Patriots Breach the Senate!

Posted On: Wednesday - January 6th 2021 2:15PM MST
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I should have been there, dammit!

I am very pissed at myself right now for not being part of this historic event. For the last day and a half, I was thinking of logistics on-and-off to get to this big rally in Washington, FS. There's something in me that wants to be a physical part of the events unfolding right now in our country, rather than simply blogging about it. I learned from a friend just now that the Senate has been breached. I went on-line to see some video of the riot cops (of some sort) trying to block the big steps, and I'm sure we'll see some more of every step on the way to entering the building and scaring the shit out of "our" politicians. (They need lots more of it, too!)

This is one case in which I regret very much that I and Peak Stupidity (and you've read this before) are not about "current events", so much as just thinking/writing about trends. In this case, I only really learned anything of substance about this rally on Monday, and I did not get myself enough time to work out the logistics. As of yesterday, I thought still about being able to go, but it didn't work out. With some earlier planning, even by the weekend, it could have. I should have been there!

Your blogger here was able to make the big, no, HUGE, gun rally in Richmond, Virginia just under a year back - see There's great power in numbers - Case study: Richmond, Virginia with the pictures I took and a follow-up post Richmond gun rally - a lesson about ignoring the narrative. The plan there, by the organizers*, was simply to inform and show numbers, hence, power.

This was different. Lots of patriotic Americans have got to know by now that we are not voting our way out of this, "this" being the direction in which we've been taken for 50 years and the direction we are being further taken. This was the first purposefully big non-compliant protest that I have seen or read about. Maybe that wasn't the stated goal of the rally, but what else was? Did all these people (in the millions, perhaps), think that they were going to influence those Senators in there to just change their votes cause Electoral College, State's Rights, CheatFest? I think most knew that it'd HAVE to come to what happened today, if not today, soon enough - the sooner the better.

This is history being made today. The reason is am so angry at myself for not properly arranging to be there is not that I expect to be written into this history. I just want to be there when history is being made and on the right side of history.

Thank you, patriots, for coming out in huge numbers. Thank you, tough guys, young and old, for finally going non-compliant. Thank you all for doing what needed to be done today. Thank you for causing the US Senate to be in LOCKDOWN!

Just a minor couple of more notes: It is really great to hear of the US Senate experiencing the LOCKDOWN process, whatever the hell that means each time, after they didn't seem to care that the country has been under various random LOCKDOWNs at the whim of whomever. I noted also that the UK Yahoo site (just happened upon it at my first attempt to check this all out) had a remark about how many of the patriots didn't have face masks on. Yeah, right, that silliness can stop right now, when the SHTF. I'd have not worn one either.

Zhou Bai Dien is on the youtube right now telling Trump that he must DO SOMETHING and tell these violent people to stop. Did this same Chinese-run puppet ever say anything through 3 months of BLM thug/antifa-Commie violence and destruction. He just said something about "rule of law". Every single line is hypocritical BS made with this soft sensitive tone he's got right now. Haha, fuck you, Biden. Karma's a bitch! We're just getting started, and I want in next time.

PS: The reason there was no posting yesterday is that my thoughts werre still about this rally. I'd forgotten it by the time my friend called, at which time I'd just started a post about China. I'd never had an urgent one to write like this before.

* They'd been having these rallies that same time yearly for a long time, but this one was more specifically about the latest out of their traitorous Virginia legislators involving "red flag" laws and such. That's what happens when your state "turns blue", and the latter is what happens when you let anyone and everyone come into your country.

Adam Smith
Friday - January 8th 2021 4:32PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Alarmist...

It's interesting that you mention those "domestic terrorists"...

