Will America be looted by China? - Part 4: The Fruited Plain

Posted On: Wednesday - January 13th 2021 1:23PM MST
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(continued from Part 1: Intro, Part 2: Housing, and Part 3: Big Biz.)

I do want to get to my conclusion on this, I swear, and now there are also a bunch more other posts I'd rather write first. However, Peak Stupidity likes to finish what we started. (Yes, we will complete that fisking of that feminist article that we started way on back in early September!) This post is about possible buying up of American rich farmland by Chinese people with fistfulls of dollars.

I refer the reader again to "There's a lot of ruin in a nation." - Part 3. I will admit my lowball estimate from that post was way too low, as Statista shows just > 30% of the US (slightly under 3 million mi2 of the contiguous US being farmland. I had estimated about 1/3 of that. I have a feeling that includes a lot of very marginal farmland. With all the near desert in the West (ranch land, if anything), and the mountainous areas, it just seems well too large. They are obviously including some poor pasture land. I'd estimated 10-15% and gotten only 300 million acres rather than the 900 million that Statista states.

The rich dark soil of the ex-tall-grass-prairie States*, and the California central valley, and a few other small areas with great farmland, add up by my estimate** to 300 - 500 thousand mi2. That's around my 10-15% of the contiguous US per my old post, and this is the good stuff. For these States, such as Illinois and Iowa, with almost nothing but good farmland, it was pretty easy to look up average cropland prices. In general, the web comes up with $7,500 +/- $500 per acre. States with a mix of tough farm land and some good, such as Georgia, Alabama, Miss., and Louisiana, you see from $2,000/acre to $4,000/acre for cropland. Sure, you've got the Willamette Valley in Oregon (~ 5,500 mi2), the smaller Snoqualmie Valley in Washington, and other river valleys with some fertile soil, but they don't add up to much.

Let's take all that rich farmland, at the top end, 300 million acres, at $8,000/acre (going up as I type), and the rest, 600 million acres at $3,000/acre. We get, wah-lah, America has around $4 Trillion bucks in farmland. That is quadruple my old estimate because a) Land has gone up and b) My previous estimate was only including the good stuff, and c) I'd lowballed it before, and for this one I've gone to the high side.

How much American [sic] farmland do foreigners own right now? Freedom Outpost (May '19 article) says 30 million acres. That is only 3.3%. No problem, right? How about just China? The same author on the same site, one Michael Snyder, has no numbers in his '14 article, which is more of a (perfectly fine) rant: Chinese Buying Land In US Communities All Over America. There are no numbers there, so is this a real problem?

Now consider this:

Very Important: The numbers are YEARLY, not cumulative!

It looks to me like a less than a decade of China's pocketing this money, as a conservative hard-working couple would on a house down payment, would do it. Unlike the conservative couple striving to purchase that nice cottage on the top of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, for China, this would be enough for it all, not just a down payment. We will suffer greatly if this goes on any longer.

Again, one can bring up proposed new law against the purchase by foreigners, well not for the next 2 years, I'm sure, and that sort of thing. The money talks though. Even if indirectly, the American Fruited Plain of song and story*** can be controlled by the Communist Party of China. How's that future strike you?

I'll get to more of the speculation about the future of this in the conclusion, but there's got to be one more part, I realized, on the preserved wild lands of America.

PS: Well, I like doing the back-of-the-envelope calculations on my own, but it was about 1/2 hour of work looking things up this time. Then, I just did the obvious (well, non-obvious to me, apparently!) and looked it up. I came up with a Statista page again as number 1 (duckduckgo) and it says $2.7 Trillion, but this counts farm buildings too, which I've got no problem with. Not bad, as that was between my low and high. This number is for '18.

* This what the wetter side of the Great Plains was called vs. the dryer short-grass prairie farther west back in the day. The eastern portion of what we now called "the Great Plains" was the Prairie, and the western portion was the Plains.

** I took nearly the whole land area of whole States like Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, etc. and parts of others, plus that CA central valley.

*** It's the name of this non-fiction book about American farming that I read long ago - I lost the library book at a laundromat on a long road trip ... across the fruited plain.

Ha! Even amazon doesn't have this one available themselves, or even a review from when books were their main thing. I wonder if one of the 15 resellers got that book from that laundromat in Grand Junction, Colorado back in the 1990s. I can see an email coming. "Give me back my book, you bastard! I was busy loading the whites and just forgot."

Friday - January 15th 2021 8:31AM MST
PS: My previous (to this) comment was in reply to Mr. Blanc.

BMT, thanks for that listing. One thing stands out in your comment - "...through proxy and shell companies". That's what I'm going to get at with the conclusion. Money talks.
Friday - January 15th 2021 8:27AM MST
PS: Maybe that was bound to happen during the jet age, when the elites of American could get around the world so easily that they started thinking of themselves as "citizens of the world". Ever read those in-flight magazines (thankfully gone for good now)? That's what they push "here's where you get good Somalian food in Des Moines. What?? There's no Ethiopian food to be had in Grand Rapids, Minnesota? We've got to do something about that!" I had a post long ago with the "Immigration Stupidity" topic key about the stupidity of the foodies. Hell, I'll take Mac&Cheese, Oscar Meyer hot dogs, and Chef Boy-ardee and leave me my country.
BMT 216A
Thursday - January 14th 2021 9:25PM MST
PS As early as 2015, a 501(c)3 organization sponsored in party by the Clinton Foundation commissioned the advertising agency AdAge (adage.com) to produce a series of commercials in German, Slovakian, and Chinese, which portrayed the USA as a nation that could not feed 20% of its population.
The Chinese advertisement is clearly directed at the Chinese population at large, using stereotypical imagery - a young white male with blond hair (typical portrayal of an American child in Asian culture) and a basketball currently a sport with great popularity in China.

CHICOM has, through Chinese companies, been buying out agricultural, farming, and livestock companies in the United States of America over the last several decades.
It is estimated that as much as 30 million acres of arable farmland in the USA may be owned entirely by the CCP, through proxy and shell companies.
This is a partial list of United States companies critical to the nation's food supply that are currently controlled by Chinese companies.

GrowMark (not owned but controlled by COFCO, a wholly Chinese company)
Cargill (Schuyler, NE)
Tyson Foods (Madison, NE)
Smithfield Farms (HQ:Smithfield VA, Processing in Tarheel, NC and Sioux Falls, SD)
JBS Pork Processing (Worthington, MN)
Thursday - January 14th 2021 9:26AM MST
PS The venality of our elites is really shocking. Perhaps I’m naive, but I am truly shocked that they would simply sell the republic that our ancestors built to a nation that has never hidden its disdain for our civilization. How can you sell your home to your enemy? The home that you should be prepared to fight to the bitter end for. I guess money is all it takes.
Wednesday - January 13th 2021 6:31PM MST
PS: SAFC, yes, with Zhou Bai Dien, looting won't be as necessary. He'll end up giving it away. Just keep those Hunter videos safe in the vault for him.
Sino-American Friendship Center
Wednesday - January 13th 2021 3:14PM MST
PS It already is as they own about 35 million acres.
Xiden will serve his masters in Beijing and they won't be taking any IOUs or rain check on what they are owed.
The final looting phase of the burn it all down by any means necessary plan goes live next week.
The build it back better plan means nothing at all for whites or traditional Americans.
Xiden is on record stating this and there is a bird brain Twitter screen capture of it on www.
Look for kabuki theater at the inauguration as it will be military everywhere like an NSDAP birthday march for Der Führer.

This just in from the Sino-American Friendship Center:

Your freedom has been a lie, we are are to liberate you, we are your friends, comrade.
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