laschet, sometimes known by the nickname "THE MALE MERKEL," and as of today he seems the likeliest to be the next chancellor. (He beat a centrist competitor, Merz, and one other guy, for the party's head spot.)

Laschet, a.k.a. the Male Merkel, is, ideologically, the worst choice of those available for those hoping for a less-flabby-armed center-right (in other words, a move of the CDU back at least towards what it was before, away from Merkelism.)

The Corona-Panic however has opened a new front or fault-line in politics. An old early Corona-Panic observation, back from March and April, is that the old lines are not necessarily predictors of which side one falls on the Corona-Panic spectrum, pro- or anti-, and how aggressive one is in either position. Laschet, while passively pro-Panic, shows all signs of being distinctly a moderate and NOT a true Lockdown-Fanatic. Some other potential CDU candidates were lockdown fanatics.

The Corona-Panic has been very good for the CDU and greatly boosted their popularity (centrists shifting to the regime in a crisis), see comments here:
Mr. Anon
Friday - January 15th 2021 9:11PM MST
PS Those Romanians sure know how to throw a Christmas Party!
Friday - January 15th 2021 8:23AM MST
PS: I had to look up "sonnenkinder", HchoJ. I see it came from the novel
The Holcroft Covenant". I can see a good movie being made out of that, a "Girls from Brazil", if I may, rated X or XX, though,
Honking Clown Horns of Jericho
Thursday - January 14th 2021 6:53PM MST
PS Esteemed party member comrade kommissarina Merkel should purge the internet of those hot pics from her younger days.
She looks sporty in her STASI outfit and there are some of a more adult nature shall we say.
Not that I would look at anything like that.
Some obscure pages claim she is a Sonnenkinder of Der Führer who reverse invaded her own country.
Clown World is wildly entertaining!
There won't be any coming back from peak stupidity.
Plan accordingly.
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