The Alarmist
Friday - January 8th 2021 3:36PM MST

Even though this was relatively more peaceful and less destructive than any one of the hundreds of BLM riots, this one is being branded an insurrection and sedition so that a host of measures to monitor and lock down any and all dissenters will quickly pass into law to keep “domestic terrorists” (that’s you and roughly 80 million others) in check. You will obey, or you will be frozen out of the system in ways the Chinese Politburo can only dream about.
Adam Smith
Friday - January 8th 2021 1:05PM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

"Thanks for the, errr, pick-me-up, Mr. Smith. ;-}"

Lol. So uplifting. So inspirational. ☺

I know the so called "fact checkers" tell me otherwise, but I think the "siege of the capitol" is a somewhat staged event for our viewing enjoyment. Kabuki Theater as Mr. Skinny Pop says. The media is in propaganda overdrive today.

Here is a video of police letting some of "the mob" through a barricade.

I also heard from a real life friend on the ground that police escorted buses full of professional protesters into the capitol to start the so called siege.

It's amazing how the same media that refused to call the riots for St. Floyd the Breathless anything but peaceful and wonderful are using very harsh words to describe the events of January 6th. I guess riots are only glorious when done by the right sort of people. Ashli Babbitt will not get a state sponsored funeral or a golden casket. The cop who shot her is a hero. It's all so surreal.

Mr. Ganderson, I too am concerned what the Congress’ conjuring of money is going to do with everyone's life savings. If a "government" should exist at all it should only do a few things and it should do them well. Coining stable money is one of the many things this so called "government" has failed at miserably. Andrew Jackson was right about banking. (Nice use of the •'s by the way.)

Apparently the colour revolution will be televised.

Thursday - January 7th 2021 6:31PM MST

(The preceding reply was to Dieter Kief's comment.)

A further thought:

What Jan. 6 2021 really says is more about the observers/reacters than the actors (the few hundred-thousand pro-Trump/anti-Fraud protestors and the few dozen boldest who entered the inner areas of the Capitol).

People seem softer than before, easily shocked. Occupations of prestige buildings were common, almost becoming mundane in some places, in the late 1960s and 1970s.

One piece of the puzzle I come back to again is social media. Has it had the same effect on public perception (hysteria-formation) for the Jan. 6 Anti-Fraud Protest it did with the 'Corona' phenomenon nine, ten, and eleven months earlier? At this point, 30 hours after the brief breaching of the U.S. Capitol by the anti-fraud protestors, the answer seems to me, Yes.

Social media and smartphones and "instant, always on, always with you Internet" is a major change that is still not fully appreciated, and more bad things are probably coming from it. Personally I think a healthier outlet for discourse is blogs like this one. Thank you, Mr. Moderator!
Thursday - January 7th 2021 6:25PM MST

RE: "Does it make sense at all to speak of violent protests in the Capitol?"

These kinds of events were more regular in times past, including living memory.

There was a left-wing radical group, "The Weathermen," who planted a bomb at the Capitol building in 1971, warned people to evacuate, and then 'boom.' The bomb caused $2 million damage in today's dollars. The damage from the Jan. 6 2021 protests, which destroyed or damaged almost nothing (the "rioters" almost entirely stayed within the velvet ropes!), seem likely in the tens of thousands of dollars at most, maybe less than the cost of some of the banquets the same Congress regularly holds.

The forced entry into a federal government center to protest something like an alleged stolen election is not even unprecedented, seems to happen regularly here and there; in Armenia just a few months ago, I recall.
Thursday - January 7th 2021 6:02PM MST

Good analysis from Peter Brimelow:

Posted in the 12am hour, probably written in the 10pm/11pm hours, reflecting thoughts circa eight hours after news of the breaching of the Capitol by protestors started coming out.



"Ruling Class Angry Apes Don’t Like It, But They Taught America That Violence Works"

Peter Brimelow
Jan. 7, 2021

The lesson of America’s 2020 Cultural Revolution was: violence works. America’s political and corporate elite has cowered before the riots sanctified by Black Lives Matter blood libel on white America and the even more ludicrous George Floyd Hoax, although it would have been childishly easy to put them down.

The pro-Trump Stop The Steal Demonstrators who forced their way into the U.S. Capitol today were not, in fact, particularly violent. Theirs was genuinely a “mostly peaceful protest,” to use the propaganda term invented by the Main Stream Media to disguise BLM/ Antifa mayhem. There was no looting or burning and the only killing appears to have been that of an unarmed young woman protestor shot, under questionable circumstances that do not appear to be exciting much MSM interest, by the Capitol Hill Police.

Yet all of us scribblers and pundits have to accept that it is only the physical presence of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans on Capitol Hill that have made any dent in the Ruling Class’s complacency as it moves to bury the nationalist Trump insurrection and to re-establish business as usual. [....]
Thursday - January 7th 2021 5:34PM MST
PS. Mr. Blanc, we still on for deep dish and beer this summer? It’s one of the few things I’m looking forward to this year. Oh and I noticed (courtesy of Second City Cop) that my favorite breakfast place (cinnamon rolls to die for) in Lincoln Park has come under some scrutiny for avoiding Mayor Groot’s lockdown orders!
Thursday - January 7th 2021 5:18PM MST
PS Robert: I frequent neither NPR nor Facebook, but they do indeed provide a portal to another world. My facebook feed is all full of post about “ I these were BLM protesters.... nothing happened to the BLM people mostly. And an unarmed white woman was killed. Down the memory hole...
Thursday - January 7th 2021 4:38PM MST
PS: We live in parallel worlds. While running a few errands, I listened to NPR for a couple minutes.

According to some lady being interviewed: The armed mob that besieged the capitol building and trashed it, were treated much more leniently than the BLM protestors of last summer, who were met all across the country by police pointing military grade weapons at them.

Dieter Kief
Thursday - January 7th 2021 3:51PM MST
PS Does it make sense at all to speak of violent protests in the Capitol?
Thursday - January 7th 2021 3:50PM MST
PS: Thanks, Robert.
Thursday - January 7th 2021 2:45PM MST
PS: GEOTUS = God Emperor Of The United States. Some people seem to use this seriously.
Thursday - January 7th 2021 12:14PM MST
PS: Per VDare terminology (they haven't used the abbreviation though) Trump has been the WBOTUS (Wrecking Ball). A guy I talked to an hour back would likely use SOTUS, as in "Spanner in the works" or "spanner in the hole", per Dire Straits. It took me years to find out that that tool is simply a wrench. Damn Brits, with their "newfangled" terminology!
Thursday - January 7th 2021 12:11PM MST
PS: Thanks for the, errr, pick-me-up, Mr. Smith. ;-}

Robert, forgive me for being slow, but what is the "GE" anyway?
Thursday - January 7th 2021 10:27AM MST
PS: GEOTUS Trump asked for a show of support, and got it. Now we have to wait and see what he does.
Adam Smith
Thursday - January 7th 2021 9:58AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Mr. Moderator, I too am just learning about this word, "based". I still don't know how to use it properly.

While there is indeed "power in numbers", many of us libertarian minded people are individualists by nature. It is not normal or comfortable for us to do all the things associated with organizing or belonging to a group. We don't do endless committee meetings. It's not in our nature.

Our individualism seems to leave us at a disadvantage when dealing with organized, hive minded people with a common goal of advancing their statist agenda. Many, dare I say most, people are evidently not individualists and I suppose this is why so many people have a strong affinity for statist ideologies. It would explain why so many people feel the need to belong to a team to root for. It would also explain why so many people think libertarians are hopelessly out of touch.

As humans have been selectively breed and conditioned for obedience to authority many of the hive minded also have a proclivity towards authoritarianism. Most people have no idea what it is like to not want to belong to the collective and may even see us as deviant or mentally deficient somehow. They love following orders and are afraid of what we call freedom. This makes it especially easy for a group of authoritarian statists to steamroll right over an odd, isolated libertarian here or there. It is difficult for an isolated man or a small group to stand up to a mob of angry statists, especially when they are backed by the power of the state. Statists are not afraid to use real violence to achieve their goals, especially if they're just following orders.

While we libertarians are content to live and let live, do anything you want as long as you don't harm someone else and abide by the non-aggression principle, this live and let live ideology is not acceptable to an authoritarian or a statist. They love arbitrary nonsensical edicts that everyone must obey. They love punishing members of the outgroup. Anyone who dares to deviate from their official narrative or the party line must be eradicated one way or the other. If the reeducation camp does not work, then it's off to room 101 for some more intimate persuasion. If that doesn't work a .38 to the forehead will. Problem solved. This willingness to punish, harm or kill anyone they don't agree with is what makes them dangerous. It's why so many of them love the war.

I'm not sure there is a point to my morning rant, but rant I did anyway. Perhaps it's not really a rant but just some random observations. Anyway. Interesting times indeed.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Thursday - January 7th 2021 9:36AM MST
PS: Mr. G. I guess I didn't catch the typos or grammar errors in the mood I'm in. That works well! (Smart too, making a long comment somewhere else first.)

Mr. Blanc. I know myself, and based on what happened among the good people at the Richmond gun rally a year back. I could have made my way to the front easily. I would have likely been part of the mayhem. I'm not a big guy, but I can vault barricades and that sort of thing with ease. I really think I would have been in there. Last minute, I opted out of going thinking just what you said: I'd just be part of a big crowd, and what's the diff? (Except it is always great to be a part of something like this, even if nobody else knows you're there.)

I appreciate your kind words about the site though. I may have to lay off till tomorrow, because I still can't think straight enough for that China-loots-America post I was going to write. (I got others, more humorous, but again... wheewww, regrets ...)
Thursday - January 7th 2021 9:30AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, thank you for the nice comment. You kind of made my day here writing more about the PanicFest, because I was close to thinking I'm going crazy about this. I just got back from an incident at the vet, in which the BS of the PanicFest just got to me. It was yearly shot time for the cat.

I don't think it's worthy of a post, but it wasn't the masks this time, but the dealings from the car, with a cat, in no carrier, by a big road was the problem. I start out so calm, as the nice younger lady was getting the cat from me, very carefully, as you know how they are, and the 4 lane road was not 20 ft. from where we were standing. Then the butch other lady (not the vet) comes by with her mask on telling me I need a carrier. I don't have one. I can handle this guy, and it'd have been fine before this COVID crap.

I really think I brought this on, as she was OK with "next time", but my calling "this whole thing retarded" got her mad enough to grab the vehicle door and hold it open. This wasn't gonna do, and I got thoroughly pissed and chased her hand off to where I could shut it before the cat got out and killed. I've got an appointment with another vet now.

I came home shaking my head at myself, but is it just me? The fact that I missed out on the goings on in Washington is haunting me to no end, and I guess that set my mood. Yeah, that Senate occupation was a futile gesture, short-term politics wise. (The vote was gonna be the same, and the vote was going to be held, no doubt.). This was a major deal on a longer horizon.

You all write all you want. I read 'em all ('cept those viagra ads, but I put the kibosh on them long ago). This one has really calmed me down this morning. Thank you, Mr. Ganderson!
Thursday - January 7th 2021 9:06AM MST
PS MOD: You are doing more than your bit by keeping this place going. More important than a day in DC, by a couple of orders of magnitude. Ganderson: The “optics” are never going to be good, because they control the “optics”. Some of our folks showed them that we have teeth, and will bite. That’s a positive for us. But there’s a lot of foundation-laying to be done before we’re ready for regular physical confrontations. And, alas, there will be a lot more Ashli Babbitts (may she rest in peace), too.
Thursday - January 7th 2021 8:57AM MST
PS this AM I did my comment in a Word doc- still a bunch of errors- sorry. don't proofread well when I'm pissed!
Thursday - January 7th 2021 8:55AM MST
PS. I have very mixed feelings this morning. On the one hand it is good to know that at least some of our fellow citizens are not taking this (and by this I mean all of it, the stolen election, the Kung Flu panic, the riots this past year…) lying down. On the other hand, the optics are terrible. I know, I know, it doesn’t matter what we do, the optics for our side are always going to be terrible, but, I don’t think it’s an unreasonable take on the President’s address yesterday to say it was an incitement to riot. And yes, as a riot it was pretty week sauce; and I don’t recall this sort of outrage over the occupation of offices during the Kavanaugh hearings, but still.

I guess I’m feeling helpless. The election was clearly stolen, and the response of the people running things is either- “oh well, I guess they stole it, nothing we can do” to “HOW DARE YOU (thanks Greta) EVEN INTIMATE THAT SLOW JO AND KA WEREN’T LEGITIMATELY ELECTED- FASCIST PIG!!!!”
That said, was there anyone in America who believed that Pence would do something NO vice president has ever done (writing from memory- I’d have to go back and check to see what Henry Wilson did in 1876-77). I have trouble seeing how he could have done anything other than what he did. How long now, before slow Joe gets Arkancided or 25th amendmented? Best guess: they’ll keep him “Weekend at Bernied” until The Whore can run for two additional terms. Oh, and anyone who thinks MAGA boy is going to run again in ’24 needs to lay off the fentanyl.

Meanwhile, not only does the Kung Flu panic continue apace, it seems to be intensifying. Some examples:

• I’m still on the email from my own school- EVERY TIME someone tests positive for the Coronadoom, an email goes out to the entire district informing everyone- there have been 10 “cases” reported over the weekend- IMO it’s only a matter of time before the district goes fully remote again.

• I see almost NOBODY on my daily outdoor walk that’s not masked up- and as Mr. Hail, Tony Heller, Kevin Roche and others have so amply documented, there’s a better chance of a couple of Pornhub hot lesbians coming over to the house and propositioning me than there is catching the Corona Chan outside. Even if it were Ebola it would be stupid to wear a mask outside.

• Tons of PSAs on TV and radio which are flatly false about mask wearing, the vaccine, (remember when the vaccine was going to be the event that would allow us to get back to normal? Guess not.) and “we’re all in this together”
BTW those goal posts are now outside the stadium- 10 months of “two weeks to flatten the curve?” There’s not even a curve to flatten any more, yet…

That’ll keep the panicers going well into summer, most likely beyond.

• And not to mention what the Congress’ conjuring of money is going to do with my life savings.

At this point I’m feeling like screw it all, and just withdrawing into my private pleasures, subject, of course to availability. At least the US beat the smug Canadians to win the gold in the World Junior Hockey Tournament. The only bad thing is there were no fans in Calgary- I’d love to have seen the stunned look on all their faces as the US skated to a 2-0 win.

I guess I feel like George Templeton Strong did at the end of 1861:

“Poor old 1861 just going. It has been a gloomy year of trouble and disaster. I should be glad of its departure, were in not that 1862 is likely to be no better. But we must take what is coming. Only through much tribulation can a young people attain healthy, vigorous national life. The results of many years spent in selfish devotion to prosperous, easy money-making must be purged out of our system before we are well, and a drastic dose of European war may be the prescription Providence is going to administer.”

Sorry to be so long and gloomy- thanks Mr. Moderator, for letting me vent!

Wednesday - January 6th 2021 9:40PM MST
PS -

RE: Skinny Pop
" the nomenklatura apparatchiks cowered under their desks."

See this little montage:
Wednesday - January 6th 2021 9:37PM MST
PS: Mr. Pop, that was going to be the subject of the post I aborted today, part 1 of a few on the future Chinese looting of what's left of America.

That shot in the neck was real enough. Cops gotta go home safely to their families and all that ... crap.
Skinny Pop
Wednesday - January 6th 2021 9:32PM MST
PS The Kabuki Theater was entertaining for once as the nomenklatura apparatchiks cowered under their desks.
Why did the poleeces shoot the Air Force veteran woman?
Just for trying to enter a window?
The buffalo viking man is part of Derp state productions.
Interesting times in the roaring twenties.
Did you hear about China going on prepare for WAR at any minute status?
Maybe the CPUSA fifth column gave them the green light to collect on the big prize known as the USA.
Wednesday - January 6th 2021 8:18PM MST
PS: Exactly, Mr. Hail, because it was unorganized, there was no great speech given. Even with no demands, just a nice rant about how the people are ready to fight back would have been nice.

However, WERE this all planned, then it is much closer to treasonous. (Note that I don't say that in a bad way. The Boston Tea Party was nothing but pure private property destruction, but we all considerate it a great "founding moment".)
Wednesday - January 6th 2021 8:09PM MST
PS -

Criticisms: Those who breached the Capitol were disorganized. It's been pointed out they should have read some kind of list of demands.

It seemed they mainly just goofed around, took 'selfies' and made noise, once they'd breached the Congressional chamber.

In fairness, no one who got in realized he'd be in the pages of history. (Nor did the young mother Anti-Fraud Protestor who traveled all the way from San Diego, doomed to be shot dead by the gun of regime security forces, know she would die.)

One guy reached the Speaker's seat. A little more organization, a simple list of demands, and it could have been so much more.
Wednesday - January 6th 2021 8:06PM MST
PS -

I dare say, given how the Election Fraud issue had by this time all the signs of being stage-managed and directed into the safe channels of loyal-opposition (a safe, Fox-News-ization of the issue after early contentiousness), the peaceful "breaching of the Capitol" by Anti-Fraud Protestors is symbolically the best thing that could have happened.
Wednesday - January 6th 2021 7:15PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, I just couldn't see myself running into a cashier this "based" if that's the word (I'm just now learning to use it). Most are black, Hispanic, or .Indian and just don't care one bit. That was nice to hear about.

That info. you put in matches with what I've read.

Yes, Mr. Blanc has a point. My problem is I'm not a local gadfly/extrovert/organizer type. I do better at stuff like this, spur of the moment raising hell than organizing long term (yet, I had the gall to criticize Trump for this, I know ...). I missed a big opportunity today, but the news is encouraging. I did say so many times that there is power in numbers. The left has known this since the mid 1960s.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - January 6th 2021 5:53PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

Good job on the breaking news post.
Too bad you weren't there to see it in person.

I first heard about this situation from one of my favorite cashiers at the local walmart. (It was about 5:15.) "Did you hear they stormed the capital building?" she asked gleefully. "Senators are hiding under their desks." she informed me. "We're not going to take this anymore!" she exclaimed with a raised fist. She talked of treason and capital punishment. (I think she's nearly as sick of their sh*t as I am.) I agreed "It's about time. We're not going to vote our way out of this. They've pushed too far and may have finally awoken a sleeping giant. (and some other agreeable stuff along those lines.)" She told me her shift ended at 5:30 and she couldn't wait to get home to her internet. She has tomorrow off.

I hope they string some dual citizen senators up by their entrails and beat them like piñatas. That would be fun.

As far as I can tell teargas has been fired and capitol police killed one woman who they shot in the neck.

Perhaps Mr. Kunstler is right about Trump hanging on to the office for four more years.(?)

I think Mr. Blanc is right. It's time to think about our 5, 10, 15 and 25 year plans. Our problems are much bigger than this one obviously fraudulent election cycle. Trump might slow the rot a little, but he alone cannot fix this mess. I'm glad people are finally starting to wake up.

It will be interesting to see how this all transpires.
2021 is off to a fascinating start.

I hope everyone has a nice evening.

Wednesday - January 6th 2021 4:39PM MST
PS This was fine. I’m glad a lot of folks expressed their anger. But this is just one day. We need to be thinking about what we’re going to be doing for the next 10, 15, 25 years to try to save Western civilization in some part of the former USA. Zhou Bai Dien. I’ll be using that.
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